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Leland Gaunt is the sole proprietor of: " Needful Things "... and, also, The Dark One Who Dwells In Your Meadow.

Stephen King - Needful Things.
In The Popular 1993 Film entitled: " Needful Things " - written by Stephen King [ that means: " The Crowned One Is Your Own True Ruler " ]; directed by Fraser Clarke Heston [ that means: " The Man Of The Forest Who Stands Up To Testify Is The Executioner Who Dwells In My City " ]; and produced by Castle Rock Entertainment [ which refers to: " The Stone Upon Which My Own Fortress Has Been So Solidly Constructed " ] - we have been provided An Important Prophetical Allegory.

After all, dear brothers and sisters, ' Every One Has Their Own Personal Needs, Wants, And Desires '... and, whether they comprehend it or not, Leland Gaunt [ which means: " The Dark One Who Honestly Lives In Your Own Meadow " ] has always provided a very subtle way for: " Those Dirty Deeds To Get Done Dirt Cheap "! Up until now, that is....

Castle Rock - " The Moon Is Your Lighthouse ".
But, of course, you probably don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Needful Things " - because, in the much larger scope of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Needful Things ( 1993 ) - Fraser Clarke Heston.

Needful Things: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Only A Fool would follow The Sun....
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' The True Wizard Has Always Heeded The Goddess Of Wisdom '... even while, honestly and earnestly serving His Own Father Alone!

Too bad his own human family - known simply as: " The Pup-A-Nunu People " - never seem to comprehend it, for themselves....

So, what is The True Hidden Message found in Needful Things?

The Characters Of Needful Things [ include ]:
Leland Gaunt ( The Devil ) [ " The Dark One Who Honestly Lives In Your Own Meadow " ]
Sheriff Alan J. Pangborn [ " The Chief Law Enforcement Officer Is: The Noble Stone, The Supplanter, And The One Who Follows The River " ]
Polly Charmers [ " The Wished For Child ( Or, Child Of Rebellion ) Is The Son Who Shall Hypnotize And Thoroughly Amaze You " ]
Netitia ' Nettie ' Cobb [ " The Truth About Yahweh Is Neither Black Nor White - In Fact, It Has Always Been Both " ]
Danforth ' Buster ' Keeton III [ " Your Own Ford In The River Is: The Contemptuous One And ( Now ) The Third One Holding The Keys To My City " ]
Deputy Norris Ridgewick [ " The One Deriving His Own Authority From Another Is The Northern Man Holding The Lamp On My Hill " ]
Wilma Wadlowski Jerzyck [ " The Resolute Protector Is ( Both ): The Ancient One From My Own Hill In The Sky And The Worker Upon Earth " ]
Brian Rusk [ " The Man From The Hill Is The One At The Juncture Of Two Entirely Different Rivers " ]
Father Meehan [ " The Patriarch Of Your Family Is The True Son Of The Honorable One " ]
Reverend Rose [ " The One To Honor ( Or Revere ) Is My Own Flower Of Love " ]
Myrtle Keeton [ " The Victorious Tree Is The Key Holder Of My Own Village " ]
John LaPointe [ " God Has Provided The One Who Shall Guide All Of Those Others " ]
Frank Jewett [ " The Free Man Is The Descendant Of David " ]
Pete Jerzyck [ " The Stone Is My Own Worker Upon Earth " ]

The Cast In Needful Things [ includes ]:
Max von Sydow [ " The Greatest Of All Is ( Both ): A Man From Tyre And A Child Of Sidon " ]
Edward Harris [ " The Protector Of Man Is The Son Who Commands My Own Armies " ]
Bonnie Bedelia [ " The Beautiful One Is My Own Strong And Powerful One " ]
Amanda Plummer [ " The One Who Is Worthy Of Love Is The Provider Of All Your Own Pathways " ]
James Thomas Patrick Walsh [ " The Crowned One Is ( Both ): My Own Avatar Or Twin And The Very First Foreigner " ]
Ray McKinnon [ " The Counselor And Protector  Is The Son Of The Equitable One " ]
Valri Bromfield [ " The Brave-Hearted One Is The Man Amidst All Of Your Own Broomstraw " ]
Shane Meier [ " Your Own Gift From God Is The One True Ruler Set Over His City " ]
William Morgan Sheppard [ " The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection Is The Dweller In The Ocean Who Earnestly Leads You " ]
Don Sinclair Davis [ " The Lord Is: The Holy One Who Always Sees Clearly And My Own Beloved Son " ]
Gillian Barber [ " The Child Of Yahweh Has Always Been: The Educated And Noble One " ]
Lochlyn Munro [ " The One At The Well In Your Own Valley Is The Red Headed And Ruddy Complected One " ]
Campbell Lane [ " The Vigilant One Who Raises The Alarm Regarding Your Only True Pathway " ]
Frank Charles Turner [ " This One Named Francis Is The Free Man Who Shall Alter Your Own Very Dangerous Course " ]

It goes: " In One Ear And Right Out The Other ".
Now,  ' By Digging Deeper And Studying The True Meaning In All Of Those Interesting Names ' - what have: " We Now Uncovered That We Couldn't Have Ever Possibly Seen Before "? So, Lets Just See What That Is....
" The Dark One who honestly lives in your own meadow is ' The Devil '... but, The Greatest Of All is truthfully: The Man From Tyre and The Descendant Of Sidon. After all, dear children, The Chief Law Enforcement Officer is actually: My Own Noble Stone, The One Who Shall Supplant All Of Those Others, and The One Who Earnestly Follows The River. 
In fact, ' The Protector Of Man Is, Quite Honestly, The Son Who Commands All Of My Own Armies '. You see, He is My Wished For Child ( and, The Child Of Rebellion ) - or, That Son Who Shall Truthfully Hypnotize And Thoroughly Amaze You - because, to put it quite frankly, ' The Beautiful One Is My Own Strong And Powerful One '!
You see, ' The Truth About Yahweh Is Neither Black [ Here ] Nor White [ There ]; But Rather, I Have Always Been Both '... while, though you surely didn't know it, The One Who Is Worthy Of Your Love Has Been The Provider For All Of Your Own Pathways! Indeed, Your Own Ford In The River is actually: The Contemptuous One Now Testifying Before You and The Third One Who Possesses The Keys To My City
After all, dear children, ' The Crowned One Is Both: My Own Avatar Or Twin; And That Very First Foreigner '! "

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's own: Love and Peace - be upon you.

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