Monday, April 15, 2019

Just as can be found in nature, The Political And Economic World Has Its Own Diverse Ecology Of: Competitors, Symbiants, and Parasites!

As it is in Nature, so it goes in Human Society!
One of the things that has always amazed me about most other supposedly educated people, is that: ' While They Can Readily Perceive Every Single Niche And Nuance In The Natural World All Around Them; They Can Be Entirely Oblivious To Those Very Same Concepts In Our Own Human Interactions '... I am speaking, of course, about the very same relationships of: Predation, Competition, Symbiosis, and/or Parasitism - that operate ( quite openly) within our own overall society.

Whenever and wherever we look all around us, there are: Predators [ Attempting To Prey Openly Upon Us  ], Competitors [ Jockeying Themselves Into Position Against Us ], Symbiants [ Searching For Their Own Mutual Advantage ], and Parasites [ Attempting To Just Bleed Us All Dry ]... and, these factual relationships are really quite obvious to anyone consciously observing, albeit most often apart from ourselves. Since, the fact that we ourselves are those active participants, often renders us incapable of being properly objective.

Ameriquest says: " Don't Judge Too Quickly "!
In fact, it is only through examining these things much later that The Truth May Actually Be Deciphered By Some Who Are Reasonably Thoughtful And Diligent.

After all, whether we now comprehend it or not, ' Time Is Yet Another Veil Of Emotional Separation Which Allows Our Own Objectivity To Flourish '... and, while the specific details undoubtedly grow fainter over time, the lens through which we may factually observe that which remains then provides us a much sharper focus in clarity.
{ ***NOTE: Like all things in life, This Particular Phenomenon is of an actually limited duration. Meaning that, it is only true of that specific generation who lived through those events being studied. After all, those coming up afterward are subject to being: Stone Walled, Lied To, and/or Cleverly Manipulated - by those having written regarding it before them, for those various reasons in play.
In fact, we should always remember: " Those History Books Are Written By The Winner "... and, Propaganda is a most valuable tool in the hands of A Master Manipulator [ and/or, The Apex Predator Of Them All ]}

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