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What is The True Meaning of Psalm 82?

The 82nd Psalm is very controversial....
The 82nd Psalm may be only eight verses long, but it provides one of the most controversial subject materials within the pages of The Bible! Some believe, that it's talking about The Fallen Angels living upon earth... while others believe, that it's talking about Us Human Beings being elevated - one day - to the actual status of gods... but, what is it really talking about? What is, ' The True Meaning of Psalm 82 '?

Like most things within the scriptures, Psalm 82 has been utilized by: "The Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles of Babylon " - to: Confuse, Obstruct, and Obfuscate, The True Intentions of Yahweh. Consequently, there are many differing ' Traditional Opinions ' - as to, precisely, what this passage refers to. However, we need not blindly trust in the opinions of others; since all of us are equally capable of reading The Scripture for ourselves. Therefore, let's more closely examine the passage from Psalm 82....

Psalm 82, Begins:
" Yahweh stands in the congregation [ assembly, or presence ] of the mighty; He [ Yahweh ] judges among the gods [ the mighty ones ]. " - Psalm 82:1.

While the beings in question are described as being gods [ or mighty ones ], it is quite obvious - from this particular context - that none of them are the equal to Yahweh [ The Mighty One of Heaven ]. After all, He [ Yahweh ] is judging amongst them; and thus, must have a continuing authority over them. Why is this important? Because some people are teaching that human beings will one day be equal - in every respect - to Yahweh, The Mighty One... and Psalm 82, doesn't teach that! Whomever these beings are, they are always under the authority of Yahweh's own ruler-ship.

Psalm 82, Then Says:
" How long will you [ the mighty ones ] judge unjustly [ ignore My Own proper example ], And show partiality [ undue deference, or outright favoritism ] to the wicked [ those who practice selfishness and lawlessness ]?
Defend the poor [ those who are honestly needy ] and the fatherless [ those who have no one else to protect them ]; Do justice to [ look out for ] the afflicted [ the socially downtrodden ] and the needy [ those who have nothing else to fall back upon ].
Deliver [ rescue from their trouble ] the poor [ those who can't provide any benefit to you ] and the needy [ those who are in true need of justice ]; Free them [ or release them ] from the hand [ the physical powers and constraints ] of the wicked [ the ones who unjustly dominate them ]. " - Psalm 82:2-4.

Now, while this could be talking about The Fallen Angels, it's sure beginning to sound like He's talking about us. Maybe it's just me, but I pretty much figure that Lucifer and His Chosen Followers have already made their own decisions regarding their eventual destiny. But, let's read on... and, see what The Scriptures [ themselves ] have yet to say - upon this matter. After all, Psalm 82 can speak for itself....

Psalm 82, Continues:
" They [ the mighty ones ] do not know [ comprehend the true matter ], nor do they [ the mighty ones ] understand [ honestly get the big picture ]; They [ the mighty ones ] walk about in darkness [ they are spiritually blinded to the truth ]; All the foundations of the earth [ Spiritual, Social, Political, Governmental, Educational, Economic, Financial, Military, etc... ] are unstable [ because of their ongoing spiritual blindness ]. " - Psalm 82:5.

Yes, I must say that Psalm 82 is looking, more and more, like it's talking about us! After all, who physically controls: " All the foundations of the earth "? According to The Scriptures, The Fallen Angels may only: Tempt, Deceive, or Persuade Us - to do their physical bidding. We have always had ' The Right To Refuse ' any of their spiritually devised advances [ or intimate suggestions ]... otherwise, Yahweh couldn't judge us! But, let's read on; and fully confirm this.

Psalm 82, Concludes:
" I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] said, ' You [ the people of earth ] Are Gods [ my mighty ones ], And all of you [ the people of earth ] are children [ less mature and subservient versions ] of The Most High [ Me ].
But [ because you judge wrongly ] you shall die like men [ mortal human creations ], and fall [ be cast downward into the pit ] like one of the princes [ Lucifer and his fallen angels ].
Arise, O God [ Yahweh ], judge the earth [ and all who are in it ]; For You [ The Mighty One ] shall inherit all nations [ shall rule over them with a rod of iron ]. " - Psalm 82:6-8.
Which, Of Course, Explains Yahshua's Own Statement:
" Jesus answered them, ‘ Is it not written in your Law, " I have said you are gods ’? If he called them ‘ gods, ’ To Whom The Word Of Yahweh Came [ All Of The Human Beings, Living Upon The Earth ] - and the Scripture cannot be broken - what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world? Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, " I am God's Son "? ’ " - John 10:34-36

When His Bodily Presence [ The Word ] said to The Macroverse [ Yahweh ]: " Let us make man in Our image, And according to Our likeness " - He wasn't kidding around. Man was, indeed, created in His exact Physical and Spiritual Likeness... and Everything Communicates This Fact! Every human being consists of both: Physical Atoms [ Organic Matter ] and Individual Living Cells [ Biological Matter ] - all of which, fully comprise our own human bodies.

You'll notice two separate brains.
Within each of us are: Two Separate Brains, indirectly connected to, One Central Cortex - which processes both: Their Commands and Internal Functions. Meanwhile, we have only One Cohesive Consciousness, or personal awareness. In the very same manner, Yahweh [ The Father ] and Yahshua [ His Person ] are: " One Single Consciousness " - in separate entities, but indirectly interconnected within their overall body [ Everything That Exists ]. As it says in The Scriptures, " I [ Yahshua ] and My Father [ Yahweh ] are One! "

Individual Human Blood Cells....
Meanwhile, our own human brains indirectly control somewhere around 26 Billion Individual Life Forms - known, by us, merely as living cells. We call those which are dangerously disobedient: " Cancer Cells " - for they are: Dangerous, Destructive, and Ultimately Life Threatening to the others that they coexist with. They continually refuse to cooperate and to consider the enlightened best interests of the entire human body. So we: Cut Them Out, Remove Them, and Kill Them - lest the entire body becomes dangerously compromised!

Meanwhile, from the very beginning, Yahweh [ The Mighty One ] has openly declare of Himself: " I Am ", " I Am Everything ", " I Am The Eternal One ", " I Am The Only One ", and " I Am All That Exists... " - but we, the simpleminded ones, just couldn't understand what He [ Yahweh ] was truly telling us about Himself. Why not open your own mind, for just a moment? He wouldn't have told us these things, if hadn't wanted us to truly understand it!

Side by side comparison of: Neuron and Nebula.
Have you wondered about ' The Stars ' up in the heavens... why, do they look so much like ' Giant Atoms ' circling within those empty spaces? Or, perhaps, what is the meaning of The Nebulae at the center of our own universe; and The Pulsars, which send out their own constant Messages Of Light? And what are Those Harmonic Strings, described by our own physicists within their newly devised M-Theory [ The Eleven Dimensional Multiverse ] which knit it all  together? Well, I have....

Like the prophet Daniel said: " At that time [ In The Last Days ], People shall travel to and fro; and knowledge shall greatly increase... " and, he wasn't just talking about science. He was also talking about Our Total Knowledge Of Yahweh, The Mighty One! Only a fool says, " Science clearly refutes The Scriptures... " since, it has done nothing but consistently confirm them - time and time again.

Remember, it was Yahweh who [ Himself ] said:
" You [ the people of earth ] are gods [ my mighty ones ], And all of you are children [ less mature and subservient versions ] of The Most High [ Me ]. But [ because you judge wrongly ] you shall die like men [ mere human creations ], and fall [ be cast downward into your graves ] like one of the princes [ Lucifer and his fallen angels ]. " - Psalm 82:6-7.
     - so, don't get angry with me.... I'm just reporting ' The Truth '!

When Yahweh declared, that " You study the universe all around you, seeking out True Knowledge; but the entire universe testifies fully of Me. " - what did you think, that He was honestly referring to? Examine yourself through An Electron Microscope... and then scan the heavens with The Most Powerful Radar Telescope.... What do you, then, see? Doesn't It Look Strangely Familiar?
{ *** NOTE: Meanwhile, of course, The World's Greatest Human Minds are just clever little toddlers: Staring Out Of Our Playpen [ The Earth ], By The Glow Of A Nightlight [ The Sun ], and Speculating Upon The Relative Unknown [ Whatever Else Is Possibly Out There ]... Until Daddy Comes Home! Believe it, or not, it's actually that simple.... }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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