Sunday, June 16, 2019

With all of those foundations ( already ) now weakened, The Collapse Of Society Is Virtually Assured.

In order for Our Own Civilization to continually remain viable, There Are Certain Fundamental Pre-Requisites which are ( quite honestly ) taken for granted by most of us.

After all, there are some things which are perceived - by everyone - as being, factually: " Immutable ". In fact, the very existence of such an often used word implies that, to the majority of all human beings, ' Some Things Just Are; And Indeed They Always Shall Be '....

Among These Fundamental Societal Pre-Requisites are:
  • Continued Human Reproduction...
  • Strong Family Units To Protect All Of Those Young...
  • Homogeneous Communities That Share Most Of The Same Key Values...
  • An Extremely Level Playing Field Governed By A Fixed Set Of Laws...
  • One Common Language To Promote Necessary Communication...
  • A Reliable Source Of Gathering And Distributing Relevant Information...
  • A Rock Solid Medium Of Shared Financial Exchange...
  • Institutions That Promote The Guarded Stewardship Of Our Wealth...
  • A Peaceful Process For Addressing Our Own Grievances... 
  • And, A Sense Of Belonging To An Organization Far Greater....

What ( actually ) is: " Arrested Development "?
And, as we can now see, ' Every Single One Of These Sociological Pillars Is Either: Now Currently Under External Attack Or Already Compromised From Within - Beyond Any And All Measures Of Safety ' - since, whether we now comprehend it or not: " Those Long-Prophesied Perilous Times Have Already Now Come "!

{ ***NOTE: Perhaps, you really should read 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 - with a mind that is open to what its ( quite honestly ) now telling you? }

Saturday, May 11, 2019

What is: " The True Difference Between Sabbath And Sunday "... and, why should we all draw An Important Distinction?

We all, must choose: " Which Way To Go "....
According to All Of Those Biblical Scriptures, there are a great number of actual differences between: God's Own Way Of Doing Things and The Way That Mankind Continually Re-Interprets Them.

In fact, that is the overall meaning of Isaiah Chapter 55 [ verses 8 and 9 ], wherein it factually states:
" ' For My Thoughts are not Your Thoughtsnor are Your Ways My Ways, ' says The Lord
For as The Heavens are higher than The Earthso are My Ways higher than Your Ways, and My Thoughts than Your Thoughts. " - Isaiah 55:8-9.

Meanwhile, one of those numerous differences is: ' The Choice Of Which Day We Shall ( Quite Honestly ) Come Together For Our Own Spiritual Worship ' - after all, The Biblical Day Of Worship Is The Seventh Day Sabbath - while, The Customary Day Of Worship Is Sunday [ or, The First ]... and indeed, when your own eyes are now opened, there are some very notable differences between: The Seventh and The First!

Aside from the more obvious fact that ' The First Day Of The Week Is The Exact Opposite Day From The Biblical Sabbath '... it has always been most notable, for it's close association with: " Ancient Babylonian Sun-Worship "....

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Photograph - Edward Christopher Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - Photograph ( 2015 ).
In The Popular 2105 Song entitled: " Photograph " - written by: Edward Christopher Sheeran [ that means: " The Protector Of All My Own Wealth And The Burden Bearer Of Christ Is: The District Traveler, The Chief Investigator, And God's Own Pledge Of Peace " ], John McDaid [ that means: " God Has Most Graciously Provided The Son Of David " ], Martin Harrington [ that means: " The Lord Of War Is The Heir Who Watches Over My Own Great City " ], and Thomas Leonard [ which means: " My Own Avatar And Twin Is He That Is Strong Like A Lion " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Interesting & Spiritual Message.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' No Matter How Crazy That It Now May Seem, There Are Indeed Messages In All Of Our Music From God '... and indeed, whether you know it or not, you are now taking: " A Second Bite From That Proverbial Apple "!

Asylum - " Sounds Crazy, Doesn't It "?
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just listen to The Following Musical Video for: " Photograph " - because, in the much larger scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

( 2015 ) by: Edward Christopher Sheeran.
 The Protector Of All My Own Wealth And The Burden Bearer Of Christ Is: The District Traveler, The Chief Inspector, And God's Own Pledge Of Peace! "

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Taking It To The Streets - The Doobie Brothers

Doobie Brothers - Taking It To The Streets.
In The Popular 1976 Song entitled: " Taking It To The Streets " - written by: Michael McDonald [ that means: " Who Is Like Unto God? That Son Of Our Own True World Ruler! " ] and produced by: Ted Templeman [ that means: " God's Own Gift Is He That Is Charged With Keeping His Temple " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Interesting & Spiritual Message.

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' When All Of Those Churches Rejected Those Messages Coming From God, His Own Spirit Was Sent Out To Whomever Would Then Quite Honestly & Faithfully Record And Relay It '... and indeed, as it was written: " All Of Those Rocks [ or, Spiritually Hardened Ones ] Finally Began To Cry Out "!

Warner  - " Those Who Tell You What's Coming ".
But, hey, you don't have to take my own word for it... so, why not just listen to The Following Musical Video of: " Taking It To The Streets " - for, yourself. Because, in the much greater scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Taking It To The Streets
( 1976 ) by: Michael McDonald.
 Who Is Like Unto God? That Son Of Our Own True Ruler!"

Monday, April 15, 2019

Just as can be found in nature, The Political And Economic World Has Its Own Diverse Ecology Of: Competitors, Symbiants, and Parasites!

As it is in Nature, so it goes in Human Society!
One of the things that has always amazed me about most other supposedly educated people, is that: ' While They Can Readily Perceive Every Single Niche And Nuance In The Natural World All Around Them; They Can Be Entirely Oblivious To Those Very Same Concepts In Our Own Human Interactions '... I am speaking, of course, about the very same relationships of: Predation, Competition, Symbiosis, and/or Parasitism - that operate ( quite openly) within our own overall society.

Whenever and wherever we look all around us, there are: Predators [ Attempting To Prey Openly Upon Us  ], Competitors [ Jockeying Themselves Into Position Against Us ], Symbiants [ Searching For Their Own Mutual Advantage ], and Parasites [ Attempting To Just Bleed Us All Dry ]... and, these factual relationships are really quite obvious to anyone consciously observing, albeit most often apart from ourselves. Since, the fact that we ourselves are those active participants, often renders us incapable of being properly objective.

Ameriquest says: " Don't Judge Too Quickly "!
In fact, it is only through examining these things much later that The Truth May Actually Be Deciphered By Some Who Are Reasonably Thoughtful And Diligent.

After all, whether we now comprehend it or not, ' Time Is Yet Another Veil Of Emotional Separation Which Allows Our Own Objectivity To Flourish '... and, while the specific details undoubtedly grow fainter over time, the lens through which we may factually observe that which remains then provides us a much sharper focus in clarity.
{ ***NOTE: Like all things in life, This Particular Phenomenon is of an actually limited duration. Meaning that, it is only true of that specific generation who lived through those events being studied. After all, those coming up afterward are subject to being: Stone Walled, Lied To, and/or Cleverly Manipulated - by those having written regarding it before them, for those various reasons in play.
In fact, we should always remember: " Those History Books Are Written By The Winner "... and, Propaganda is a most valuable tool in the hands of A Master Manipulator [ and/or, The Apex Predator Of Them All ]}

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Global Warming Deception is just another Alternative Fact... and, indeed, it has been provided by your own spiritual enemies for a much larger purpose!

Global Warming... or, Not?
If you lived in a world where: " God Controls All Of The Weather " - as, But One Of His Own Many Tools to: Chastise The Foolish, Punish The Stiff-Necked Or Stubborn, and Utterly Destroy The Wicked From Before Him - how would our own arrogant leadership keep those intrepid believers, working at the very bottom of their pyramid, from raising That Spiritual Alarm?

It seems to me, at the very least, ' They Would Need To Create An Alternative Scientific Explanation For What Would Shortly Be Coming To Pass As They Are Making Their Own True Grab For Even More Political Power '... since, the one thing that might stop them dead in their own tracks is their unknowing subjects now waking up to all of that long understood reality.

After all, when people are quite honestly open to The Truth; then: True Understanding, Experiential Knowledge, and ( indeed ) Valuable Wisdom - are not nearly as far away as, so commonly, perceived.

Can you say: " Bye Bye Miss America Pie "?
For instance, in America today, we can very clearly see all of those: Armageddon Like Wild-Fires, In-Escapable MudslidesThousand Year Floods, Mile-Wide Tornadoes, and Sinkholes That Swallow Up Everything... and, All In The Course Of Only One Decade!

In fact, ' For The First Time In United States History Such Natural And Nationwide Destruction Is Now Occurring At A Far Faster Rate Than The Actual Reconstruction Which Inevitably Follows It '... in other words, America Is Now Falling Further And Further Behind And There Is ( Quite Honestly ) No Earthly End In Sight.
{ ***NOTE: Is all of this really happening, because: " Too Many Cattle Are Now Farting " - as if, they ( quite honestly ) have never farted before? Because, whether you know it or not, Every Other Animal Farts As Well... and, by that very same logic, We Just Might Need To Now Eliminate All Of Them! }

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Keys To Capitalism are ( quite simply ): Supply and Demand - and indeed, whether you believe it or not, those people whom we gainfully employ are also those customers who buy most of our own products!

Economics For Dummies....
One of the very first things that anyone learns when studying Macro-Economics is that there is a fundamentally corresponding balance between Supply and Demand which can only be ignored at the true peril of all those participating in such overall economic activity.

In fact, whether you now comprehend it or not, there is no such thing as ( either ): Demand Driven or Supply Side Economics - since, tripping neither of those specific levers can do anything other than unbalance The Overall Economic Equation for a very short period of financial and sociological adjustment [ known as, Economic Bubbles ].

And, most importantly, ' The Political Left And The Political Right Both Already Know This One Simple Truth '... despite, all of their own clever rhetoric ( so clearly stated ) otherwise. Meanwhile, of course, the reasons for the logical disparity between: Economic Fact and Political Fiction - are, actually, quite obvious to anyone paying attention to the ongoing political process.

It's ( really ) just ' A Democratic Carrot And A Republican Stick '....

A very simple, but ( most often ) Understated Truth....
The Facts are ( honestly ) quite simple: " We All Wear Two Different Hats... In Fact, We Are Both: The Producers Who Manufacture All Of Those Goods And The Consumers Who Exchange Our Own Labor To Purchase Them One From Another "... and, consequently therefore: ' Supply And Demand Go Together Hand In Hand '!

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