Saturday, December 22, 2018

What is The Key to: " Human Intelligence "... and, why are so many people incapable of obtaining it?

The Space Shuttle Launch from Apple's Own Historic Timeline.
While our own Human Knowledge has been greatly increasing over the course of both history and time, it has now become increasingly obvious that our own ability to individually apply it has been simultaneously decreasing proportionately, for the average human being.

In fact, ' At No Other Time Within Our Own Human History Has Our Collective Database Ever Been Greater '... and yet, it is also equally true, That The Very Same Individuals Now Collecting, Cataloging, And Utilizing It Are Alarmingly Oblivious To Virtually All Of Its Most Numerous Lessons!

I must now ask you, folks: " How Can Both Of These Things ( Quite Honestly ) Be "?

The Answer is ( quite honestly ) A Decline In Our Own Human Intelligence!

But, wait a minute, how can that be? How can Our Own Collective Intelligence be substantively declining... even as, the world that we now live in is reaching up to new heights in Modern Scientific Advancement?

Perhaps, we should now just consider A Common Definition Of Intelligence....
" Intelligence has been defined in many ways, including: The Capacity For LogicUnderstandingSelf-AwarenessLearningEmotional KnowledgeReasoningPlanningCreativity, and Problem Solving.
More generally, it can be described as The Ability To Perceive Or Infer Information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context. " - an excerpt from

The Normative IQ Bell Curve....
Which all goes very far toward explaining why all: " IQ Tests " - are so reliant upon, The Recognition Of Patterns... since, they are geared towards Our Own Inherent Ability To Perceive Or Infer Information Upon Confronting Them In A Standardized And Gradable Format.

Of course, all of these tests only work because your own mind is then being fully focused upon The Information Being Provided - without any other extraneous information or obvious distractions; and within the overall context, or framework, of the question being provided. Consequently, we can be fairly certain that our own personal intelligence quotient is indeed as high as it is.

The Six Actual Steps to Pattern Recognition.
But, and ( indeed ) this is a pretty big but... ' If The Key To Human Intelligence Is The Recognition Of Patterns '... then, what is the real value to all of that collective individual intelligence When It Becomes So Focused Upon Ever Narrower Slices Of Our Own Knowledge Base, To The Detriment Of All Other Areas, through our own modern day preference for individual and career specialization.

In fact, could it just be that, in our pursuit of greater financial rewards and individual efficiency: " The Smartest Generation To Have Ever Recorded Their Own I.Q. Scores Is No Longer Noticing One Of The Most Glaringly Obvious Patterns Of Them All "?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Who ( or what ) is spoken of as: " The Whore Of Babylon " or " Babylon The Great "... and, indeed, why are God's Own People unknowingly in her midst?

Babylon is The Cause Of Confusion.
One of the greatest mysteries to ever be found in The Bible are those scriptural passages which refer to: " The Whore Of Babylon " and/or " Babylon The Great ".

After all, most people aren't really interested in End Time Biblical Prophecy; they've never learned much about The Symbolism Employed; and nothing is more boring than examining Our Own Recent History.

 And, far more importantly, ' The Nature Of That Subject Matter, Once Properly Exposed, Is Quite Honestly Incendiary '... and, indeed, It Points Its Own Finger Right Back At That Church! Consequently, therefore, it isn't really a surprise that most of the clergy are now terrified to speak anything about it.

Remember, folks, what it says in Ephesians Chapter 6 [ verse 12 ]:
" For we do not wrestle against mere Flesh And Blood [ other people and just regular individuals ]; but against Principalities [ Those Notable Nations And Kingdoms ], against Powers [ Other Secret And Hidden Organizations ], against The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This Age [ Those Who Have Intentionally Hidden That Truth From Everyone ], and against Spiritual Hosts Of Wickedness Within Those Heavenly Places [ Those Countless Workers Of Iniquity Who Have Been Working From Within All Of Those Misguided Churches ]. " - Ephesians 6:12.
- and, subsequently, there are a whole lot of people with a significant vested interest in keeping: " The God's Honest Truth " - from, ever coming out....

Pope Benedict XV wearing The Papal Tiara.
After all, it isn't without reason that Those Prophetical Scriptures have already now ( long ago ) told you: ' Once You Know The Truth, Then That Truth Shall Set All Of You Free '!

Now, let's just carefully examine those mysterious passages about: " The Whore Of Babylon " and " Babylon The Great ".

In Revelation Chapter 17, it ( very plainly ) says:
" Then one of The Seven Angels who had The Seven Bowls came and talked with me, saying to me:
' Come, I will show you The Judgment of The Great Harlot Who Sits Upon Many Waters [ In Fact, She Is Now Found Upon Every Continent On Earth ]With Whom The Kings Of The Earth Committed Fornication [ Remember, Those Principalities In Ephesians Chapter 6? ], and The Inhabitants Of The Earth Were Made Drunk With The Wine Of Her Fornication [ Since, She Is Behind Of All Of Those Ongoing Lies ]. '
So, he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw A Woman [ A Large Church ] sitting upon A Scarlet Beast [ Or, A Blood Covered Nation ] which was full of Names Of Blasphemy [ Names Claiming That Specific Authority Belonging Only To God ], having Seven Heads [ 7 Political Leaders Over Its 7 Continental Unions ] and Ten Horns [ Those Ten Physical Nations Then Firmly Supporting It ]
The Woman was Arrayed In Purple And Scarlet [ The Color Of Her Own Spiritual Vestments ]Adorned With Gold, Precious Stones, And Pearls [ In All Of Her Own Glorious Cathedrals ]; and Having In Her Hand A Golden Cup Full Of Abominations [ To Serve Up To Her Own Spiritual Congregants ] and The Filthiness Of Her Fornication [ With All Of Those Nations Who Are Now In Bed With And Also Support Her ]
And, upon her forehead, a name was written:' MYSTERY [ The Very Epicenter Of The Occult ], BABYLON THE GREAT [ The Source Of All Spiritual And Political Confusion ]THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS [ The Universal Church From Which All Others Have Been Born ]AND OF All THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH [ And She Who Controls All Other Religions ]. '
I saw The Woman [ That Particular Church ], drunk with The Blood Of The Saints [ Those Common People Just Going About Trying To Do Good And Providing Valuable Assistance To Others ] and with The Blood Of The Martyrs Of Jesus [ Those Spiritual Ones Attempting To Restore A Correct Form Of Worship ].
And, when I saw her [ For What She Essentially Was ], I marveled with great amazement [ Since, She Represented All That Was Opposed To God While Blatantly Proclaiming Herself Otherwise ]. " - Revelation 17:1-6.

Monday, December 10, 2018

According to Aaron Tippin: " You've Got To Stand For Something, Or You'll Fall For Anything "!

Aaron Tippin - You've Got To Stand ( 1990 ).
In The Popular 1990 Song entitled: " You've Got To Stand For Something " - written by: Aaron Dupree Tippin [ that means: " The Mountain Of Strength Who Dwells In Your Meadow Is The Brave One Who Stands Up For All Of His Own People " ] and Buddy Brock [ which means: " Your Own Close Friend And Compatriot Is That One Who Badgers You " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Interesting & Spiritual Message.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' You've Got To Stand For Something, Or You'll Fall For Anything '... isn't just another empty platitude, but rather It Is An Important Principle To Quite Honestly Understand.

RCA/Victor - " The Radio Corp. Of America ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Musical Video for: " You've Got To Stand For Something " - because, in the much grander scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

You've Got To Stand For Something
( 1990 ) by: Aaron Dupree Tippin.
The Mountain Of Strength Who Dwells In Your Meadow Is The Brave One Who Stands Up For All Of His People! "

Sunday, December 9, 2018

What is ( really ) so important about The Day That We Worship? And, should we keep The Sabbath, or Sunday?

Saturday, or Sunday - who ( quite honestly ) cares?
One of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I've ever heard is: " What Is Really So Important About The Actual Day That We Worship " - after all, as so many of us currently believe, ' There Can Be Nothing More Arbitrary Than Just Picking One Day From Seven To Now Set Aside For Our Worship '.

And, in fact, since we're always utilizing the word: " Arbitrary " - in reference to All Of Those Commandments, as given by God - let's, now, just examine it for the purpose of spiritual clarity.

According to, the word Arbitrary is clearly defined as follows:
  1. Existing or coming about seemingly at random; or by chance; or as a capricious and unreasonable act of will. 
  2. Based upon or determined by individual preference or convenience; rather than by necessity or the intrinsic nature of something.
  3. Not restrained or limited in the exercise of power; ruling by absolute authority.
  4. Marked by, or resulting from, the unrestrained and often tyrannical exercise of power.
  5. Depending upon individual discretion ( as of a judge ) and not fixed by law.
And, subsequently, we can very clearly see that ( contrary to popular opinion ) ' In Fact Nothing Could Be Less Arbitrary Than The True Biblical Sabbath Day '... since, it stands apart from every single definition of Arbitrary.

Monday, December 3, 2018

If you want to know The Modern Day Descendants Of Phoenecia, then the answer is ( actually ) as easy as: " ABC... ", or " 123... "

Who ( actually ) were: " The Phoenecians "?
While, the various nations known collectively as: " The People Of Phoenecia " - quite honestly, included a large number of nomadic tribes - for instance: The People Of Tyre [ A Nation Of Truly Exemplary Shipbuilders And Sailors ], The People Of Sidon [ A Nation Of Bankers, Merchants, And Administrators ], and The Assyrians [ A Great Nation Of Horsemen And Warriors ] among so many numerous others....

The two things that they have all shared in common was: The Phonetic Alphabet [ Utilized Throughout All Of Their Own Languages ] and A Standardized Numerical System [ Which Facilitated Their Abilities At Trade ].

And indeed, while languages may often change dramatically over time, The Building Blocks That Are Now Securely Underlying Them rarely ever do. Or, to just put it another way: " Words May Often Change, Meanings Frequently Change, And Spellings Always Change - But, The Alphabet Upon Which It Is Built Honestly Never Does " - since, before you can ever teach your own children any newly valuable language, ' They Have To Learn The Alphabet Now Already Being Utilized By Their Own Fathers '.

The Phonetic Alphabet is A Product Of Phoenecia.
In fact, you can now be absolutely certain that if your own language is " Phonetic " in origin, then your own ancestors were originally Related In Some Way To Those Highly Nomadic People Of Phoenecia....

Bear in mind, however, that ' Those Enslaved By All Of Those Nomadic Phoenecians Were Taught Those Very Same Languages As Well '... since, they were then: Living, Serving, and Working Among Them... because, that's just how it works.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The only real problem with: " End Time Biblical Prophecy " - is found, in recognizing all of those key players involved!

Who are The Key Players in End Time Prophecy?
One of the most difficult problems, with respect towards gaining A True Understanding Into End Times Biblical Prophecy, is the fact that all of those nations largely involved are being referenced by those names for which they were known at the time that these prophecies were recorded.

For instance, ' There Are No Biblical References To: The United States Of America, The United Kingdom, The European Union, Or Even Russia '... but rather, it speaks of so many others ( like ): Tyre [ The World's Greatest Shipbuilders And Sailors ], Sidon [ That Nation Of: Mercantilists, Bankers, And Colonial Administrators ] , Babylon [ The Keeper And Concealer Of Great Hidden Knowledge ], and Persia [ That Great Nation Of Warriors Who Maul Others Like The Bear ].

Even, The Ocean is really no barrier!
Nor, have These Various Nomadic Peoples stayed in just one place; remained static in all of their own customs and cultures; or even kept themselves apart from intermixing with others.

After all, dear brothers and sisters, The World We Inhabit Is Both Fluid And Dynamic - with disasters and disease, wars lost and won, and various opportunities for better geographical positioning.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

FAQ - Is America Ever Mentioned In The Bible?

Is America mentioned In Prophecy?
One of the most interesting questions in modern theological circles is whether or not we can now figure out Any Of Our Own Modern Nations In All Of Those End Time Prophecies - since, God [ Himself ] has only referred to them by their own tribal names; and, indeed, they are now largely scattered from their own historical locations.

Consequently therefore, ' Any Nation In All Of Those End Time Prophecies Is Quite Honestly A Subject Of Hotly Contested Debate For Most Of Those Biblical Scholars '... and, to make matters worse, They Can't Even Agree Upon The Relevant Meaning Of Those Prophecies Themselves.

And yet, people still ask: " Is America Mentioned In The Bible... And, If So, How Can We Quite Honestly Find It? " - since, given the times that we truthfully live in, It Might Just Be Important To Know!

And, of course, The Answer Is Yes... and, indeed, I Will Gladly Now Show You.

The United States - by, Familial Region.
The first thing to now understand is that: ' America Is A Very Large Nation State And Comprising A Large Number Of Families Who Actually Built It '; and, indeed, At Least Five Of Them [ aka: Jacob, Esau, Tyre, Moab, and Ammon ] Are Relatively Closely Related. And, yes... this is ( quite honestly ) scriptural.

In fact, lets go back To The Very Beginning.

In Genesis Chapter 27, The Two Sons Of Isaac [ Jacob and Esau ] Received An End Time Blessing From Their Own Father... and, the prophecy then given was very geographically specific.
" Surely I Declare To You, This Day ], The smell of my son is like the smell of a field which The Mighty One has blessed [*** NOTE: By This Point, Isaac Was Now Blind ].
Therefore Because Of This Wonderful Smell ], May Yahweh give you of the dew of heaven, of the fatness of the earth, and plenty of grain and wine Jacob And Esau Would Live Together In That Same Fruitful Land ].
Let peoples Your Own Sovereign States ] serve you, and other nations And Other Foreign Countries ] bow down to you When You Exercise Good Judgment ]. Be master over your brothers The Other Son(s) Of Rebekah: Edom and Tyre ], and let our mother's sons And Their Cousins: Moab, Ammon, NebajothKedarAdbeelMibsamMishma,DumahMassaHadarTemaJeturNaphish, and Kedemah ] bow down to you In Showing You Their Own Due Respect ]. Cursed be everyone who curses you Yahweh, Himself, Shall Destroy Them ], and blessed be those who bless you The Mighty One Shall Establish Them ]! " - Genesis 27:27-29. 
" Behold I Can Assure You, With The Full Authority Of Yahweh The Mighty One ], your dwelling That Of Your Physical Descendants ] shall be In Earth's Latter Days ] of the fatness of the Earth, and of the dew of heaven from above Your Own Children, The Edomites, Shall Live In A: RichFruitfulAbundantWell Watered, and Well Drained Land ]. " - Genesis 27:39.
" By your sword you shall live Your Children Shall Be Very Great And Powerful Warriors ], and you shall serve your brother Jacob Through Your Own Contract, Or Covenant, Of Brotherhood ]; and it shall come to pass After Many Days ] when you become restless No Longer Desiring This Covenant ], that you shall break his yoke The United States Constitution ] from upon your own neck And Rise Up Against Him ]. " - Genesis 27:40.

The United States Bill Of Rights....
Meanwhile, of course, ' The Yoke As Referenced In Genesis 27:40 Is Mentioned Again In Amos 1:9-10 '... which, once again, references both: That Covenant Of Brotherhood and The Sad Fact That Edom Shall Eventually Break It.

And, why is it then being referenced as: " Tyre's Covenant Of Brotherhood "? Because, it was organized, created, and ratified under Tyre's Own Watchful Care - in, what we now refer to as New England [ that nation of: avid inventors, very clever merchants, and extremely successful shipbuilders ].
" Thus says The Mighty One [ Yahweh ]:
For, three transgressions of Tyre [ their own personal sins ], and for four [ because of what Edom has done ], I will not turn away its punishment [ which, I have planned against them ], because they delivered up the whole captivity to Edom [ rather than: shielding, or hiding them ], and did not remember The Covenant Of Brotherhood [ made by their forefathers ].
But, I will send A Fire upon the wall of Tyre, which shall devour its palaces. " - Amos 1:9-10.
The British submarine: " HMS Sidon "...?
Which, of course, lends us some accurate spiritual insight into The Eventual End Time Location Of Sidon [ Old Englandherself - a notable nation of: administrators, mercantilists, bankers, and sailors ].

And, thus, This Biblical Reference to Tyre as: " That Virgin Daughter Of Sidon " - honestly, makes a great deal of sense.
" He [ The Mighty One ] has stretched out His hand Over The Sea, and He has shook The Kingdoms [ wherever they now are ]The Lord has given A Commandment Against The Peoples Of Canaan - to destroy its strongholds.
And, He said: ' You will rejoice no more, O You Oppressed Virgin Daughter Of SidonArise, and cross over to The West [ in order to now finally get away from her ]; and, there also, you will have no rest. ' " - Isaiah 23:11-12.
{ ***NOTE: The United Kingdom has possessed several naval combat ships bearing the designation HMS Sidon over their own long history... since, at least, their own leadership knows ( precisely ) who they are! }

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