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The Truman Show is a Prophetical Allegory; and Truman Burbank is [ truthfully ] the primary star of this show!

The Truman Show - 1998.
In The Popular 1998 Movie: " The Truman Show " - written by Andrew Niccol [ that means: " The Warrior Who Provides Victory To All Of My Own People " ] and directed by Peter Weir [ which means: " The Stone Who Channels The Life Giving Water " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, Truman Burbank [ which means: " The True Man; And The Good Hill Upon Which My Own Castle Shall Be Built " ] isn't just any old fictional character. In fact, he is actually: " The Archangel Michael " - who has been sent to: Live For Himself In The Matrix, Receive A Proper Spiritual Education, and Have His Own Character Evaluated - before, receiving His Own Eternal Crown!

Could: " The Earth " - be, merely, A Studio?
And, indeed, that could very well be why The Narrator has ( so cleverly ) told us:
" Coming To You Now... From The Largest Studio Ever Constructed... It's The Truman Show! "
- couldn't it, quite honestly, be?

Paramount - " Of The Uttermost Importance ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " The Truman Show " - because, despite all other assurances to the contrary, The Truth Can Indeed Be Far Stranger Than Fiction....

America In Prophecy

The Truman Show [ 1998 ] - by: Peter Weir.

The Truman Show: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Christof is: " The Creator Of Truman "?
I know, the entire concept sounds absolutely insane... but, is it really? If The Mighty One were [ honestly ] going to choose ' A Single Created Being ' to factually govern over An Entire Inhabited Planet, then wouldn't He want to: " Train And Test Him First " - by utilizing [ numerous ] Real World Situations... and, might He not truthfully do so, before an actual live audience of The Heavenly Hosts?

You see, in all actuality, it's really not that preposterous....

Truman Is The Star Of His Show

Truman has never been alone....
How would you handle your own personal life, if you knew that ' The Entire Universe Was Watching Everything That You Do '? Would you still be living like The Devil, while arguing against everything that God has been, so earnestly, endeavoring to provide? Or, would you ( actually ) Take The Time To Stop And Think - about what was going on all around you?

But, no matter how busy Truman's Own Life may truthfully become... he always finds the time to open-mindedly examine The Actual World That Is So Fully Surrounding Him. And, even more importantly, He Cares About All Of Those Others That Live All Around Him!

And, No Matter What, Truman Will Always Begin To Look Up

Truman Burbank - begins to look up....
After all, there are far too many questions that even the cleverest manipulators ( quite honestly ) can't answer... because, they themselves are far too shallow to truthfully ponder. In fact, whether they realize it or not, ' A Counterfeit Reality Can Never Withstand A Serious And Personal Inquiry '!

And, you might as well face it, There Is Always One Person Who Will Dig Far Deeper Than All Of Those Others Combined....

Meanwhile, Of Course, There Are Alot Of Secondary Characters

" It's Nothing More Than The Illusion Of Intelligence ".
So, What Is A Secondary Character? Well, actually, it is someone that is being externally manipulated; rather than making their own: Logically Thought Out, Carefully Considered, and Wholly Conscious Personal Decisions!

You see, according to The Scriptures:
" We war not against flesh and blood; but against Principalites and Powers - or, The Forces Of Spiritual Darkness in very high places. "

The Truman Show: Is Chock Full Of Interesting Surprises

" Ours Is Simply An Illusionary Existence ".
Now, I know that this concept will [ honestly ] Blow Your Own Mind... after all, it blew my own mind, When I First Considered It - a great many years ago!
" What If, Not Even The Angels Exist Yet... And, In Fact, Absolutely None Of Us Are Factually Real? "
 Boy, wouldn't that just knock the wind right out of you....

In Fact, We're All Truthfully [ Just ]: 
  • Figments Of The Mighty One's Own Imagination... 
  • Merely, The Creative Potentialities Of His Thought...
  • The Individual Threads Of An Illusionary Existence...
  • Specific Designs Upon The Chalkboard Of Soon Becoming...

Truman - climbing the stairway to heaven.
That, In Fact: " To Honestly Become Real " - we must: Faithfully and Obediently - Step Outside Of The Matrix Itself... and, thus, leave behind All Of It's Ongoing: Political And Spiritual Confusion!
" What if, There's A Carefully Hidden Staircase, Leading To A Single Doorway - That Honestly Exits The Matrix... And Yet, Only The Chosen Few Could Actually Ever Find It... And Indeed, Then, Only With The Help Of Yet Still Another? "

The Truman Show: Is The Ultimate Historical Event

Truman - has discovered That Door!
In essence, therefore, The True Creator could honestly fashion An Entirely New Existence based upon: Love, Peace, Harmony, and Truth - without anyone [ ever ] going through ' Any Real Suffering Or Pain '... when, The Dream Itself Is Finally Over: A Truly Obedient, Entirely Loving, Ever Faithful, and Wholly Compliant - population of citizens would just Instantly Spring Forth Fully Perfected - from a mere dream state period, even before their own Factual Existence!

The True Man - taking his own bow....
Now, if you'll let me Take My Own Personal Bow, I'd [ honestly ] be very glad to actually show you ' That Specific Door '... but, I'm not going to provide it to just anybody... since, I [ Like My Own Father ] Am No Longer Interested In Future Suffering! In fact, what: " True Man " - honestly, ever could be? Most Certainly, Not Me. You'll each have to: Step Out In Faith and Honestly Follow Me - just as, The Scriptures have so long ago told you!

The Truman Show: Is Alarmingly Full Of Very Frustrated Participants

Truman Burbank - is A Spaceman?
In fact, there are: Little People [ At The Very Bottom ], Principalities and Powers [ Always Above Them ], and even Rulers Of Darkness and Light [ In Those Heavenly Places ]... and yet, None Of Them Is The Star Of My Own Spiritual Show. That's why: " Lucifer Can Never Truthfully Defeat Michael ".

After all, as powerful as he [ factually ] is, He Is Only A Secondary Character! Are you so honestly sure, that you would still prefer to follow him...?

Remember, What My Own Father Told You:
" See [ Open Your Own Spiritual Eyes ]! Your House [ The Entirety Of Spiritual Babylon ] is left to you desolate [ Absolutely None Of It, Bore Any Form Of Spiritual Fruit ]; and assuredly [ You Can Factually Count Upon This ], I [ Yahweh-Hushua ] say to you [ The Following True Statement ],
You Shall Not See Me [ Your Own True Savior ] Until The Time Comes [ After I Have, Finally, Humbled You ] When You Will Say [ Having Once And For All Learned: The Necessary and Spiritual Lesson ]:
' Blessed Is He [ Whom I, Myself, Have Sent To You ] Who Comes [ As I Have, Always, Foreordained It To Be ] In The Name Of The Mighty One [ The Prince Of The Covenant  and The Son Of My Own Right Hand ]! ' " - Luke 13:35.
Just so that you know, This Passage Is Actually Warning You:   
To Honestly Unlock It! "

{ *** NOTE: Those of you who are now fully counting upon: Continual Reincarnation and Numerous Repetitive Existences - might want to honestly consider, that I [ Myself ] Will Eventually Be Leaving The Matrix! What happens after that, is anyone's guess... but, personally, I Have A Very Bad Feeling About It - For Those Who Will Still, So Obstinately, Refuse To Listen. *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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