Saturday, May 9, 2015

Are there Hidden Messages in all of our Television Commercials... and, if there are, then what are they truthfully selling?

Allstate - " Mayhem Since The Garden Of Eden ".
While the primary reason for All Of Our Own Television Commercials would seem be to selling us all products; you have to admit that there is indeed something else going on. Because, we might as well face it, ' The True Story Being Told Is Honestly A Bit More Complicated Than That '....

Open your own mind to: " The Matrix "....
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch A Few Of Those Awkward And Repetitive Commercials for ( among other things ): " The More Spiritual Side Of Your Own Human Nature " - because, in the much larger scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Hey, Let's Just Start With: " Nike ".

The Scriptures States: " You Examine The World All Around You In Your Search For The Answers; And Everywhere You Look It Testifies Of These Truths "....

Are you ready for some: " Total Recall "?
In fact, dear brothers and sisters: Most Of The Books That You Read, Most Of The Movies That You Watch, and Most Of The Songs That You Listen To - have been testifying to those truths that are found written in The Biblical Scriptures!

But, the real question that we should be asking ourselves is ' Just How Far Does The Rabbit Hole Honestly Go '? After all, as one scandal sheet has so famously stated: " Enquiring Minds Truly Want To Know ".

Now, Let's Just Start At The Beginning

Which, according to The Frito-Lay Corporation, should have went something like this....

America In Prophecy

The Garden Of Eden - by Doritos.

While, according to The Coca Cola Corporation, it should have gone just a little more like this....

America In Prophecy

The Garden Of Eden - by Pibb Xtra.

Nor, according to Fruit Of The Loom, are these spiritual reminders a relatively new thing....

America In Prophecy

The Garden Of Eden - by Fruit Of The Loom.

Meanwhile, Smirnoff Vodka has merely taken that same ' Forbidden Apple '; and now run a whole lot further with it....

America In Prophecy

The Garden Of Eden - by Smirnoff.

While, The Boston Beer Company provides its own subtle reference to the anger and confusion that has now ( most certainly ) developed over all of those intervening years....

America In Prophecy

The Angry Orchard - by Boston Beer Company.

Ultimately, it always goes back to: " The Garden ".
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' The Real Issues Have Always Been Spiritual '... and, indeed, We All Need To Address The True Root Of Our Problem. Because, while an immature child may trip while learning to walk, it's no longer acceptable for fully mature men!

In fact, we have got to overcome The Power Of Evil Persuasion that has been continually governing over our own lives....

In That Vein, Let's Now Go A Little Deeper

Who are: " Those Children Of The Korn "?
At each and every point in our lives, we have decisions to make that effect both ourselves and all of those others who live peacefully all around us... and, in fact, many of us do the very best that we can in balancing all of those needs.

But hey, The Devil ( most certainly ) knows: " It Only Takes A Few Rotten Apples; And The Whole Barrel Becomes Spoiled "! And, so he corrupts as many individuals as he can....

America In Prophecy

The Story Of Individual Temptation - according to Mercedes.

Meanwhile, of course, he expends a great deal of effort in glamorizing his own personal lifestyle for the overall detriment of the rest of you....

America In Prophecy

The Thickburger ' El Diablo ' - by Hardees.

And indeed, as Victoria's Secret can ( quite honestly ) tell you, nothing sells better than sex; since reproduction has always been both: A Magnificent Experience At Most Intimately Bonding and ( in true point of fact ) The Original, Overriding, And God Given Directive....

America In Prophecy

Dream Angels - by Victoria's Secret.

The Kingdom has been: " Already Sold "....
You see, folks, whether you realize it or not, ' All Of These Commercials Have Been Spiritually Educational '... because, The True Words Of God have never been spoken without their own literal fulfillment upon earth.

So, How Did I Now Figure All Of This Out?

He is: Christ Of and " The Father Of Truman "!
Well, let's just say that I have always been highly motivated; since ( unlike the rest of you ): " I Have A Seriously Vested Interest In How All Of This Shall Finally Turn Out "....

America In Prophecy

The Most Interesting Man In The World - by Dos Equis.
That is: " The Two Horsemen Of  Apocalypse "

You know isn't over, until: " The Fat Lady Sings ".
And, yes indeed, ' I Do Pay Very Close Attention To Everything That Is Now All Around Me '... after all, folks, All Of The Very Best Gamblers already know that: " A Truly Unshakable Faith Can Never Really Be Blind ".

In fact, anything less is Just Bluffing; and ( whether you are aware of it or not ) The Only One That You're Fooling Is Yourselves!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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