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What is the meaning of: " Alice In Wonderland ".... Are you, actually, ready for The Answer?

Alice In Wonderland ( 2010 ).
In The Classical Tale Of: " Alice In Wonderland " - written by Lewis Carroll [ that means: " The Bright And Famous One Is: The Melodious Voice And My Champion In War " ]; adapted to film by Linda Woolverton [ that means: " The One From: The Snake And Sacred Tree - Is Now A City Clothed In Rich Wool " ]; and directed by Tim Burton [ which means: " To: Honor And Fear God - You'll Need His Own Fortified Settlement " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory.

After all, dear brothers and sisters, Miss Alice Kingsleigh is ( actually ): " A Young Lady Of Nobility And The King's Daughter Currently In The Meadow "....

Roth Films - " Stories About The Red One ".
Of course, ' You Probably Think That I'm Mad, As A Hatter, Now Don't You '? Well, we'll honestly see about that! But, in the meantime, why not just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Alice In Wonderland " - because, in the much grander scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Alice In Wonderland [ 2010 ] - by: Tim Burton .

Alice In Wonderland: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Just as I expected: " You're Late ".
While you still might not perceive it You're Already Quite Late! In fact, " You're Late, You're Late... For A Very Important Date! " But, fortunately however, ' Even Your Own Tardiness Has Been Already Expected '....

Now, how is that - for: " One Who Knows The End From The Very Beginning "? In fact, ' The Mighty One Is Exceptionally Brilliant ' - now, isn't He?

But, let's just see what else we might find....

The Characters Of Alice In Wonderland [ include ]:
Alice Kingsleigh [ " The One Of Nobility Is The King's Son In The Meadow " ]
Tarrant Hightopp ( The Mad Hatter ) [ " The: Man Of Thunder And Traveler - Who Sits At The Pinnacle " ]
Iracebeth Of Crims ( The Red Queen ) [ " The One Who Runs Against God's Own Promise - Is The Criminal " ]
Mirana Of Marmoreal ( The White Queen ) [ " The: Wonderful, Peaceful, And Prosperous One - The True Architectural Stone " ]
Llosovic Stayne ( The Knave Of Hearts ) [ " My Victorious Illusionist Is The Stone In The Meadow " ]
Tweedledee [ " The One Who Foolishly Wastes Time " ]
Tweedledum [ " The One Who Simply Refuses To Study " ]
Charles Kingsleigh ( Alice's Father ) [ " The Free Man Is The Kings Son In The Meadow " ]
Helen Kingsleigh [ " The Bright Light Is The King's Son In The Meadow " ]
Margaret Kingsleigh [ " The Pearl Of Great Value Is The King's Son In The Meadow " ]
Fiona Chattaway [ " The: Fair, White, And Beautiful One - Is One Who Talks Too Much " ]
Faith Chattaway [ " The: Loyal, Dedicated, And Trustworthy One - Is One Who Talks Too Much " ]
Imogene [ " The Maiden " ]
Lowell [ " The Little ( Or Beloved ) Wolf " ]
Lord Ascot [ " The Master Over The Eastern Cottage " ]
Lady Ascot [ " The Wife Over The Eastern Cottage " ]
Hamish Ascot [ " The Supplanter In The Eastern Cottage " ]

The Cast Of Alice In Wonderland [ includes ]:
Mia Wasikowska [ " My Own: Broadminded, Liberal, And Learned One - Is The Inhabitant " ]
Johnny Depp [ " God Has Provided: The Idiot Savant Or Incomprehensibly Lucky One " ]
Helena Bonham Carter [ " The Torch Is Both: A Good Man And The Transporter Of Materials " ]
Anne Hathaway [ " The One With Grace And Favor Is: Your Pathway In The Meadow And The One Of Strife And War " ]
Crispin Glover [ " The Curly-Headed One Is The Forger In Iron " ]
Matt Lucas [ " The Gift From God Is ' His Own Son The Wolf ' " ]
Marton Csokas [ " The Dedicated One Of Mars Is: My Own Raven And The Butcher " ]
Lindsay Duncan [ " The Island In The Linden Trees Is The Strong Darkened Warrior " ]
Jemma Powell [ " My Most Precious Jewel Is: My Son Of Great Power Or The One At The Well " ]
Eleanor Tomlinson [ " God Is The Light To My Son Who Is The: Avatar And Twin " ]
Eleanor Gecks [ " God Is The Light To The Son Who Is Scorned " ]
Frances De La Tour [ " The Free Man Of The Journey " ]
John Hopkins [ " God Has Graciously Provided: His Son And The Bright Famous One " ]
Tim Piggott-Smith [ " To Honor And Fear God You Need: HisTall Man And The Forger In Iron " ]
Geraldine James [ " My Spear Holder Is The Supplanter " ]
Leo Bill [ " The Lion With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection " ]
The Red Queen's own: " House Of Cards "....
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message
" The One Of Nobility is ' The King's Son In The Meadow '... in fact, He is My own: Broadminded, Liberal, and Learned One - The Inhabitant. After all, dear children, ' It Is The Man Of Thunder And The Traveler Who Sits At The Pinnacle '... since, God has now provided you: The Idiot Savant or Incomprehensibly Lucky One!

While The One Who Runs Against God's Own Promise is the criminal... The Torch is ( both ): A Good Man and The Transporter Of My Own Materials. In fact, dear children, ' The: Wonderful, Peaceful, And Prosperous One - Is The True Architectural Stone '... and, The One With Grace And Favor is: Your Own Pathway In The Meadow and The One Of Strife And War. You see, ' My Victorious Illusionist Is The Stone In Your Own Meadow '... and, this curly-headed one is The Forger In Iron.

For The Ones Who Foolishly Waste Time, the gift from God is ' His Own Son The Wolf '... and, for Those Who Simply Refuse To Study, I have now provided you The Dedicated One Of Mars: My Own Raven and The Butcher. You see, ' The Free Man Is The King's Own Son In The Meadow '; and ' The Island In The Linden Trees Is My Strong Darkened Warrior '!

It's your own: " River Of Dreams " - folks!
By now, you've probably already noticed ' That I Am Shortening These Messages And No Longer Fully Completing Them '. Just consider it, as doing your own homework! After all, It Is The Overall Consistency Of These Messages That Makes Them So Fantastically Educational... now, isn't it?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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