Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is America A Christian Nation... and, if it actually is, then what definition are we honestly using?

United States Dollar - " In God We Trust ".
Like many of you others, I have been repeatedly told that: " America Is A Christian Nation "... and indeed, while it's own past history might indicate Some Interesting Spiritual Connections, ' There Is Currently Nothing That Might Confirm Such An Absurd Religious Assertion '. In fact, whether they claim to be Christian or not, there is honestly far more evidence to the contrary!

You see, dear brothers and sisters, the term Christ-ian is derived from the prefix of Christ [ which refers to: " The Savior For All Of Humanity " ] and the suffix Ian [ which means: " One Who Follows In The Footsteps Of " ]... and, just like it has been stated in all of those scriptures, it can be ( quite literally ) interpreted as: " My Sheep Hear My Own Voice And Follow Me Withersoever I Goeth ".

Are you now living: " In A Circle Of Confusion "?
Now, does that sound anything like what America has been ( so truthfully ) doing? And, let's be honest, folks... because, ' The Time For Hypocritically Deceiving One's Own Self Is Now Factually Over '. After all, whether you have woken up and noticed it or not, You're Now Living In The Time Of The End....

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' There Are Some Extremely Revealing Differences Between Our Christ And All Of Those Self-Described Followers '... since, to put it quite bluntly, They Have Continually Rejected Almost Everything That He Ever Taught: Through His Own Words, Personal Lifestyle, And Documented Actions! After all, He was a man who always lived: " By The Book " - no matter, what it ( so honestly ) told Him to do.

In fact, in all actuality, for Him, ' It Was The Book That Defined His Entire Existence ' - when He, so earnestly:

And, What Of His Own Carefully Chosen Words?

For instance, He honestly said ( all of the following ):

In Fact, His Actions Were Those Of A Man Who Lived In An Open Form Of Spiritual Rebellion!

You see, He stood very firmly against ( all of these physical agencies ):

No Folks, America Isn't Truthfully Christian At All....

An entire nation is in: " Arrested Development ".
You see, folks, ' If America Was Ever A Truly Christian Nation, Then It Would Have Truthfully Attempted To Follow After Him '... and, up until this point, that is the one thing that has never been honestly attempted by anyone! In fact, I would challenge you to even find An Honest To God Christian Community ( of any physical size ) currently anywhere upon earth....

" Shameless " - is, now, what we all are....
Meanwhile, of course, The True Spirit Of God Never Grows Stagnant Nor Effectively Moves Backwards... while, in all actuality, America's Own Greatest Claim To Fame Was In Discovering That All Of Those Underlying Biblical Principles Were Merely Based Upon An Irrefutable Form Of Spiritually Derived Logic!

It goes: " In One Ear And Right Out The Other ".
Sadly however, having fully uncovered A True Philosophical Pathway From Which To Finally Move Forward, our own idiotic ancestors All Quickly Set Off  [ Yet, Once Again ] In The Exact Opposite Direction... and consequently therefore, we never even noticed What Was Already Testifying Before Us, As Early As 1972!

But, of course, America Was Never Actually Our Own Promised Land... now, was it? And, let's ( truthfully ) be honest.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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