Saturday, January 17, 2015

According to Black Sabbath, all of those: " War Pigs " - are, now headed for a judgment! Gee, I wonder what that's all about?

War Pigs - Black Sabbath ( 1970 ).
In The Classis 1970 Song: " War Pigs " - written by: Tony Iommi [ that means: " The One Who Is Worthy Of Praise Is ' The True Son Of Yahweh ' " ], Ozzy Osbourne [ that means: " The Divine Spearholder Is: The God/Bear Or One Born Into Oz " ], Geezer Butler [ that means: " The: Ancient Or Original One - Is The Manservant " ], and Bill Ward [ that means: " The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection - Is The One Being Educated " ]; and performed by Black Sabbath [ which refers to: " Death's Own Upcoming Period Of Rest " ] - we have been provided An Eye Opening Prophetical Message.  

After all, dear brothers and sisters, ' They Know Exactly Who That Iron Man Honestly Is '... and, more importantly, They Know When To Actually Begin Expecting Him

Vertigo - " Peering Down From A Dizzying Height ".
What, you don't believe me? Then, why not watch The Following Musical Video for: " War Pigs " - because, in the much larger scheme of things: " True Knowledge Is The Source Of All Real Power ".... 

America In Prophecy

War Pigs ( 1970 ) by: Black Sabbath.

War Pigs: Is A Message Of Upcoming Judgment

Generals Gathered In Their Masses...
Just Like Witches, At Black Masses.
Evil Minds, That Plot Destruction!
Sorcerers Of Death's Construction.
In The Fields The Bodies Burning,
As The War Machine Keeps Turning.
Death And Hatred To Mankind...
Poisoning Their Brainwashed Minds!
Oh Lord, Yeah....
Politicians Hide Themselves Away...
They Only Started The War,
Why Should They Go Out To Fight?
They Leave That Role To The Poor!
Time Will Tell On Their Power Hungry Minds,
Making War Just For Fun,
Treating People Like Pawns In Chess.
Wait Until Their Judgement Day Comes...
Oh, Yeah!
Now In Darkness, World Stops Turning...
Ashes Where The Bodies Burning.
No More War Pigs Have The Power,
Hand Of God Has Struck The Hour!
Day Of Judgement, God Is Calling...
On Their Knees The War Pig's Crawling.
Begging Mercy For Their Sins,
Satan Laughing, Spreads His Wings.
Oh Lord, Yeah....

Sooner, or later: " We Must All Face The Music ".
Don't look at me, ' I Didn't Write Those Terrifying Song Lyrics '... but rather, those ( self described ): " Illuminated Ones " - did! In fact, I'm Just The One Who Is Truthfully Explaining It....

So Then, Where Is It Found In Those Scriptures?

Well, how about ( any of the following ):

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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