Wednesday, January 28, 2015

According to Goatwhore, they are ( in point of fact ) assisting to create that: " Apocalyptic Havoc " - as, so long ago, promised by Lucifer!

Goatwhore - Apocalyptic Havoc ( 2009 ).
In The 2009 Death Metal Song entitled: " Apocalyptic Havoc " - written by Goatwhore [ that refers to: " That Mother Of Harlots Who Assists Satan In All That He Does " ]; for their album Carving Out The Eyes Of God [ *** which, quite seriously, goes without any need of an actual explanation ] - we have been provided A Satanic Version Of End Time Events.

After all, dear brothers and sisters, ' There Are Actually Two Sides To Every Spiritual Story '... and, if you will not listen to the one, Then Perhaps You Might Listen To The Other.

Metal Blade - " The Most Expedient Of Methods ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just listen to The Following Musical Video for: " Apocalyptic Havoc " - because, sometimes you just have to listen to your own mortal enemies; To Gain Some Much-Needed Perspective....

America In Prophecy

Apocalyptic Havoc ( 2009 ) by: Goatwhore.

Apocalyptic Havoc: Is Exactly What Those Satanists Now Intend....

Watch the skies as hell comes riding in;
On a horse of pale to name this wrath;
Torturing worthless souls as this reign begins;
This hand of doom is set to rule the world.

A wilted faith, in these times of regret;
Sculpting death in madness obsessed.

Words of this mayhem, cast out loud,
A timeless torture foretold in a sky of black.
Torn souls, from the mold of flesh and bone,
Hordes of plague in this path of all decay.

Obliterate the screams of the weak...
Who needs a god when you've got Satan.
No god to offer this forgiveness;
No god to punish for these sins;
Tormented for the prize of salvation;
Broken loyalty to life after death.

These dark thoughts of this revival,
Answered by the prayers of this carnage;
Confusion caused in the spread of horror;
The answer to your nightmares has just begun.

Forgotten praise of a savior, from the rapture beyond the clouds;
A burning fear of the wrongs that the slave has chosen.

Cleansed in flame, purified through ash;
These burning rites of the vengeful.
The head of three faces, severed in confession...
Ritual abuse to swarm the insects of famine.

Endless weight of sufferance, closing the source of breath.
Battle call for the rise of genocide for the righteous believers.
Unholy force to be summoned by the screams of slaughter;
The wicked tongue of plague calling forth the death of god.

Did you notice: " Those Upside Down Crosses "?
Now, call me crazy folks, ' But I Believe That These Satanists Know Exactly What They Are Collectively Intending '... and, if the rest of you aren't honestly down with that scenario of prophetical events, Then You Had Better Start Truthfully Waking Up!

And, while I certainly don't enjoy examining any of their own satanic lyrics, I Will Continue To Do Whatever Is Necessary To Ensure That You Honestly Will....

Ahava and Shalom. 

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you! 

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