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WALL`E - by Pete Doctor and Andrew Stanton

WALL`E - ( 2008 ).
In The Popular 2008 Animated Film: " WALL-E " - written by Pete Doctor [ that means: " The Stone Is Your Own Personal Healer " ] and directed by Andrew Stanton [ which means: " The Man/Warrior Is A Settlement Of Stone " ] - we have been provided A Valuable Prophetical Allegory Into Certain Upcoming And Historical Events.

After all, WALL-E [ that refers to: " That Waste Allocation Load Lifter ( Earth-Class ) " ] is That Original Garbage Man known as Adam...and, believe it or not, E.V.E. [ which refers to: " That Extra-Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator " ] shall Very Soon Be Waking Up To Rejoin Him.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' An Axiom Is A Self-Evident Truth That Requires Absolutely No Proof In Order For Anyone To Honestly Accept It '... and, in order to alter your own course, You Need Only To Open Your Own Spiritual Eyes!

PIXAR - " Our Artwork Is Created From Light ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " WALL-E " - because, in the much larger scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

( 2008by: Prince Rogers Nelson.
" The Son Of Our Own King Is: The Famous One With The Spear And ( Indeed ) The Son Of He Who Was Nailed"

WALL-E: Is The Story Of One Industrious Little Robot Who Kept Cleaning Up Humanity's Own Monumental Messes; While Those Fat, Ignorant, And Lazy People Were Merely A Generation Lost Out In Space....

WALL-E is praying for A Helpmate!
As crazy as it may ( quite honestly ) seem to the rest of you, ' I See A Man Down Upon His Own Knees And Praying For A True Helpmate In That Film Clip To The Left '... and, indeed, The Answer To That Very Same Prayer Is Now Just Over That Metaphorical Horizon!

But, hey... What Do I Know?

Well, I do know this much....

WALL-E knows ( exactly ) What He Needs!
" WALL-E loves E.V.E. very much. And, in fact, whether you comprehend it or not: ' He Would Move Both Heaven And Earth To ( Once Again ) Be With Her! ' ".

But, before that can happen, She Herself Has To First Wake Up And Finally Now Take Notice Of Him.

In fact, you would simply be amazed by: ' What Wall-E Can Actually Now Do, When Provided Sufficient Encouragement '!

So, What Is The Real Hidden Message In This Film?

The Characters Of Wall-E [ include ]:
Wall-E [ " The Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class ", or " The Garbage Man " ]
Eve [ " The Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator ", or The Judge And Protector Of Earth " ]
Capt. B. McCrea [ The Army Commander Has Become The Son Of Grace " ]
Shelby Forthright [ The Sheltered Cove Where The Willows Grow - Is ( Equally )FrankDirect, And Outspoken " ]
Auto [ " A Device For Steering A Vessel Without Anyone Else's Active Assistance " ]
John [ The One Whom God Has Provided " ]
Mary [ The Bitter One " ]
The Axiom's Computer [ The Self-Evident, Or Universally Recognized Truth Of Precisely Who Is In Control " ]

The Cast Of Wall-E [ includes ]:
Ben Burtt [ The Son Of My Own Right Hand Is: The Fortified Settlement Or The Very Bright Light " ]
Elissa Knight [ God Is The Only True Vow To The Lord's Own Vassal " ]
Jeff Garlin [ The District Traveler And God's Pledge Of Peace IsThe Crowned One And The Holder Of His Spear " ]
Fred Willard [ The Peaceful Ruler, And Your Peace Keeper, Is The One With: The WillDesire, And Helmet Of Protection " ]
MacInTalk [ The Son Who Serves As My Own Voice " ]
John Ratzenberger [ God Has Provided The Judge Over His Own Cit" ]
Kathy Najimy [ The Pure Or Consecrated One Is The One: WhHarmoniously Organizes And Restores A Logical Order " ]
Sigourney Weaver [ The Triumphan( Or Victorious ) Conqueror Is The One Who Organizes All Of Your Own Separate Threads " ]

And, indeed, by combining them together by both: Character and Actor - we can even form a highly-accurate spiritual message from The Mighty One [ Himself ]... such as, found clearly displayed, in the following:

The Waste Allocation Load Lifter [ Earth Class ], or the one who cleans up all of your own ignorant messes, is: The Son Of My Own Right HandThe Fortified Settlement In The Valley, and An Extremely Bright Light. You see, He is ( both ): The Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator and The Judge Or Protector Of The Earth!
After all, dear children: ' God Is The Only True Vow To The Lord's Own Vassal 'In fact, The Army Commander has become ' The True Son Of Grace '... since: The District Traveler and God's Own Pledge Of Peace - is ( equally ): The Crowned One and The Holder Of His Spear
Consequently, He has always been: ' The Sheltered Cove Where The Willows Grow '; and ( indeed ) the one who is also: Frank, Direct, and Outspoken! Meanwhile, whether you realize it or not, He is: Your Own Peaceful Ruler and The Appointed Peacekeeper - or, to put it quite simply, The One With The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection.
You see, dear children, The Device For Steering The Vessel Without Anyone Else's Active Assistance is: That Son Who Serves As My Own Voice and The One Whom God Has Provided - since, despite all of your own clever and industrious efforts, ' God Has Provided The Judge Set Over His Own City '!
In fact, He is ( both ): The Bitter One and The Pure Or Consecrated One - as well as, the one who: Harmoniously Organizes and Restores Everything To Logical Order. 
Consequently, therefore, ' The Self-Evident Or Universally Recognized Truth Is Precisely Who Is Now In Control '... after all, He is ( quite honestly ): The Triumphant And Victorious Conqueror and ( indeed ) The One Who Organizes All Of Your Own Separate Threads! "
You see E.V.E., WALL-E's Not Really That Stupid!
I mean, gee whiz, folks... now, Isn't That Just A Little Bit Interesting?

So much, for that theory about: " Just A Random And Chaotic Universe "!

Or, as Rajratna R. Madhekar says in his own interesting article upon Randomness Verses Unpredictability:

" Randomness is an objective property, unlike unpredictability. That is, what appears unpredictable to one observer may not appear unpredictable to another.
For example, A Message That Is Encrypted appears as an unpredictable sequence of bits to any observer who does not have The Cryptographic Key needed to decrypt the sequence and produce the message. For that observer, the sequence is unpredictable, while for someone who has The Key it is actually quite predictable.
Some mathematically defined sequences, such as the decimals of Pi, exhibit some characteristics of random sequences, but because they are generated by a describable mechanism, they are called Pseudo-Random. To an observer who does not know the mechanism, a Pseudo-Random Sequence is still unpredictable.
One intriguing aspect of random processes is that it is hard to know whether a process is truly random. An observer may suspect that there is some ' Key ' that unlocks the message. This is a foundation of superstition, as well as the motivation for its own eventual discovery in science and mathematics.
The Cosmological Hypothesis Of Determinism is that there is no randomness in the universe, only unpredictability, and There Is Only One Possible Outcome To All Of The Events In The Universe. A follower of the narrow frequency interpretation of probability could assert that no event can be said to have probability, since There Is Only One Universal Outcome.
The Rival Bayesian Interpretation Of Probability uses probabilities to represent a lack of complete knowledge of outcomes.
Chaotic Systems are unpredictable, in practice; due to their extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. In some disciplines of Computability Theory, the notion of randomness is identified with computational unpredictability.
Whether, or not, Chaotic Systems are in fact Computable is currently a serious subject of research for many. "
Word... out!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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