Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Test Your Spiritual Knowledge [ The Truman Show ]

Test Your Own Spiritual Knowledge

According to Joel Chapter 2:28-32, God Himself has provided All Of Our Own Stories - through our own: Visions and Dreams!

So, let's now just examine The Truman Show....

America In Prophecy

The Truman Show
( 1998by: Peter Weir.
" It Is The Stone Who Channels The Life Giving Water! "

  1. Who is : The Creator, Managing Director, and Executive Producer - of The Truman Show?

  2. Christof.
    Just another other Hollywood fatcat....

  3. The name: Truman Burbank - means what, exactly?

  4.  " The Faithful Man Upon Whom My Kingdom Shall Be Built ".
    You know... I'm, really, not sure.

  5. According to the movie, what is ' The Largest Studio Ever Constructed '?

  6. The Planet Earth.
    MGM Studios....

  7. How does Truman figure out that Everyone Is Lying To Him?

  8. By observing and scrutinizing everything around him very carefully.
    By all of those product placement ads wherever he goes!

  9. Where is Christof's studio office located?

  10. Way Up Above The Production Studio [ aka, The Moon ].
    In a deeply underground bunker.

  11. According to Christof, Truman is his own ________

  12. Lawful Son and Legal Heir Apparent.
    Well compensated actor and manipulated dupe.

  13. The Lamp [ or, Faux Star ] that falls in Truman's Driveway is

  14. Canis Major [ The Dog Star ] in reference to The Heir Of The Dog!
    Alpha Centauri.

  15. The Truman Show is touted as the most popular show in _____________

  16. The Entire Universe.
    Reality Television.

  17. How is it that The Storm Created By Christof can't actually stop Truman?

  18. Truman has now figured out who is ( truthfully ) in charge!
    He's probably wearing a wind breaker....

  19. Why does Truman finally choose to leave The Studio?

  20. We have all arrived at The End Of His Documented Story!
     Hey, folks, it's all just another ploy for those all important ratings....

Now, let's just see how you did?


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