Friday, February 23, 2018

Why Not Just Test Your Own Spiritual Knowledge [ Quiz Number 2 ]

Test Your Spiritual Knowledge

How well does your own spiritual understanding line up with All Of Those Scriptures Provided By God? After all, it might just be important to know....

  1. The word YHWH means _____________ ?

  2. I Am The Eternal One.
    I Am The Mighty One.
    I Am All That Exists.
    All of the above are actually correct.

  3. In John Chapter 1, it says: " In The Beginning Was The Word ". What is that ( quite honestly ) telling us?

  4. God is ( actually ) The Universe.
    The Big Bang was His Very Own Act Of Creation.
    Everything that exists is all just part of His Body.
    All of the above are actually correct.

  5. The Hebraic Symbols for YHWH mean _______________?

  6. " Behold The Hand, Behold The Nail ".
    Isaiah 49:15-16 reiterates that very same message.
    Neither A nor B are correct.
    Both A and B are actually correct.

  7. The name Yahweh-Hushua means: ___________________.

  8. " The Mighty One Is The Source Of Our Salvation ".
    Yahshua displayed the spiritual example....
    Yahshua provided the payment required....
    All of the above are actually correct.

  9. Whereas, the substituted Greek name of: " Jesus "....

  10. Means: " He Is Zeus ".
    The Father Of Everyone and The Creator Of The Gods.
    Is a reference and reminder to Psalm 82.
    All of the above are actually correct.

  11. Who is The Archangel Michael?

  12. " The Greatest Of All Messengers, Who Is Like Unto God ".
    The Angel Of Death.
    The Army Commander Of Heaven Itself.
    All of the above are actually correct.

  13. If Michael is: " Like Unto God " - then, what do we know?

  14. Michael is, definitely, Not God [ Our Creator ]!
    But, he possesses certain: Lawful, God-Given, and Spiritual Authorities.
    And, indeed, God is the source for all of those authorities.
    All of the above are actually correct.

  15. Daniel Chapter 12 says: " At That Time Michael Shall Stand Up "....

  16. Which means that ' He Is Already Down Here '.
    He shall exercise His Own Authority Over The Earth.
    Apparently, there is some serious trouble now brewing.
    All of the above are correct.

  17. God has: A Rod and A Staff - according to, The 23rd Psalm....

  18. The Archangel Michael is The Rod.
    Yahshua is The Staff.
    Both of them were created To Provide For Our Needs.
    All of the above is correct.

  19. Now, looking at the world all around you, which one of them should you now be looking for? Particularly, considering What Yahshua Has Already, So Long Ago, Told Us....

  20. The Archangel Michael.
    Yahshua The Messiah.
    Neither Of Them....
    Both Of Them....

Now, let's just see how you did?

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