Monday, February 19, 2018

Why Not Just Test Your Own Spiritual Knowledge? [ Quiz Number 1 ]

Test Your Own Spiritual Knowledge

How well does your own spiritual understanding line up with All Of Those Scriptures From God? After all, it might just be important to know....

  1. What is The True Day Of Worship?

  2. Sunday.
    The Biblical Sabbath. [ Exodus 20:8-11 ]
    Whenever I Feel Like It....
    Every Day Of The Week.

  3. The Ten Commandments are _____________

  4. Still Binding Today! [ Mathew 5:17-18 ]
    Done Away With At The Cross.
    Good General Guidelines To Live By.
    Something To Thoughtfully Consider....

  5. At The Time Of The End _______________

  6. Michael Shall Finally Stand Up! [ Daniel 12:1-4 ]
    Our Own Knowledge Shall Greatly Increase!
    We Shall Finally Know The Truth! [ John 8:32 ]
    All Of The Above....

  7. The Old Testament is _______________

  8. Totally Irrelevant Today.
    The Actual Foundation For The New Testament. [ 2nd Timothy 3:16-17 ]
    Where Most Of Those Prophecies Are To Be Truthfully Found.
    Both B And C Are Correct.

  9. According To The Bible, ______________________

  10. The Earth Is Flat!
    The Earth Is Round. [ Isaiah 40:22 ]
    The Universe Is Currently Expanding....
    Both B And C Are Correct!

  11. What is The Abomination Of Desolation?

  12. Sun ( Or, Baal Worship ). [ Ezekiel 8:15-18 ]
    Swine's Flesh Upon The Altar In The Temple.
    The Mark Of The Beast. [ Revelation 13:16-18 ]
    Both A And C Are Factually Correct!

  13. Where Are All Of Our Dreams Actually Coming From?

  14. God Himself! [ Joel 2:28-32 ]
    Our Own Clever Imagination.
    Misfiring Synapses During Our Own Sleep.
    I'm Really Not Sure....

  15. The Sun And The Moon Are ____________________

  16. Symbols For Both: Lucifer And Michael. [ Genesis 1:14-18 ]
    Actual Heavenly Bodies In The Sky.
    Provided For Signs And For Seasons.
    All Of The Above!

  17. The Church Of Laodicea is ________________

  18. The Final Lukewarm Church Era.
    Spewed Out Of The Mouth Of God. [ Revelation 3:14-22 ]
    No Longer Speaking For God.
    All Of The Above!

  19. " Come Out Babylon, My People " - means _________________

  20. All Of God's People Are Now Living In Spiritual Babylon.
    All Of The Religious Systems Are Now Fallen [ Revelation 17:1-6 ].
    Apparently, There Is Some Kind Of Spiritual Confusion.
    All Of These Answers Are Correct!

Now, let's just see how you did?

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