Monday, April 11, 2016

Indeed, when we open our own minds up to The Truth, the end result can actually be Limitless!

Limitless ( 2011 ).
In The Popular 2011 Film entitled: " Limitless " - written by Alan Glynn [ that means: " The Harmonious And Noble Stone Is The One Who Dwells In Your Valley " ] and directed by Neil Norman Burger [ which means: " The Champion Is That Man From The North; Who As A Free Man Now Dwells Among All Of You " ] - we have been provided An Important Prophetical Allegory.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' Everything Is Possible When You Finally Open Up Your Own Mind To Doing It '... meanwhile, however, " You First Have To Acknowledge That Truth "!

Relativity - " Everything Is Tightly Interconnected ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Limitless " - because, whether you realize it or not, " The Eye Is The Lamp To Your Body "; and ( indeed ) You Might Just Be Glad That You Did.... 

America In Prophecy

" Limitless "
( 2011 ) - by: Neil Norman Burger.
" The Champion Is The Free Man Who Comes From The North  "

Limitless: Is All About Our Own Unlocked And Human Potential....

Indeed, it is: " A Long Road Out Of Eden ".
You see folks, ' God Has Always Had A Plan For Humanity That Is Indeed Far Greater Than Most Of You Quite Honestly Expect '... and, just like all little children, who must learn everything in those various stages leading up to eventual adulthood - such as: Potty Training, Standing Upright, Dressing, Walking, and ( ultimately ) Feeding ThemselvesHumanity As Whole Is Now Entering It's Own Very Next Stage!

And, whether it scares you or not, ' Someone Just Had To Be First '!

So, What Is The Message That Is Found In This Movie?

I was Blind, but now I See....
Well, let's just examine it a little bit closer... since, though you may not perceive it, those in Hollywood ( quite honestly ) do: " A Good Name Is Rather To Be Chosen Than Either Precious Silver Or Gold ".

Meanwhile, ' Every Single Character Has Been Provided For A Reason '; and indeed, whether you realize it or not, God Even Chose The Ones To Actually Portray Them!

The Characters in Limitless ( include ):
Edward Morra [ " The Protector Of  Wealth Is The One That Has Always Been Instructed By God " ]
Carlos Van Loon [ " The Fully Mature Man Is The One That Follows The Moon " ]
Lindy [ " The One Who Was Born In The Garden ( Remember, The Snake And The Tree? ) " ]
Melissa Gant [ " The Pollinator Of Others Is The One Who Possesses The Gauntlets " ]
Vernon Gant [ " The Man Discovered In The Holly Wood Is The One Who Possesses The Gauntlets " ]
Henry Atwood [ " The Ruler Set Over My Home Is The One Who Dwells In Your Forest "
Donald Pierce [ " The True World Ruler Is ( Both ): The Wielder Of My Knife And He Who Penetrates The Veil " ]

While, The Cast in Limitless ( includes ):
Bradley Charles Cooper [ " The Dweller In Your Wide Open Meadow Is The Free Man That Is ( Both ): The Carpenter And Casket Maker " ]
Robert De Niro [ " The Bright And Famous One Is: The Darkened, Hidden, And Powerful One " ]
Abbie Cornish [ " The One Who Brings Joy To His Father Is Now The Educated Descendant Of Wales " ]
Anna Louise Friel [ " The One Who Has Received Both Grace And Favor Is My Own Renowned Warrior; And The Valiant One " ]
Johnny Whitworth [ " God Has Now Graciously Provided That Man Of Significant Value " ]
Richard Bekins [ " The Strong And Powerful One Is My Son Who Provides Light In The Darkness " ]
Robert John Burke [ " The Bright And Famous One Is The One Whom God Has Provided; And ( Indeed ) Your Own Fortified Position In Battle " ]

The Matrix always offers you exactly two choices....
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can now: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message
" The Protector Of Wealth is the one who has always been instructed by God; since this dweller in your wide open meadow is The Free Man in both: All Of The Work That He Does and In His Authority To Wage War... and since, this fully mature man is the one who always follows the moon, The Bright And Famous One has been: The Darkened, Hidden, and Powerful One.
Meanwhile, The One Who Was Born At The Garden - you do know the one, ' With The Snake And The Sacred Tree ' - is the one who brings joy to his own father, since he is now The Educated Descendant Of Wales.
The Pollinator Of Others is the one who now possesses The Gauntlets; and the one who has received both grace and favor is: My Own Renowned Warrior and The Valiant One... and, indeed, The Man Discovered In The Hollywood is the one who now possesses The Gauntlets; since God has now very graciously provided that man of significant value.
After all, The Ruler Set Over My Own Home has always been the one who dwells in your forest; and this strong and powerful one is ' My Own Son ' - who provides you your own light in all of the other darkness.
In fact, The True World Ruler shall always invariably be: The Wielder Of The Knife and He Who Penetrates The Veil... since, The Bright And Famous One is the one whom God has always provided; and ( indeed ) Your Own Heavily Fortified Position In The Upcoming Battle! "

The Clear Pill - " Rely 100% On Your Own Brain ".
Meanwhile, rather than just taking any of those Prepackaged Red And Blue Pills - that have been repeatedly provided to you by: " Those False Teachers In Spiritual Babylon " - why not, simply try, The Only Clear Alternative instead?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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