Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The New Television Series of: " Lucifer " - is ( actually ) all about, Knowing Thy Own Enemy!

Lucifer ( 2016 ).
In The New 2016 Television Series entitled: " Lucifer " - produced by: Len Wiseman [ that means: " The Roaring Lion Is A Man Well-Versed In All Forms Of Intuitive Knowledge " ] and Jerry Bruckheimer [ that means: " The One Whom Yahweh Shall Exalt Is The Farmer Who Dwells At The River " ]; for Fox Television [ which actually refers to: " Yet Another Television Production That Has Been Provided By The Cunning One " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Reminder As To The Reality That Most-Certainly Now Confronts Us.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' While The Foundation Of America Is Rapidly Crumbling, The Topic As To Why Can Finally Come To The Front '... and, indeed, There Are Tens Of Millions Now Living Among Us That Think The Devil Has Always Been Their Friend!

Vertigo - " Your World Turned Upside Down ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Television Trailer for: " Lucifer " - because, while your own conscious mind will most likely reject whatever it is that I show you, Your Own Subconscious Knows The Truth When It Has Been Presented With All Of The Relevant Data....

America In Prophecy

Lucifer ( 2016 ) - by: Fox Television.

Lucifer: Is A Spiritual Wake Up Call For The Viewing Public In America....

Allstate - " Because Mayhem Is Everywhere ".
While The Story Of Good And Evil has been repeatedly portrayed upon the big screen in all of its own numerous forms; in most of them: Those References Have Usually Been Quite Subtle, The Portrayals Are More Traditionally Accurate, or ( indeed ) The Characters Involved Have Been Largely Obscured And The Real Issues Involved Are Decidedly Grayer.

Because, let's just face it folks, ' Our Own Society Has Never Been Sick Enough To Openly Idolize The Devil Upon Mainstream Television Until Quite Recently '! In fact, Something Very Fundamental has now, quite definitely, changed... and, indeed, for the overall benefit of everyone: " Those Long Hidden Cards Are Now Laying Openly Upon That Spiritual Table ".

After all, It's Now Finally Time To Wake Up....

Now, As Always, Many Of You Are Going To Get Very Upset For Entirely The Wrong Reasons....

The Doorway To Heaven vs The Old Hall Of Serpents!
In fact, the majority of you may even make your own claim to being angry just because: " Lucifer Is Being Depicted Upon Television At All "...  since, despite all of those scriptural warnings to the contrary, ' You Have Always Lacked A Certain Amount Of Spiritual Discernment With Respect Towards The True Symbolical Meanings Of Everything Going On All Around You '!

You see, folks, all of our stories are ( quite truthfully ) about The Battle For Good Over Evil; and even when you don't physically spot him The Devil Has Always Been Depicted As Being Right There.

A Counterfeit must approximate The Truth. 
Meanwhile, some of you will only be upset because: " Lucifer Is Being Depicted As Most Frequently Just Telling Us The Truth "... since, despite all of those scriptural warnings to the contrary, ' You Have Forgotten That He Is The Greatest Of All Liars And Consequently His Own Words Have Always Been A Carefully Selected And Creatively Edited Version Of The Truth '!

In fact, folks, the very best liars have always been good at Approximating That Which Is Verifiable And Indeed Must Be True; while adding in just enough Carefully Chosen Deception so that Those Who Are Largely Unaware Will Accept Everything That They Have Essentially Provided Them.

Which Brings Us To The Real Reason That All Of You Should Be More-Properly Upset....

Have you ever read Ezekiel Chapter 8?
Remember when Detective Chloe Dancer [ that means: " The Lead Investigator Is: The Fruitfully Budding Branch And ( Indeed ) The One Who Moves In Time To My Own Spiritual Rhythm " ] asked this particular question: " Lucifer Morningstar... is that, A Stage Name? "; and, Satan ( quite honestly ) answered her: " God-Given, I'm Afraid! ".

You see, ' Every Currency Has A Watermark That Verifies Its Own Lawful Authenticity '... and, though it may have been forgotten by so damned many of you, Only A Fool Would Knowingly Accept A Readily Verifiable Counterfeit!

I just thought, You Really Ought To Know....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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