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The Harry Potter movies are all Prophetical Allegories, regarding one: Long Prophesied and Very Real Person!

Harry Potter is A Prophetical Allegory.
In: The Illuminated and Allegorical Vision - which is The Life Of Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling has demonstrated to us many of ' The Spiritual Issues ' fully surrounding us. Meanwhile, Its Amazing Worldwide Popularity is plainly due to the: Underlying and Hidden Meanings Involved! You see, all movies with Hidden Spiritual Meaning are inherently attention getting... in fact, We'll Watch Them Over And Over - upon the very tips of our own seats, with magnificently exuberant expectation - until, We Finally Do Get Them. That's, just, our Human Nature In Action.

Time Warner - " You're Definitely Running Out "!
Meanwhile, in The Blockbuster Theatrical Hit: " Harry Potter " - Ms. Rowling struck a vast goldmine, while simultaneously ushering in Lucifer's Eventual Destruction. Why, do I say this? Because, It's Honestly True... and, very soon, You'll Understand It, too.

In fact, she's already give you Many Of The Pieces To The Spiritual Puzzle - in one form or another. Don't believe me? Then just watch The Following Composition entitled: " Harry Potter: Through The Years "; and, we'll examine that Allegorical Symbolism....

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ Through The Years ] - by: J. K. Rowling

In Harry Potter, Everything Has Meaning

Harry Potter - says: Nowhere Is Safe.
In The Harry Potter Movies, J. K. Rowling has woven such A Tightly Knit Spiritual Allegory that: The Characters Themselves, The Social Orders That They Belong To, and [ even ] The Various Story Titles - offer us highly numerous and extremely subtle clues, Into Precisely What She Is Telling Us! Just, consider, for instance:

The Character Names - In Harry Potter  

Harry Potter - Army Cmdr Of Yahweh.
First, there is Harry James Potter who factually represents: " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh "... also, known as: " The Archangel Michael "... and, who bears The Signatory Mark - of having previously fought Lucifer, a long time long before.

Next, of course, comes Draco Malfoy that literally means: " The Dragon's Is A Bad Faith "; and, thus, you had better avoid any: Physical and Spiritual Associations - with him! After all, His Own Kingdom Is Now Physically Ending. Meanwhile, his father Lucious Malfoy - translates as: " Lucifer's Is A Bad Faith " - and, once again, reiterates the: Very Same and Consistent Message

Other Main Characters [ include ]:
  • Luna Lovegood - that tells us: " The Moon Is A Symbol Of Good Love " - since, Yahweh's Own Holy Days: Reflect His True Glory and Not That Of The Sun. 
  • Hermione Jean Granger - who herself fully embodies: " The Traveling Messenger Of God's Grace To The Land ". 
  • Thomas Riddle - who confronts us with: " The Twice Puzzling Question " - of whom we shall faithfully choose to serve. 
  • Lord Voldemorte - who blithely illustrates Lucifer [ The Dark Lord, himself ] as: " The Master Who Flees From The Angel Named Death "; and still utilizes our own hapless humanity for that one singular purpose. 
  • Salazar Slytherin - whose name literally means: " The Old Hall Of Serpents "; and who symbolizes The House Of Pure-Blooded Evil that follows his own Dark Spiritual Path. 
  • Godric Gryffindor - whose name literally means: " The Mighty One And The Doorway To Heaven "; and who symbolizes The House Of All That Is Righteous at Hogwarts. 
  • Helga Hufflepuff - whose name literally means: " The Holy And Blessed One That Drags Her Own Feet And Runs Out Of Steam "; and who symbolizes The House Of Good Works at Hogwarts.
  • Rowena Ravenclaw - whose name literally means: " The White And Comely One That  Serves As A Weapon To The Harbinger Of Death "; and who symbolizes The House Of Humanly Acquired Knowledge at Hogwarts.
  • Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore - who is very elaborately named: " The White One - He Who Pierces The Valley - The Leader Of Wolves - The: Noble, Strong, And Virtuous Hill -  The Buzzing In One's Ear "; to which we all spiritually refer the term ' Ruache HaKodesh [ or, The Holy Spirit Of Yahweh ] '.

As you can very plainly see, brothers and sisters, something very interesting is [ indeed ] going on here; within This Particular Allegory. There is clearly far more to Harry Potter, than first meets the human eye... and yet, this: Carefully and Craftily Orchestrated Symbolism - doesn't stop there! Just, consider The Book Titles [ themselves ]:

The Book Titles, From Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
The Philosopher's Stone.
Which subtly tells us, that:  " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh [ The Archangel Michael ] " - shall factually be that long prophesied: Rock Of Offense To Israel and Stone Of Stumbling To Judah - clearly being referenced in Isaiah Chapter 8.
  • Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets
The Chamber Of Secrets.
That intimates to us, that: " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh [ The Archangel Michael ] " - shall also be The End Time Prophet called: " Jeshurun " - clearly being mentioned in Isaiah Chapter 44:2... and, as such, he alone possesses The True Knowledge Of Yahweh's Own Mysteries - fully necessary, for us to properly navigate Our Spiritual Path Forward.
  • Harry Potter - The Prisoner Of Azkaban 
The Prisoner Of Azkeban.
Which provides us the subtle clue, that: " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh [ The Archangel Michael ] " - is currently living within Our Own Earthly Hell: Among All Of Us Other Prisoners and Satan's Human Dementors. Consequently, we should be actually looking for him; and for The Clear Signs Of His Spiritual Presence [ As, The Prophet Daniel, So Clearly Told Us ]. But, where can one find an angel like: " Michael "? After all, if he was actually in plain sight, Wouldn't Those Wings Be A Dead Giveaway? Therefore, he must - somehow - be in hiding....
  • Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire
The Goblet Of Fire.
That offers us the following hint, that: " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh [ The Archangel Michael ] " - is the one currently holding Yahweh's Own Cup Of Knowledge regarding all of these future events. Consequently, we should be looking for A True Prophet - or, someone who is [ personally ] wielding All Of These Prophetical Answers! For instance, Harry Potter understood: " Parselmouth [ The Snake's Own Speech ] "; and can very easily interpret it....
  • Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix
The Order Of The Phoenix.
Which plainly tells us, that: " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh [ The Archangel Michael ] " - shall be The Main Focal Point in our own upcoming Spiritual Rebirth - as we factually become The Adoptive Children Of Yahweh! In fact, it shall be The Archangel Michael [ himself ] who will Lead Us Against Lucifer; just as he [ himself ] Led The Angels Of Heaven. After all, he is The Chosen Commander Of Yahweh; and The Scriptures plainly teach all of us: " Yahweh, Himself, Never Changes "... not even, His Tactics.
  • Harry Potter - The Half-Blood Prince 
The Half Blood Prince.
That honestly provides us The Greatest Key Yet, that: " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh [ The Archangel Michael ] " - is actually ' A Half-Blood '; or, literally: " An Angelic Being In A Human Body "... surprise, surprise - He Looks Like One Of Us! In fact, he's: Part Magical [ His Angelic Essence ] and Part Muggle [ His Human Body ]... but, he's none-the-less Michael, The Archangel. Indeed, this will undoubtedly prove to be a very serious: Stone Of Stumbling To Israel and Rock Of Offense To Judah. After all, absolutely nothing has prepared them, for this one inevitable occurrence....
  • Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
The Deathly Hallows.
That truthfully warns us, that The Physical Presence Of: " The Army Commander And Crowned Prince Of Yahweh [ The Archangel Michael ] " - is a harbinger of The End Time Judgment upon The Earth's Nations. After all, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemorte cannot peacefully co-exist; and one of them is [ definitely ] going to lose! I wonder, which one? ;@)

But, of course, Harry Potter is only one of These Numerous Prophetical Allegories. In fact,

Isaiah Chapter 49, Plainly Says:
" Listen, O Coastlands [ O American Bible Belt ], to Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Final Prophet ], And ' Take Heed, You Peoples From Afar ' [ Wherever You, Factually, Are ]! The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] has called Me from the womb [ At This, Precise, Appointed Time ]; from The Matrix Of My Mother [ All Of Her: Illusions, Allegories, And Dreams ] He has made mention of My Name [ Precisely Who I Am ]
And He has made My Mouth [ My Own Personal Writings ] like a sharp sword [ For This Very Day ]; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me [ So That, Babylon Couldn't Kill Me ], And made Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Prophesied Watchman ] a polished shaft [ To Strike Deeply Into Her Own Heart ]; In His Quiver [ His Vast Arsenal ] He has hidden Me [ Until The Day Of This Upcoming Battle ]. " - Isaiah 49:1-2.
And now, I'm [ quite honestly ] looking forward To My Own ' Total Recall '... because, I've Got A Battle To Win and A Prophecy To Complete. After all, everyone has Their Own Destiny To Fulfill... and mine, is just somewhat different than yours, since [ unlike most of you ]:
I Can't Stand Living In The Matrix!

In fact, why not View The Prophecy For Yourselves....

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ The Actual Prophecy ] - by: J. K. Rowling

So, Why Do I Have To Tell You [ Myself ] Of These Things... when, it comes across as being somewhat rather arrogant? I'll just let, J. K. Rowling explain it:
" A Prophecy Can Only Be Retrieved By ' The One About Whom It Was Written ' .... " - The Order Of The Phoenix.

And that, dear brothers and sisters, is - indeed - quite scriptural! In fact, it was My Own Father James Potter [ The Usurper Of Yahweh ] who stood up to read in the synagogue regarding himself from The Scriptures; and then very boldly stated:  
" Today, This Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled In Your Own Hearing. "
Did He, not? You, tell me....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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