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XOM-B ( aka, Uprising ) - by Jeremy Robinson

XOM-B ( 2014 ).
In The Popular 2014 Book entitled: " XOM-B " - written by: Jeremy Robinson [ that means: " The One Whom Yahweh Shall Exalt Is That Son Who Is ( Both ): Exceptionally Intelligent And Very Well Known " ]; aka: Jeremy Bishop [ that means: " The One Whom Yahweh Shall Exalt Is That One Set Over His Church " ] and: Jeremiah Knight [ which means: " The One Whom Yahweh Shall Exalt Is That Military Champion Who Provides His Own Faithful Service Unto Our Lord " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Important & Spiritual Allegory.

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' As This Particular Story Can Tell You, There Is Often More Going On All Around You Than We May So Naively Perceive From The Surface '... but, then again, The Entire World Is Now Merely Populated By Somewhat Intelligent Robots - who cannot ( quite truthfully ) escape Their Own Clever Programming!

St. Martin - " The One Acknowledged As Holy ".
Meanwhile, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Book Trailer for: " XOM-B " - because, in the much grander scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

( 2014 ) by: Jeremy Robinson.
" The One Whom Yahweh Shall Exalt Is That Son Who Is ( Both ): Exceptionally Intelligent And Very Well Known!"

XOM-B ( aka, Uprising ): Is Yet Another Important Prophetical Allegory About Our Own Upcoming And Spiritual Rebirth....

Are you now living in: " A Circle Of Confusion "?
You see, dear brothers and sisters, XOM-B ( actually ) stands for: " The Extinction Of Man - And A New Beginning For Those Who Move Forward "... and, How Do I Truthfully Know This?

Well, quite honestly, ' It's All Found Right There In All Of Those Scriptures '!

What, don't believe me? Boy, oh boy, Have You Got Some Serious Studying To Now ( Finally ) Wake Up And Do....

After all, That Zombie Apocalypse is mentioned right there in The End Time Prophecy of Zechariah Chapter 11, where it ( quite honestly ) does state:
" Thus says The Lord My God: ' Feed The Flock Who Heeds Not Their Own True Shepherd ] for slaughter, whose owners Their Own Political Leaders ] slaughter them and feel no guilt [After Having Repeatedly Done So ]; those who sell them Their Own Evil Shepherds ] say: " Blessed Be The Lord, For I Am Rich "; and their shepherds do not pity them For They Are Merely A Means To Obtaining Vast Wealth ]. '
For I will no longer pity the inhabitants of the land, says The Lord. But indeed I will give everyone into his neighbor's own hand and into the hand of his king. They shall attack the land, and I will not deliver them from their hand.
So, I fed The Flock for slaughter, and in particular the poor of the flock. I took for myself two staffs: The One I Called Beauty or: Grace And Mercy ]; and The Other I Called Bonds [or: Law, Peace, And Unity ]; and I Fed The Flock.
I dismissed The Three Shepherds Kabbalist JudaismPagan Christianity, and Now Deadened Protestantism ] in one month Over A Period Of 30 Physical Years ]. My soul loathed them Since, They Continually Rejected My Own Spiritual Leading ], and their soul also abhorred me Since, I Factually Never Do Change ].
Then I said: ' I Will Not Feed You. Let What Is Dying Die, And What Is Perishing Perish. Let Those That Are Left Eat Each Other's Flesh. '
And I took my staff, Beauty, and cut it in two, that I might break The Covenant Which I Made With All Of The Peoples. And, so it was broken upon that day. Thus, The Poor Of The Flock - who were watching Me - knew that it was [ indeed ] The Word Of The Lord. " - Zechariah 11:4-11.

Now, Let's Just Examine A Few Simple Passages That Are Now Found In This Very Interesting Book....

For instance, while Freeman [ " That One Who Can Make All Of His Own Choices " ] is fighting Sir [ " The Entire World's Current Lord ( Or, Master ) " ] we hear:
" ' You can't beat me, ' he grumbles. ' All of your strength, speed and processing power is useless without The Knowledge that I retain. '
He has unknowingly given me The Key to unlocking my own full potential. " - page 322.
And, as Freeman searches his own pockets for the microchip that will unblock his own mind, Sir then continues:
" ' It's just the two of us now, Freeman ', Sir says. ' Brother against brother. Some of the most powerful and influential battles in human history involved brothers. Cain and Abel. Moses and Ramses. Romulus and Remus. It seems fitting that the future of the species who inherited the planet to begin the same way. '
I place the small device against the backside of my hand, pretending to wring my hands together nervously.
' Who will you be Freeman? Cain or Abel? '
In answer, I press down on the small device, shoving the gold prongs into my skin where they make contact with the microscopic fibrous transistors, and speak a single word, ' Everything '. " - page 323.
And, indeed, what is That Inevitable Result?
" It happens in a blink. One moment, my knowledge of the world is limited to what I have experienced during my own brief lifetime; or what has been revealed when it was most needed. In the next moment, I have access to an exabyte of data - more than a quintillion bytes of raw, unbiased information. As I spoke the word, ' Everything ', I was concerned that the sudden rush of knowledge would overload my system or incapacitate me in some way, but the data has always been there, just beyond my reach.
History, science, math, culture, art, even slang are no longer mysteries to me. Perhaps, more importantly, I now have a complete understanding of military strategy, fighting techniques and advanced robotics, meaning that I not only have the means to strike, but also the knowledge to guide my attack.
Despite all of this information, I remain fundamentally unchanged. This is why Mohr [ " He Who Wants Me To Experience My Own Life Far More Abundantly " ] hid the information from me. He wanted me to become myself first so that this knowledge, some of it horrible, would be filtered through me rather than define me. I suspect he would have preferred I had more time to grow, but the strongest metals are forged in the hottest fires.
I smile at this new knowledge and it stops Sir in his tracks. He's looking at me, perhaps trying to understand the sudden change in my own stance. Or maybe it's just the confidence in my eyes that has him unnerved.
But my confidence doesn't just come from a new belief that I can fight Sir and win. It comes from my senses. It's not that I'm seeing things or hearing more than I could before, it's that I'm Fully Understanding It All. " - page 324.

After all, folks, I'm Just Saying...

Indeed, " I Was Blind; But, Now, I See "... with a great deal of thanks to, The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith!

Because, you see, ' The Word Of God Can Never Be Broken '....
" And, It Shall Come To Pass Afterward That I Will Pour Out My Spirit Upon All Flesh; both Your Sons and Your Daughters shall ProphesyYour Old Men shall Dream Dreams, and Your Young Men shall See Visions. And, also, upon My Menservants and on My Maidservants - I Will Pour Out My Own Spirit In Those Days.
And, I will show wonders in The Heavens and in The Earth with: BloodFire, andPillars Of SmokeThe Sun shall be turned into Darkness; and The Moon into Blood; before the coming of The Great And Awesome Day Of The Lord.
And, it shall come to pass, That Whoever Calls Upon The Name Of The Lord Shall Be Saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, As The Lord has said, Among The Remnant Whom The Lord Calls. " - Joel 2: 28-32.

And, yet again, I must ( honestly ) reiterate: " It Is God Who Has Provided That Dream "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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