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According to Pink Floyd, " Everything Under The Sun Is In Tune... But, The Sun Shall Be Eclipsed By The Moon "....

Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon.
In The Popular 1973 Song: " Eclipse " - written by Roger Waters [ that means: " The Famous One In War Is My Own Son Who Is To Be Found Amidst The River " ] and performed by Pink Floyd [ which means: " The Ancient One Who Has Now, Once Again, Returned To The Flesh " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Message Of Spiritual Change.

You see, dear brothers and sisters: Ba-El [ in ancient Babylonian ] refers to: " The Sun God " - that has been controlling The Earth, since The Garden Of Eden... just as Luci-Fer [ in our more recent Latin ] is a reference to: " Humanity's Own Worship Of The Sun ". Meanwhile, however, ' It's Michael You Should Be Looking For '!

From Dusk Til Dawn it's Satanico Pandemonium.
But, of course, you probably don't believe me. So, why not watch The Following Musical Video for: " Eclipse " - since, despite everything that you already think that you know, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

( 1973 ) by: Pink Floyd.
" Everything under The Sun is in tune... 
but, The Sun is eclipsed by The Moon! "

Eclipse - Lyrics By: Pink Floyd

All that you touch [ Everything That You Encounter ]
All that you see [ Everything That You Observe ]
All that you taste [ Everything That You Experience ]
All you feel [ Even, Your Own Carefully Calculated Emotions ].

All that you love [ Everything That You Love ]
All that you hate [ Everything That You Hate ]
All you distrust [ Everything That You Fear ]
All you save [ Even, The Ones, That You Painstakingly Protect ].

All that you give [ Every Charitable Cause That You Support ]
All that you deal [ Every Transaction That You Make ]
All that you buy [ Those Possessions That You Desire So Very Much ],
beg, borrow or steal [ You Will Do Anything, To Get Them ].

All you create [ Everything That You Build Up ]
All you destroy [ Everything That You Tear Down ]
All that you do [ Every Action That You Take ]
All that you say [ And, That Which Is Ultimately Written About It ].

All that you eat [ Every Little Bit Of Information ]
And everyone you meet [ And, The People That Have Provided It ]
All that you slight [ Even The Ones, That You Hate ]
And everyone you fight [ And, The Ones, Whom You Fight Against ].

All That Is Now [ Everything, Currently Surrounding You ]
All That Is Gone [ Everything, That Has Happened Before You ]
All That's To Come [ Everything, That Shall Eventually Be ]
And Everything Under The Sun Is In Tune....
[ Lucifer, The Architect, Is Currently Controlling All Of Them ]

But, The Sun Is Eclipsed By The Moon!
[ The Archangel Michael Shall, Very Soon, Defeat Him Completely ]

" There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark. "
[ Michael Doesn't Produce Any Light, He Only Reflects His Own True Father ]

The Coming Eclipse

The Great Eclipse Is Now Coming!
The Coming Eclipse, that Pink Floyd is actually talking about in their: " Dark Side Of The Moon Album " - is Yahweh's Prophesied Destruction Of Babylon... and, The 1000 Year Period - before the long-prophesied Second Resurrection! You see, brothers and sisters, The Forces Of Satanic Darkness are going to be locked away for a very long time, prior to The Judgment Day... and then, Lucifer himself shall lead them against The City Of Zion - in order to physically acquire: " The Tree Of Life ".

In fact, The Whole Purpose Of Babylon was to: Spiritually Indoctrinate, Deceptively Trick, Socially Cajole, and Otherwise Generate Human Foot Soldiers - for ' The Final End Time Battle ' that is truthfully coming, a little over, 1000 Years From Now! Meanwhile: " The Baptism By Fire ", " The Time Of Jacob's Own Trouble ", and: " Yahweh's Judgment Upon The Nations " - are [ simply ] scriptural descriptors of that approaching Lunar Eclipse... immediately prior, to ushering in The Kingdom Of Yahweh!

The Moon Is Under Her Feet.
But, of course, you're probably wondering: " What Is Meant By, That Symbolism Of The Moon " - in, direct spiritual opposition to The Sun?

While The Sun God: " Lucifer " - provides his own physical light for you to selectively see by... The Moon only reflects ' That Which Is Truth '. And, while this light may be less blinding in its overall volume, The Spiritual Clarity Is Always Far Greater!

Consequently, Lucifer's Own Holy Days have always revolved around The Sun; and The Holy Days Of Yahweh have always followed The Moon - in ultimately reflecting Yahweh's True Character Of Unchanging Spiritual Clarity....

{ *** NOTE: The Fact, that ' Yahweh's True Bride ' has: " The Moon Firmly Under Her Feet " - should [ honestly ] tell you something spiritually.... After all, She Is: Faithfully Observing and Factually Keeping - Yahweh's True Scriptural Feasts; and not, Lucifer's Own Fabricated Ones! *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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