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God Is Dead? Isn't just a statement... but, rather, it's The Most Important Question that they currently grapple with!

Black Sabbath - God Is Dead? ( 2013 ).
In The Popular 2013 Song entitled: " God Is Dead? " -  written by: Terence Michael Joseph Butler [ that means: " The Tender And Loving One - Who Is Like God - Is The One Whom Yahweh Shall Bless; And His Own Faithful Servant " ], Anthony Frank Iommi [ that means: " The One Who Is Worthy Of Praise Is: The Free Man And That Original Son Of Jove " ], and John Michael Osbourne [ which means: " God Has Provided: The One Who Is Like God And The Greatest Of All Other Bears " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Important & Spiritually Discerned Message.

You see, dear brothers and sisters: " All Things Work For The Overall Benefit Of That Man Who Fears God "... and, whether you realize it or not, ' The Old Man Is Now Down The Road '!

UMG - " We're All Now In This Together ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Musical Video for: " God Is Dead? " - because, whether you now realize it or not, That Is The Most Important Question For Many Of Us Now Living Today....

America In Prophecy

God Is Dead? ( 2013 ) from: Black Sabbath.
" The One Who Is Worthy Is God's Own Original Son! "

God Is Dead?: Honestly, Folks, Whatever Gave Any Of You So Foolish An Idea....

Lost in The Darkness;
I fade from The Light.
Faith of: My Father, My Brother, My Maker and Savior...
Help me make it through The Night!
Blood on My Conscience;
And murder in mind;
Out of The Gloom, I rise up from My Tomb...

Into Impending Doom.
Now, my body is my shrine.

The blood runs free...

The rain turns red...
Give me The Wine;
You keep the bread;
The voices echo in my head!
Is God Alive, Or Is God Dead...
Is God Dead?

Rivers of Evil;
Run through A Dying Land.
Swimming in Sorrow;

They: Kill, Steal, and Borrow
There is No Tomorrow;
For The Sinners will be damned!
Ashes to ashes...
You cannot exhume A Soul.
Who do you trust -

When Corruption and Lust;
Creed of All The Unjust
Leaves you Empty and Unwhole?

When will This Nightmare be over? 

Tell me!
When can I empty my head?
Will Someone Tell Me The Answer...
Is God, Really, Dead?
Is God, Really, Dead?

To safeguard My Philosophy,
Until my dying breath,
I transfer from reality...
Into a living dead.
I empathize with enemies,
Until the timing's right,
With God and Satan at my side...
From Darkness will come Light.

I watch the rain...
As it turns red...
Give me more wine;
I don't need bread;
These Riddles that live in My Head!
I don't believe that God Is Dead...
God Is Dead?

Nowhere to run...
Nowhere to hide...
Wondering if we will meet again;
On the other side.
Do you believe A Word;
What The Good Book said?
Or, is it just A Holy Fairy Tale;
And, God Is Dead?

God is Dead...? [ x4 ]


But, still, The Voices in My Head;
Are telling me that God Is Dead.
The blood pours down...
The rain turns red...
I Don't Believe That God Is Dead!

God is Dead...? [ x4 ]

Good Cop / Bad Cop Records...?
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' There Is A Very Good Reason So Many Of Us Have Come To Believe That God Is Dead '... because, whether you comprehend it or not, God Has Been Granting Us The Much-Needed Time To Properly Ponder And Reflect - upon everything!

In fact, why not just read it for yourselves from Isaiah Chapter 42....
" I have Held My Peace for a very long time; I have been Still and Restrained MyselfNow, I will cry like a woman in labor; I will pant and gasp at once. I will lay waste to the mountains and hills, and dry up all of their vegetation; I will make the rivers into coastlands, and I will dry up all of the pools.

I will bring The Blind by a way they did not know; 
I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make The Darkness turn into The Light before them, and Crooked Places shall now become StraightThese things I will do for them; and not forsake them.

They shall be Turned Back
They shall be Greatly Ashamedwho trust in Carved Images; who say to Those Molded Images: You Are Our Gods. '
Hear, You Deaf; and look, You Blind, that You May See.

Who is Blind, but My Own Servant; o
r as Deaf as The Messenger Whom I Have SentWho is as blind as He Who Is Perfect; and as blind as The Lord’s Own Servant?

Seeing Many Things, now all around you, but You Do Not Observe Him; O
pening The Ears, to everything now all around him, but He Still Does Not Hear You. " - Isaiah 42:14-20.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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