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The Hit Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - is a Hip Hop Prophecy honestly revealing Satan's Own True Plans!

Kreator - " Enemy Of God " - album.
In The Popular Hit Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - we have been provided a Hip Hop Prophecy that completely exposes Lucifer's Own Satanic Agenda... and, everything about it is Pure Evil! Whether you: Listen To The Music, Watch Its Video Elements, or [ even ] Study Its Lyrics - you cannot help, but get The Satanic Message that it is factually portraying.

In fact, it is so deeply disturbing, that I don't even recommend that you honestly watch it... after all, reading the lyrics is bad enough in itself. But, I have truthfully included it, just in case you [ yourself ] cannot believe in The Factual Existence Of Pure Evil.

Well; surprise... surprise... surprise!
While The Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - isn't entirely considered mainstream music yet; The Ones Who Follow This Genre Of Satanic Music already number in the tens of millions; and their own messages are very clear for anyone listening. If you want to watch their own music video, it's included... if not, then These Highly-Disturbing Lyrics are thoroughly explained upon the very next page.

America In Prophecy

Enemy Of God - by: Kreator

Enemy Of God  
- Lyrics By: Kreator

Shocked Orwellian Races,
gather united in grief.
Nothing is left,
from the world they have known;
Grotesque indifferent belief.

Systems have failed;
rules can't control;
Corrupt dictators forever dethroned.
Lies of the priest...
trust of the blind... 
Failure of structures;
manipulate deviant crimes.

All nations hail the end of peace.
New dawn...
inception of disease...
Age of revenge has now been born,
By the mother of all wars.

Enemy of God...
Purity and innocence is killed!
Enemy of God...
Peace died long ago;
when life stood still.

Clash of demonic religions
hatred the human divine 
Despotic aggressors 
in triumph they reign 
Fanatics bring mayhem to life 
War of all wars ,
foreseen before 
Freedoms foundations 
exist no more 
A genocide nightmare 
the darkest of days 
Chaos devours all 
as hope and pride fades 
Total carnage 
sudden death 
Sent from a morbid mind possessed 
A godless mecca now awaits 
as hellish flames desecrates 

Enemy of God 
Purity and innocence is killed 
Enemy of God 
Peace died long ago 
when life stood still 

the fury is unleashed.
The hunter has become prey for the beast!
Breathing savage disdain;
malevolence ingrained;
No emotion for humanity
tragically the palace falls.
Burned are the imperators halls,
For their decadent facades.
All their elitaire art...
Exhibition of filth to watch for all.

For those who died along the way
timeless glory awaits!

Nothing can divide...
terror is thy name...
Last legion alive,
set the world aflame.
Enemy of God
masters you have none.
Sweet the victory,
when thy kingdom come!
Enemy of God,
cast deliverance...
Fanatical divide
slaying innocence.
Enemy of God
answer to no one.
Bringing war from heaven,
a thousand fires burn....

Like I said, brothers and sisters, The Popular Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - actually speaks for itself! What more needs to be said? Wake Up! In fact, it's almost too late to do so....

Revelation 18:4, Lovingly Says:
" Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues.... "
Why not listen to The True Spirit Of Yahweh? After all, Like Myself, He Factually Loves You... and those others, self-admittedly, don't! It's really, " A No Brainer ".

Remember, ' This Is The So-Called Genius That They're Actually All Working For '....

America In Prophecy

Satan Created Himself? - from: The Movie Time Bandits

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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