Friday, May 4, 2018

According to Givenchy, there are ( indeed ) both: Angels and Demons - now, the question remains, Which One Are You?

Givenchy - Ange Ou Demon? ( 2007 ).
In The 2007 Television Commercial entitled: " Givenchy - Ange Ou Demon " - created by: Direttore Creativo Riccardo Tisci [ that means: " The Strong And Powerful Ruler Is The One That Is Pulling All Of Your Own Carefully Organized Strings " ]; for: Parfums Givenchy [ which means: " The Essential Scent ( Or, The Merest Fragrance In Passing ) Of That Worker Upon Earth Who Shall Inevitably: Conquer And Rule - Over All Of You " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Interesting & Spiritual Message.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, Givenchy Ange Ou Demon ( quite literally ) translates as: " The Worker Upon Earth Is: The One Who Shall Conquer And The One Who Shall Rule! Is He An Angel, Or Is He A Demon... Because, Before It Is Over, You Too Shall Indeed Choose A Side? "... and, whether you now understand it or not, That Is The True Final Exam!

Tisci - " It Is He Who Pulls All Of Your Strings ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Television Commercial for: " Givenchy - Ange Ou Demon " - because, in the much larger scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Ange Ou Demon?
( 2007 by: Parfums Givenchy.
" The Essential Scent ( Or, The Merest Fragrance In Passing ) Of That Worker Upon Earth Who Shall Inevitably: Conquer And Rule - Over All Of You! "

Ange Ou Demon: Which Type Are You, Because As That Old Saying Goes, " All Of Those Birds Of A Feather Will Most-Certainly Congregate Together "....

To The Church Of Laodicea, write....
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' If You Haven't Studied Any Of Those Scriptures In The Past, Then You've Now Got Twice As Much Research To Do '... in order, to ( even ) begin determining: " Whether, Or Not, It Is So ".

Meanwhile, of course, The Rest Of That Orchard Is Now Indeed Growing A Whole Angrier - each, and every, new day!

Consequently, therefore, You Might Not Want To Wait Too Long.

Oh, and a shout out to all of you highly useful: " Sun Worshipers "... because, whether you now comprehend it or not, My Own God Is, Quite Indeed, A Whole Lot More Powerful Than Yours!

After all, I'm Just Saying....

Ahava and Shalom. 

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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