Friday, October 13, 2017

According to Joel Chapter 2: " In the earth there shall be: Blood, Fire, And Pillars Of Smoke "!

There will be: Blood, Fire and Pillars Of Smoke.
When studying all of that End Time Prophecy, it has always been important to consider The Actual Spiritual Context that has been ( so carefully ) provided. And, so it is, with that interesting prophecy in Joel Chapter 2.

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' The Promise For God To Pour Out His Own Spirit Upon All Flesh Is Very Clearly Connected To Certain Historically Verifiable Events '... and, indeed, He Has Always Been Abundantly Clear In What We Should Inevitably Expect At That Very Same Time!

The Sun shall be turned into Darkness...
After all, as those biblical scriptures have long ago warned us that: " God Doesn't Do Anything Without First Telling His Own Servants The Prophets "... and indeed, whether you now comprehend it or not, No Other Period Is More Written About Within All Of Those Biblical Prophecies.

But, of course, it ( quite honestly ) takes an awful lot for some of us to actually believe in all of those scriptures... when, indeed, so many of Those Self-Proclaimed Shepherds are now constantly contradicting more than half of all it teaches in His Own God-Given Book!

And, indeed, The Moon shall be turned into Blood....
So, without further unnecessary discussion, let's just examine The End Time Prophecy Of Joel Chapter 2. Because, ( Who, Really, Knows ) that The Answers Found Within It might just happen to be: " Exactly, What The Doctor Has Now Ordered "....

In fact, Joel Chapter 2 ( very accurately and concisely ) now says:

" And, it shall come to pass afterward [ At The Time Of The End ] that I Will Pour Out My Own Spirit Upon All Flesh [ Both Believers And Non-Believers Alike; And, Indeed, Those Of Every Spiritual Conviction ]Your Sons and Your Daughters shall ProphesyYour Old Men shall Dream Dreams, and Your Young Men shall See Visions.
And, also, Upon My Menservants And Upon My Maidservants I Will Pour Out My Spirit In Those Days [ Nor, Indeed, Shall I Forget My Own Chosen People In This Highly Important Matter ].
And, I will show wonders in the heavens [ In Order To Catch Your Attention ]; and in the earth: Blood [ Shall Fill Your Own Streets ], Fire [ Shall Burn Up Your Land ] and Pillars Of Smoke [ Shall Stand As A Definitive Sign ].
The Sun shall be turned into Darkness [ A Total Eclipse Of Your Sun ]; and The Moon into Blood [ And An Eclipse Of Your Moon As Well ]before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.
And, it shall come to pass That Whoever Calls Upon The Name Of The Lord Shall Be Saved
For, in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, as The Lord has said: ' Among The Remnant Whom The Lord Calls '. " - Joel 2:28-32.
Too bad, you're all still: " Chained To The Rythym ".
Well, I don't know about you folks... but, ' I Think That About Now Is The Time That He Was ( Quite Honestly ) Talking About '!

But, then again, I've Always Been My Own Thinker....

So, perhaps, you should just watch The Following Interesting Video?

After all, it wasn't called: " The Free Ride " - for, just nothing....

America In Prophecy

Our Lives ( 2004 ) - by: The Calling.

{ ***NOTE: Of course, as so many of you may already know, Those Biblical Prophecies factually do operate upon many other ( often hidden ) levels. For instance: World War I [ was, indeed, the bloodiest war ever ], World War II [ was ended by the dropping of two atomic bombs ], and The Twin Towers [ were, once again, those very same twin pillars of smoke ].
In fact, whether you now comprehend it or not: ' The Surest Indicator Of A Correct Understanding From Scripture Is That It Operates Upon Multiple And Overlapping Layers '... lest, otherwise, every last one of us might actually not notice it! After all, there are ( quite honestly ) very few of us that even come close to being As Smart As We Ourselves So Ignorantly Proclaim. }

Just adding: " A Little More Fuel To That Fire "....
I bet, You Won't Hear That Particular Sermon, in any of those: " Sun-Worshiping Play Churches "?

Hey, folks, I'm Just Saying....

- since, as we all know, The Devil's Children Really Like It So Hot - I think we should ( quite truthfully ) Now Give It Back To Them Double.

Babylon - is ( both ): Physical and Spiritual....
Oh, If You're Not One Of Them: " You Just Might Not Want To Hang Around Much Longer Than Necessary In ( Either ): Spiritual Or Physical Babylon "... because, even Isaiah Chapter 51 [ itself ] has already very clearly warned you: " The Mighty One Is Now: Quite Truthfully And ( Indeed ) Highly Pissed Off "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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