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What is the true purpose of The Bureaucratic Structure... and, indeed, the true hidden power of The Pyramid?

Question: " What is the true purpose of The Bureaucratic Structure... and, indeed, The True Hidden Power Of The Pyramid? "

Bureaucracy is all about Compartmentalism.
One of the things that you should have already noticed, during the course of your own lives, is that ' Those Pyramid Structures: Are Found Absolutely Everywhere, Channel All Of Your Own Energies, Govern All Of Your Own Resources, And Control All Of Your Own Lives '!

In fact, when you actually think about it, " All Of Our Own: Governmental Agencies, Political PartiesEducational Institutions, Non-Profit Charities, Public And Private Schools, Financial Institutions, Marketing Entities, News / Media Corporations, And ( Even ) Religious Organizations - Are All Carefully Designed As Compartmentalized And Bureaucratic Pyramid Structures " - for, The Overall Benefit Of Those Who Dwell At The Top.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' The Pyramidal System That Is Utilized To Control You Is The True Source For All Of Those Biblical References To Spiritual Egypt ' - since, the manipulative techniques that they have now largely perfected have been founded upon Their Own Experiments In Egypt. Nor, has this situation gone without notice... for, it has been clearly written:
" Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel far from The Mighty One, And their works are in the dark [ Having Been Done In Secret And Behind Closed Doors ]; They say, ' Who sees us? ' and, ' Who knows us? '
Surely you have things turned around! Shall The Potter be esteemed as The Clay; For shall The Thing Made say of Him Who Made It, ' He did not make me '? Or shall The Thing Formed say of Him Who Formed It, ' He has no understanding '? " - Isaiah 29:15-16.

The Bureaucratic Structure: Is All About The Maintenance Of Power

The Corporation is A Socialist Creation.
The Simple Truth has always been that ' The Corporate Structure Is Extremely Ill-Suited To Efficient Operations Of Any Type '... as are, All Inherent Forms Of Social Collectivism! Since, its numerous layers of overlapping management are actually designed to get in the way of: Any Other Individual Executive Decisions Coming From Above, Informational Flow In A Downward Direction To Those Who Might Need It, and The Proper Allocation Of Necessary Resources To Those Who Do All Of The Work.

But, for those who want to keep their own personal agenda hidden from others - while operating upon a whole another financial scale - There Is No Other Economic Structure That Can Truthfully Defeat It!

Meanwhile, of course, that brings us to The Real Question of: " What, Exactly, Happens Next "... but, then again, We Already Know The True Answer... now, don't we?

America In Prophecy

Atlas Shrugged ( 2012 ) by: Ayn Rand.

In Fact, At The Base Of Every Pyramid Is Just Another Foundation Of Slavery!

A Non-Living Wage is just another form of Slavery!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, whether we honestly refer to them as ( any of the following ): The Plantation System, Colonial Indentured Servitude, The Mercantile System, The Company Store ( Or Truck System ), The Ponzi Scheme, A Social Security Retirement ProgramThe Corporate System, Multi-Level Marketing, and/or ( quite honestly ) The Modern Bureaucratic State - all of These Socially Collectivist Pyramid Schemes are actually just minor variations upon The Exact Same Methodology Of Control!

Why do you still insist upon: " Lying To Yourselves "... in fact, don't you think, It's Finally About Time To Wake Up?

True Freedom Can Only Be Based Upon Truth....

What you need is: " The Eye Of The Tiger "....
And, consequently, that's why it has been truthfully written: " And They Shall Know The Truth; And The Truth Shall Make Them All Free " - because, in the day when that eventually happens, ' Every Man Shall Finally Learn The True Importance Of Eating From His Own Fruit Tree '.

Meanwhile, however, I've Got A Very Important Job To Do... since, Unwarranted Tyranny always demands some form of true: " True Equilibrium "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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