Sunday, February 22, 2015

Can The Worldwide Economic Collapse honestly be laid at the feet of Unrestrained Capitalism?

What's behind: " The Economic Collapse "?
With all of those economic news bites about The Ongoing Failures Of Unrestrained Capitalism, I thought that perhaps it might actually be time for someone to tell The God's Honest Truth Upon This Highly-Interesting Topic. After all, you're most certainly not going to get it anywhere else... and, whether you realize it or not, ' Certain Immutable Laws Of Cause And Effect Still Honestly Apply '....

First off, however, let me explain something about myself. Like my own father, I Am neither: A Licentious Liberal [ who has taken, The Red Pill ] , nor A Legalistic Conservative [ who has ingested, The Blue Pill ]... because, I don't see any real ideological differences between any of those so-called political parties that all of you vote for... and, indeed, ' I Am The One Actual Person Who Values Truth Above Everything Else '!

With that being said, I would like to draw your own attention to A Few Simple Things That I've Honestly Noticed... while those who seek to shape and mold your own minds, have already chosen to collectively and selectively forget them.

Capitalism is correctly defined as: " A Political And Economic System In Which A Nation's Trade And Industry Are Both: Privately Owned And Privately Controlled - For The Sole Purpose Of Achieving An Acceptable Profit To Its Owners "... and, thus, ' A Capitalist Enterprise Exists Only As A Piece Of Financial Property That Belongs Exclusively To Its Owners '.

Socialism is properly defined as: " A Political And Economic System In Which A Nation's Trade And Industry Are Both: Collectively Owned And Collectively Controlled - To Accomplish An Overall Purpose Or Agenda "... and, therefore, ' A Socialist Enterprise Exists As An Entirely Separate Entity That Has Been Incorporated [ Or, Brought To Life As A Functioning Organism ] To Achieve The Closely Held Purposes Of Those Who Functionally Control It '.

Having examined these precise definitions, let's now examine some of those often quoted arguments....

I. The Economic Collapse Was The Inevitable Result Of Unrestrained Capitalism

Since the vast majority of all our modern businesses are actually Corporations; and particularly among those that may be considered " Too Big To Fail "; the real problem cannot be placed upon Capitalism! After all, ' The Modern Corporation Is Actually An Entirely Socialist Creation That Operates Under: The Lawful Charter, Expressed Governmental Sanction and Regulatory Oversight Of The State '... lest we, so ignorantly, forget.

In fact, they have absolutely nothing in common with Our More Traditional Concept Of Venture Capitalism. You see, dear brothers and sisters, A Modern Corporation isn't limited by any of the very real factors that continually restrain A Traditionally Owned Company.

After all, A Traditionally Owned Company is kept in check by it's own internal funding... because, it's own venture capital can never exceed: The Amount Of Wealth Available To It's Own Personal Owners, and/or A Viable Expected Return Upon All Of It's Ongoing Investments... and, to put it quite bluntly, ' In The Absence Of Modern Corporations It Would Be Utterly Impossible To Monopolize Any Conceivable Market '!

In fact, in A Truly Capitalist Economy, what you would actually witness used to be called: " Entirely Free, Totally Unrestrained, And Competitive Economic Markets "... and, the amount of sustainable economic growth would be simply incredible.

Satan's Own Corporations are among them....
Meanwhile, of course, Modern Corporations also enjoy the ill-advised freedom known simply as: " Limited Liability " - which means, quite basically, ' Since The Individual Stockholders Haven't Got A Clue As To Anything At All That We're Actually Doing Then They Cannot Be Held Personally Accountable '....

And consequently, with the owners divorced from any social responsibility at all, The Modern Corporation no longer has any worries about their own actions needing any form of conscience!

II. The Underlying Markets Simply Aren't Being Regulated Enough

They all have: " A Whole Lot In Common ".
Contrary to popular belief, ' The True Purpose Of Governmental Regulation And Oversight Has Always Been To Continually Assist In The Creation Of Even Larger Corporate Monopolies '... since, all those smaller economic entities are being continually provided with ever higher hurdles to jump over competitively, while the largest ones are working behind closed doors; and utilizing their own political and economic leverage to create all of those ever newer regulations!

You see, dear brothers and sisters, what you have always failed to realize is that: The Politicians Who Create All Of Our Own Laws, The Governmental Executives That Enforce Them, The Heads Of Industry Who Consult On Them, and The Corporate Officers That Administrate Them:
  • All Belong To The Very Same Socio-Economic Class.
  • Are All Educated In The Very Same Expensive Schools.
  • All Attend The Very Same Highly Exclusive Clubs.
  • All Belong To The Very Same Masonic Organizations.
  • And, Are All Intermarried Within One Another's Own Families.

In fact, for some strange reason, ' The Only Time When They Can't Seem To Get Along Is When They Are Standing In Front Of Those Cameras '! And, that's The Real Meaning that is to be found in the movie of: " Atlas Shrugged "....

America In Prophecy

Atlas Shrugged ( 2012 ) by: Ayn Rand.

You see, folks, it's just like my own father told me: " If You Want To Understand Anything At All, Then You Really Must Follow The Money "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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