Friday, March 9, 2018

Test Your Spiritual Knowledge [ Harry Potter ]

Test Your Spiritual Knowledge

According to Joel Chapter 2:28-32, God Himself has provided All Of Our Own Stories - through our own: Visions and Dreams. Which, indeed, makes a perfectly logical sort of sense... since, in Hebrews Chapter 12, He has been equally called: " The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith "!

So, let's just examine Harry Potter....

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ through the years ]
by: J. K. Rowling.
" The Army Commander Of H Who Molds The Clay! "

  1. Who is Harry Potter?

  2. " The Army Commander Of He Who Molds The Clay ".
    The Chosen One - as written of, in prophecy!
    The Seeker who caught The Golden Snitch!
    All of the above is correct.

  3. Who is Lord Vol De Morte?

  4. " The Exalted Master Who Flees The One Named Death ".
    The Head Of House Slytherin!
    Harry's Own Arch Enemy!
    All of the above is correct.

  5. Who was Thomas Potter?

  6. " The Avatar And Twin Of He Who Molds The Clay ".
    Harry's Own True Father!
    An innocent man long ago murdered by Vol De Morte!
    All of the above is correct.

  7. What is A Muggle?

  8. One who cannot practice any form of magic.
    One who is unaware of such spiritual things.
    One who is afraid that which he dos not understand.
    All of the above is correct.

  9. What is A Half Blood?

  10. One that is ( both ): Part Human and Part Angelic - in nature.
    A genetic by product of The Pre-Flood Era.
    A distant descendant of The Anakim.
    All of the above is correct.

  11. What is A Pure Blood?

  12. An: Angel or Demon - dependent upon, their own spiritual nature.
    One that doesn't possess any Human DNA at all.
    A follower of Vol De Morte.
    Both A and B are correct.

  13. What can we learn from Luna Lovegood?

  14. " The Moon Is A Sign Of True Faith ".
    There are things going on that are not readily visible to just anyone.
    There are things both strange and beautiful now all around us.
    All of the above is correct.

  15. What can we learn from Draco and Lucious Malfoy?

  16. " The Dragon's Way Is A Sign Of Bad Faith ".
    " Lucifer's Way Is A Sign Of Bad Faith ".
    House Slytherin means: " The Old Hall Of Serpents " - for a reason.
    All of the above is correct.

  17. Why can't Vol De Morte defeat Harry Potter?

  18. He has already been marked by Death as his own.
    Vol De Morte was never intended to rule over The Earth.
    Those prophecies were long ago provided by God.
    All of the above is correct.

  19. What is the true significance of Hogwarts?

  20. God's Own Pearls have already been cast before swine.
    Those swine are ever learning, but never coming to A Knowledge Of The Truth.
    It's now time to stop slopping all of those ignorant hogs!
    All of the above is correct.

So, let's just see how you did?

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