Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Self Supportive And Living Wage is ( actually ) all about Achieving A Reasonable Balance!

While we keep repeatedly hearing the statement that: " The Minimum Wage Is Just For Young People With Minimal Job Experience That Are Now Starting Out In Entry Level Jobs " - the vast majority of us, in Most Of Those Blue Collar Fields, have found that statement to be patently unfounded.

In fact, any real study of the economy that we currently do live in will show that: ' Around 60 Percent Of All Americans Are Currently Making Within Two Actual Dollars Of That Minimal Wage '... particularly, since, The Minimum Wage has long ago become The Clearly Established Societal Baseline - relative to which, so many our own corporations adjust their own current pay scales.

Now, let's just listen to their own common argument about how: " Higher Wages Will Always Lead To Higher Unemployment "... because, When You Are Balancing A Mathematical And Economic Equation, both sides of it must honestly be heard by everyone.

America In Prophecy

The Truth About The Minimum Wage
 by: The Foundation For Economic Education.

Do Higher Wages Eliminate Certain Jobs Within The Economy? Well, Come On Folks, Of Course They Do....

But, then again, ' With The Abolition Of Slavery In 1865 ' - how many: Slave Traders [ to buy and sell them ], Plantation Overseers [ to whip and beat them ], and Escaped Slave Bounty Hunters [ to repeatedly track them all down ] do we now ( quite honestly ) need to keep everything currently going?

Meanwhile, ' In Our Modern Corporate Paradigm ' - we now have: Colleges And Trade Schools [ to properly educate them ], Supervisors And Managers [ to whip them all into line ], and ( those ) Corporate Headhunters [ to search out the next ones, just waiting, in all of those very long lines ]....

1975 Minimum Wage - as adjusted for inflation.
In fact, as so many of us have now come to realize: " The More That Things Change, The More That They All Stay The Same ".

Now, perhaps, we should just consider exactly what happens: ' If Our Own Government Inflates The Value Of Our Currency Over A Certain Short Period Of Time ' - without any real pay raises - for instance, let's just say, Only A Mere 42 Years!

Typical Blue Collar Wage - as adjusted for inflation.
So, What Happens Then?

After all, as those wages go lower, according to their own logic: " Those Job Opportunities Must Be Getting Greater And Greater "... even as, amazingly, all of those workers can no longer afford to purchase Those Products And Services That They Themselves Have Always Been Providing.

Hmmm... I ( quite honestly ) think, That Something Is Now Wrong Here!

Couldn't it just be, that, Another Part Of That Equation Is Still Missing?

Those Young People are now: " Pretty Stressed Out "....
Because, last time I checked, Economics is actually based upon: " Supply Those Goods And Services That Are Being Produced ] and Demand [ Those Who Can Currently Afford To Purchase Them ] " - or, at least, That's What They Factually Taught All Of Us....

Meanwhile, of course, The Bible just put it this way:
" You Shall Not Oppress A Hired Servant - who is poor and needy - whether one of your own brethren, or one of those aliens [ either: legally, illegally, or otherwise ], who is dwelling in your land and within your own gates.
Each day You Shall Give Him His Wages [ the full ten percent tithe as payment for his labor ], and not let the sun go down upon it; for he is poor and has set his heart on it; lest he cry out against you to The Lord, and It Therefore Becomes A Sin Attributed To You. " - Deuteronomy 24:14-15. "

The Actual Inflation Rate was closer to 1000%.
And, let's just face it folks, ' When The Government Has Systematically Inflated The Currency Supply By 1000 Percent Over 42 Years ' - while, Those Businesses Were Holding Their Own Workers Wages Unmercifully Flat To Reap Their Own Unwarranted Benefit - that is the very textbook definition of: " Intentionally Oppressing Millions Of Their Own Hired Servants "!

And, The Very Best Part About It ( at least, from their own wickedly clever perspective ) is that: ' They Have Managed To Turn Free Men Into Slaves, Without Ever Even Having To Fire The First Shot '....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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