Sunday, July 16, 2017

What is The Spiritual Basis of our so-called Secular Music... or, to put it quite bluntly: ' While walking through The Orchard, how do you not notice Those Fruit Bearing Trees '?

Even The Reckless, are now Testifying.
One of the things, that certain people have honestly asked me is: " Why Do You Keep On Analyzing Our Own Secular Music As If It Has Some Hidden And/Or Spiritual Meaning? " - when, according to all of their own understandings to the contrary, Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' We All Have Just This One Little Thing In Common '... because, after a hard day of working for whomever, Each And Every One Of Us Must Finally Fall Asleep At Some Point; and, at that very same point, we all ( most assuredly ) arrive at: " The Humbling River " and/or " The River Of Dreams "!

What ( really ) is: " River Road Entertainment "?
In fact, that's An Interesting Concept - and, indeed, worthy of some further exploration -  now, isn't it?

Especially, when we begin to honestly consider exactly where ' The Vast Majority Of Our Own Human Literature Has Always Been Quite Truthfully Coming From '.

But Hey, What Do I Know, That The Rest Of You ( So Obviously Don't....

Who has provided you that: " River Of Dreams "?
Well, for one thing, ' I Know That There Are Certain Verifiable Claims In The Bible That Any Real Believer Should Honestly Be Dying To Check Out '... and, by the very same logic, Any Actual Denier Should Be Just As Excited To Now Equally Disprove.

And yet, before any of that can truthfully happen, Each Of Us Must Now Carefully Examine Some Very Real And Soul Searching Evidence!

You may be Lost, but: " Destiny Is Still Calling ".
After all, it was ( so very long ago ) written that: " You Shall Know The Truth; And The Truth Shall Make You All Free ".... And, isn't that really, What All Of Us Should Honestly Strive For?

But, then again, we all actually know: ' Nothing Often Seems Scarier Than Change '... and, it is even more so, When Much Of Our Own Whole World Is Now Founded Upon Lies!

You can be rest assured, however, that: ' The People Of The Lie Are Now Coming Completely Undone '...

America In Prophecy

Coming Undone ( 2006 ) - Korn [ J Devil Productions ].

You see, That's Where We're Now At....
and, whether you truthfully comprehend it, or not: " We Won't Get Fooled Again "!

After all, I'm Just Saying....

Ahava and Shalom. 

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continually upon you!

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