Sunday, April 10, 2016

God Created Man In His Own Image - In The Image Of God, He Created Him

Foghorn says:" I Know, Figures Don't Lie "....
While the entire world now ( quite truthfully ) possesses: " A Form Of Faith That Denies The True Power Thereof " - just as, Those End Time Prophecies have warned you that they would - I, myself, have chosen to study The Entirety Of God's Word.

After all, everyone knows that: " Second Hand Knowledge Is Only As Useful As The Ones Who Provide It Will Permit "; and, indeed, there are very few who do not covet such power quite exclusively for themselves!

Meanwhile, and even more importantly, ' I Have Learned To Always Pay Attention To That Word '... and, to honestly utilize it for: My Own Internal and Spiritual Guidance - while, Studying The World That Is ( So Clearly ) Now All Around Me.

6 Am: " It's Now Time To Wake Up "?
Now, most of you might call me: " A Lunatic " - since, whether you'll truthfully admit it or not,  ' The Vast Majority Of You Are [ In One Way Or Another ] Still Worshiping The Sun ' - and, I'm Honestly Quite Okay With Whatever You Might Call Me... since, no matter how smart that you think that you now are, It Doesn't Make Me Any More Or Less Wrong!

In Genesis Chapter 1, it ( very clearly ) says:
" Let Us Make Man In Our Image, And According To Our Likeness; And Let Them Have Dominion Over The Fish Of The Sea, Over The Birds Of The Air, And Over The Cattle - [ or: Absolute Power, Control, and Authority ] Over All Of The Earth And Over Every Creeping Thing That Creeps Upon The Earth. So, God Created Man In His Own Image; In The Image Of God, He Created Him; Male And Female, He Created Them. 
And Then, God Blessed Them; And God Said To Them: ' Be Fruitful And Multiply, Fill The Earth And Subdue It; Take Dominion Over The Fish Of The Sea, Over The Birds Of The Air, And Over Every Living Thing That Moves Upon The Earth. ' " - Genesis 1:26-28.

The Real Question To Be Asking Yourselves Is: " Who Are All Of Those: Tomorrow People, Misfits, Heroes, And X-Men "....

You ( really ) should read: " Psalm 82 "....
In fact, ' That Has Always Been The Original Plan For All Of God's Own Creation '...and, even more importantly, Everything Is Now Actually Occurring According To That Very Same Well-Thought-Out Plan!

You see, folks: " God Never Changes... But, You Really Should Face It, We ( Actually ) Can ".

Since, very soon now, You Will Understand The True Meaning Of The Following Scriptural Verses....

Psalm 82:8, which states: " Arise, O God, And Judge The Earth; For You Shall Inherit All Of Its Nations. "

Isaiah 8:18, which says: " Here Am I [ The One That Was, So Long Ago, Prophesied ]; And The Children Whom The Lord Has Given Me [ As Payment For All That I've Done ]! We [ The First Fruit Which Has Now Finally Ripened ] Are For Signs And Wonders In Israel, From The Lord Of Hosts - Who Dwells In Mount Zion. "

Psalm 2, which tells us all of the following:
" Why Do The Nations Conspire; And The Peoples Plot In Vain?
The Kings Of The Earth Rise Up; And The Rulers All Band Together; Against The Lord And Against His Anointed Saying: ' Let Us Break Their Chains And Throw Off Their Shackles '.
The One Enthroned In Heaven [ God The Father Himself ] Laughs; And The Lord [ Whom He Has So Long Ago Appointed ] Scoffs At Them. He [ The New Lord Of The Earth ] Rebukes Them In His Own Anger And Terrifies Them In His Wrath, Saying: ' I Have Installed My King Upon Zion, My Own Holy Mountain. '
I Will Proclaim The Lord's Decree, For He Has Spoken To Me: ' You Are My Son; Today I Have Become Your Own Father. Ask Of Me, And I Will Make The Nations Your Own Physical Inheritance; And The Ends Of The Earth Your Own Personal Possession. For, You Will Break Them With A Rod Of Iron; And You Shall Dash Them To Pieces Like Pottery. '
Therefore, You Kings, Be Wise; And Be Warned You Rulers Set Over The Earth. Serve The Lord With Fear; And Celebrate His New Rule With Trembling.
Kiss The Son, Or He Will Be Angry; And Your Way Will Lead To Your Destruction; For His Wrath Can Flare Up In A Moment. Blessed Shall Be All Who Take Refuge In Him! "

Are you ready to graduate, yet?
In the meantime, you should really consider: ' The Competitive Nature Of God '... because, unlike the rest of your teachers, He Has Never Graded Anyone On A Curve!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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