Sunday, March 27, 2016

Stories are: Neither Good, Nor Evil - but rather, as a more balanced individual clearly understands, they merely portray All Of Those Ongoing Battles Between Both!

Have you considered: " The Soldier And Death "?
Contrary to what most people think: ' Among All That Exists, There Is Nothing More Powerful Than The Original Storyteller '... and, indeed, All Of The Real Magic Flows From That Solitary Canon Of Verse Which He Alone Has Brought Carefully And Calculatingly Into Existence.

In fact, every single thing that currently exists has been actively achieved based upon The Extremely Rock Solid Foundation - as already has been ( quite truthfully ) revealed to us, so very long ago!

Who is: " The Man Who Can't Be Moved "?
And while, there are many of us who are characters in this tale - known, by all of us, collectively as: " His-Story " - The Very Framework [ or, Clearly Established Boundaries ], by which we all must operate, are just as permanently fixed as The Courses Of The Stars In That Very Same Universe.

Like Actors at the start of a play, we may choose the very nature of The Individual Character whom we are about to truthfully portray... and yet, no matter how we individually choose to portray them, it is not us, but ( indeed ): " The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith " - who, ultimately, controls every aspect of His Own Personal Script!

Stories Are Neither Good Nor Evil: In Fact, They All Merely Portray The Ongoing Struggle Between Both....

Is: " Rock And Roll " - really, All Evil? 
Now, I know that many of you have been taught by All Of Those Sun-Worshiping Churches that: " Virtually Everything All Around You Is Evil " - with the exception, of course, for that which they themselves have provided to you.

And yet, the reality of that which you expend so much time in: Reading, Listening To, and Now Watching Displayed Upon The Screen; are all simply stories that have been honestly provided to: Faithfully Educate, More Properly Instruct, and Spiritually Elevate - those people that are factually wise enough to honestly appreciate all of their own varietal nuances.

In fact, for those of you who actually do read Those Biblical Scriptures, I would like to bring just a few of those very significant verses back into your own field of attention! Because, it was Yahshua [ Himself ] that stated:
" Be Ye As Wise As All Of Those Serpents [ by openly studying the entire world now all around you ]; And Yet Remain Harmless As Doves [ by not foolishly getting caught up in any of their own spiritual rebellion ] " - in Mathew 10:16. 

And, indeed, it was God [ Himself ] who factually stated:
" And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Own Spirit upon all flesh; Your Sons and Your Daughters shall ProphesyYour Old Men shall Dream Dreams, and Your Young Men shall See Visions.
And also, upon My Menservants and on My Maidservants I will pour out My Own Spirit in those days. " - in Joel 2:28-29.

As Any Published Author Can Truthfully Tell You: Every Good Story Has Both A Hero And A Villain; And It Is Far More Spiritually Satisfying While The Good One Ultimately Wins....

The Battle For Hogwarts is fought in The Church! 
Take, for instance, ' All Of Those Stories About Harry Potter [ aka: " The Army Commander Of Yahweh " ] '....

How much actual enjoyment would all of that spell bound audience truthfully receive, in ultimately witnessing A Final Victory By Vol De Mort [ which, in all honesty, is merely the Latin for: " He Who Flees The One Named Death " ]?

And, Why Is This Really? In fact, The Answer is ( honestly ) quite simple... " Life Cannot Continue To Exist In A World Where Chaos And Destruction Are Allowed To Constantly Run Rampant "!

In fact, ' That Is The Real Issue That Now Confronts All Of Humanity '... whether, they truthfully realize it, or not.

America In Prophecy

The Balance ( 1970 ) - by: The Moody Blues.

That Magic Kingdom has already been Sold!
And that, dear friends, is why Those Scriptures ( honestly ) do tell you: " And They Shall Know The Truth; And The Truth Shall Set Them All Free "... because, Once You Understand The True Nature Of All Of That Filth Then It's The Proper Time To For All Of Us To Finally Clean House!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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