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Who is The Lawful God Of The Earth ( Genesis 1:26-28 )?

Question: " Who is The Lawful God [ Or, The Lord ] Of The Earth ( Genesis 1:26-28 )? "

Answer: Well, according to The Biblical Scriptures, the original man known as Adam [ or, indeed, " My Own Little Red One " ] has always been The Lawful God Of The Earth. In fact, everything that was ever truthfully created was created for his own Physical and Spiritual benefit!

Don't believe it? Then, just read The Very First Book Of The Bible... which, honestly, says:
" Then God [ The Power Behind All Of Heaven And Earth ] said: ' Let Us make man in Our image, and according to Our likeness; let Them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all of the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth. '
So God [ The Creator Of All That Factually Exists ] created Adam in His own image; in the image of God He created Him; male and female He created Them.
Then God [ The Provider Of All True Blessings ] blessed Them, and indeed God said to Them: ' Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; take dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth. ' " - Genesis 1:26-28.

Now, some of you are simply going to say: " Hey, Wait A Minute... The Word Dominion Simply Means Authority Over Something " - so, you are obviously overstepping Your Own Theological Grounds!

But, am I really? After all, ' There Are A Whole Host Of Inter-Related Scriptures That We Can Now Quite Safely Examine '....

For instance, Psalm 82 firmly declares:
" God [ The Judge Who Presides Over Everyone ] stands in the congregation of the mighty; He [ The One Who Possesses All Spiritual Authority In Heaven And Earth ] judges among The Gods [ Those Which He Alone Has Created ].
How long will You [ My Own Hard-Hearted Children ] judge unjustly, and show partiality to The Wicked [ Who, So Carelessly, Violate All Of My Own Laws ]?
Defend The Poor and The Fatherless [ Who Dwell Among You Upon The Earth ]; do justice to The Afflicted and Needy [ Whom Your Own Brothers So Shamefully Ignore ]. Deliver The Poor and Needy [ Whom The Oppressor Has So Happily Trodden Over ]; Free Them [ My Own Other Little Ones ] from the hand of The Wicked [ That Now Dwell, So Safely, Among You ].
They [ The Ones Whom I Am Currently Speaking About ] do not know, nor do They [ These Entirely Ignorant Ones ] understand; They [ These Blinded Ones ] walk about in darkness [ Having Never Attested To The Light That I Have Repeatedly Provided Them ]; All The Foundations Of The Earth [ Everything That Can Offer Them True And Lasting Stability ] are unstable [ Because Of Their Own Perpetual Ignorance ].
I said: ' You Are Gods [ Yes You, The People Who Dwell Upon The Earth ], and All Of You [ Those Numerous Children Of Adam ] are children of The Most High God [ That Has Always Been Adam, My Own Son, Himself ]. But You [ Who Repeatedly Refuse Any Spiritual Instruction ] shall die like Men [ Which You, So Foolishly, Believe Your Own Selves To Be ], and fall like One Of The Princes [ Those Followers Of Satan That Originally Came Before You ]. '
Arise, O God [ The One Whom I Alone Have: Created, Educated, And Appointed ], and judge The Earth; for You [ The Servant Who Has Now Heeded All Of My Instruction ] shall inherit All Of The Nations! " - Psalm 82.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' There Was A Reason That His Own Creator Placed Two Trees In The Midst Of The Garden ' - because: " With Great Power Comes An Awesome Responsibility " - and, whether you realize it or not, The Father Of All Humanity Has Always Been It's Own Judge! The problem, at that point, was simply A Matter Of Spiritual Education....

And, consequently, in Genesis Chapter 2 we can very plainly read:
" The Lord God [ The Greatest Of All Educators ] planted a garden eastward in Eden [ The Land Of: Inspiration, Edification, And Delight ], and there He [ The Source Of All Much-Needed Knowledge ] put The Man [ Adam, The Very First One That He Created ] whom He [ The Creator Of All Life ] had formed.
And, out of the ground, The Lord God [ Who So Amply Provided For All Of His Needs ] made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The Tree Of Life  was also in the midst of the garden; and The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. " - Genesis 2:8-9.

Now, some of you will say: " Hey, Wait A Minute... God Told Adam Not To Eat From That Tree! " - because, as it was ( so clearly ) explained to him: " In The Day That He Did So, He Would Then Surely Begin To Die "... and, even more importantly, ' By Accepting The Leadership Of God's Own Enemy, Adam Created A Division Between Himself And The Only True God '.

Indeed, I ( quite honestly ) won't deny that. In fact, which of us actually could?

But, lest we forget, There Are A Whole Host Of Scriptures To Help Us Understand What Is Now Spiritually Happening!

For instance Isaiah Chapter 46, which tells us:
" God [ The All Knowing One ] declares The End [ Of All Human Events ] from The Beginning [ Since, He Is Aware Of It All Long Before It Happens ]; and from Ancient Times [ Lost In Human Antiquity ] the things that are not yet done, saying: ' My Own Counsel Shall Stand And I Will Do All My Own Pleasure; Calling A Ravenous Bird From The East, The Man Who Executes All Of My Own Counsel From A Far Country '.
Yea I [ The Only True God ] have spoken it, and I [ The Only Real Power Anywhere ] will also bring it to pass; I [ The One Who Is Firmly In Charge ] have purposed it, and I [ The One Who Controls Everything ] will also do it [ Just As I Have Repeatedly Promised ]. " - Isaiah 46:10-11.

So you see, ' He Already Knew That Adam Would Eat From That Tree '... and, He [ The Carefully Calculating One ] had already counted upon His Own Enemy [ The Creator Of Chaos ] utilizing it to gain a mere temporary mastery over The Family Of Adam.

Because, you might as well face it: " While The Mind Of A Man Plans His Own Way, The Lord Directs All Of His Steps "... and, even though you're not actually aware of it, " All Things Work To The Overall Benefit Of That Man Who Shall Always Fear The Lord "!

In fact, why not just consider The 112th Psalm - which speaks of Him this way:
" Blessed is That Man Who Fears The Lord [ The One Who Understands Both: Good And Evil ], and who delights greatly in His Commandments [ Having Now Learned From His Own Personal Experience ].
His descendants shall be Mighty Ones upon the earth; and The Generation Of The Upright [ Those Who Will Heed His Spiritual Instruction ] shall be blessed. 
Wealth and riches will be in His House [ Since, Yahweh Shall Abundantly Provide It ], and His Righteousness [ In Now Leading All Of His Own People ] endures forever.
Unto The Upright [ Those Who Earnestly Strive To Do That Which Is Good ] there arises A Light In The Darkness [ As, So Long Ago, Promised By God ]; He [ The One Whom I Have Chosen To Receive This Necessary Authority ] is gracious, and full of compassion.
A Good Man [ Having Understood What It Means To Be Repeatedly Downtrodden ] who deals graciously and lends; He [ The One Being Elevated Above All Of Those Others ] will guide his affairs with discretion.
Surely, He [ The One Whom I Have Now Chosen ] will never be shaken; and The Righteous Ones [ Who Carefully Adhere To All That He Instructs Them ] will be in everlasting remembrance. 
He [ My Own Blessed Son ] will not be afraid of evil tidings; because his own heart is steadfast and trusting in Yahweh Himself.
His heart is established; and He will not be afraid; until He sees his own personal desire upon All Of His Own Enemies. " - Psalm 112.

You see, folks, ' There Is Indeed A Great Deal Of Truth That Can Be Found In All Of Those Video Games '...
America In Prophecy

War Hammer - Space Marine ( 2011 ) by: Rick Priestly and Relic Entertainment.

Or, ' In The Music That You So Often Listen To '...

America In Prophecy

TNT [ 1975 ] - by: AC/DC.

And, even, ' In All Of Those Movies '....

America In Prophecy

Dredd [ 2012 ] - by: 
Pete Travis.

But first, You Really Need To Study All Of Those Scriptures... because, though you surely didn't know it, ' They Have Always Provided You The Keys '!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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