Monday, September 22, 2014

According to Pink Floyd, there is very little Time to still figure it all out.

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon.
In The Popular 1973 Song: " Time " - written by Roger Waters [ that means: " The One Famous With The Spear Is My Own Son In The Ocean " ], performed by Pink Floyd [ that means: " The Ancient One Who Has Now, Once Again, Returned To The Flesh " ], and recorded by Abbey Road Studios [ which means: " The Producers Who Have Provided You A Pathway To The Head Of Our Church " ] - we have been provided An Important Spiritual Message.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' Time Should Never Be Wasted When Lives Are On The Line '... and, it's particularly important when that life is ( so obviously ) your own!

Time is Our Most Precious Commodity.
But, of course, you probably don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Musical Video for: " Time " - because, after paying very close attention to all of those lyrics, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Time - by: Pink Floyd

Time - Lyrics By: Pink Floyd

Ticking away [ We Can't Get Back ]
the moments that make up a dull day [ The Moments That We Waste ]
Fritter and waste [ But, Still We Waste Them ]
the hours in an offhand way [ Just The Same ]
Kicking around [ By Going Through The Motions ]
on a piece of ground [ Without Ever Accomplishing Anything ]
in your home town [ And Never Going Anywhere ]
Waiting for someone [ A Leader To Follow ]
or something [ Or Even, Some Sort Of Spirit ]
to show you the way [ To Provide Your Inspired Motivation ]

Tired of lying in The Sunshine [ Tired Of Waiting Upon Lucifer ]
staying home to watch The Rain [ And Watching Others Obtaining His Blessings ]
And you are young [ But, There's Still Plenty Of Time ]
and life is long [ And There's No Real Hurry ]
and there is time to kill today [ And There's Nothing Better To Do ]
And then one day [ But, Time Continues Marching Ever Onward ]
you find ten years have got behind you [ Many Years Have Now Gone By ]
No One Told You When To Run [ And, Disaster Has Come Upon You Suddenly ],
You've Missed The Starting Gun [ Because, You've Never Studied His Scriptures ]

And you run [ You Wake Up And Finally Look Around You ]
and you run [ And, You Study Those Scriptures Quite Furiously ]
to catch up with The Sun [ To Understand What Is Finally Now Happening ],
but it's sinking [ But, The Prophesied Eclipse Is Already Upon You ]
Racing around [ His Kingdom Is Going Into Its Own Promised Hibernation ]
to come up behind you again [ To Return And Wage War 1000 Years Later ]
The Sun is the same [ But, Lucifer's Plans Have Never Changed ]
in a relative way [ This Is All According To His Own Plans ],
but you're older [ But, You've Never Truly Understood Them ]
Shorter of breath [ And, You Find It Difficult To Change Course ]
and one day closer to death [ And, Your Own End Is Rapidly Approaching ]

Every year is getting shorter [ He's Stalling Us Until It's Too Late, Folks ],
never seem to find the time [ Providing Us Distractions Along The Way ]
Plans that either come to naught [ Eating Up Our Own Little Time Here ]
or half a page of scribbled lines [ And, Offering Us Numerous Dead Ends ]
Hanging on [ But, We Keep On Jumping Through His Own Hoops ]
in quiet desperation [ Trying To Stay, Just, One Step Ahead ]
is The English Way [ Stoically Reacting, To Every Individual Problem ]
The Time is gone [ Until The Very End ],
The Song is over [ And Then The Music Stops Playing ],
thought I'd something more to say [ I Guess That's All, For The Moment]


Home, home again [ Here I Am, Now Back In England ]
I like to be here when I can [ I Truly, Do, Love This Fine Nation ]
And when I come home cold and tired [ After Having Labored In The Spiritual Graveyard ]
It’s good to warm my bones beside the fire [ Forgetting My Own Troubles For The Night ]
Far away across the field [ In The Distance, Far Away From Me ]
The tolling of the iron bell [ Those Churches Still Ring Their Own Bells ]
Calls the faithful to their knees [ Drawing Millions Into Lucifer's Own Spiritual Service ]
To hear The Softly Spoken Magic Spells [ While Hypnotized By All Of His Lies ].

Time - Is Definitely Not On Your Side

Yes, folks, WWI was: " The Starting Gun "....
While you've been: " Frittering Away The Hours In An Offhand Way ", and/or [ even ]: " Listening To Those Softly Spoken Magic Spells " - Our Own World History has been marching ever onward... and, Those Evil Shepherds Of Spiritual Babylon [ that, The Scriptures have so clearly warned you about ]: " Never Told You When To Run "; and you have, indeed: " Already Missed, The Starting Gun ".

In all of these things, Pink Floyd has [ factually ] never lied to you. They've merely provided The Mesmerizing Focus for your own foolish entertainment - while Satan has been: " Running Out The Clock On You. " Instead, it is you, That Have Been Continually Lying To Yourselves....

It's already: " The Final Countdown " - folks!
Meanwhile, The Scriptures Are Still There: " Gathering Even More Dust Upon Your Own Mantles "; and Yahweh Himself Is Still Available: " For Those, Who Know How To Earnestly Listen "... but, there is so very little time left... and, so many numerous distractions... and, your own eyes have grown dim... and, your own ears have grown dull... and, your own hearts have grown even colder.

Will you, yourself, make it? Only The Mighty One knows the answer to that one... but, by this point, It Really Doesn't Look Good!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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