Thursday, September 25, 2014

What is The Truth About Secularism... or, to put it another way, How Long Can Man Deny The Blatantly Obvious?

The Great Social Dividing Line....
According to social convention, ' Absolutely Everything That Man Does Can Be Readily Divided Into The Two Simple Categories Of Religious And Secular '... after all, the majority of people actually believe that there has always been a clear distinction between: That Which Is Spiritual and That Which Is Obviously Not!

In fact, in our own efforts to drive home that one single point, let's just examine the dictionary definitions of Religious and Secular.

1. a person, place, activity, or object that possesses some relationship towards a god ( or deity ).
2. anything which promotes the spiritual instruction of and individual awareness to a god ( or deity ).
3. anything which repeatedly references, alludes to, or allegorically discloses a spiritual message upon closer examination.
4. of, or relating towards, prophecy.    
1. of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as being religious, spiritual, and sacred; ie. temporal matters.
2. not pertaining to or connected with any religion; and opposed to being viewed as sacred.
Thade wants to know: " Is There A Soul In There? "
You see, according to these two definitions, ' If There Is A Spiritual Message Then It Is Actually Religious And If There Isn't Then It's Not '. Real simple, right?

Well, actually, no... It's Not Really! And, why do I truthfully say that? Because, to put it quite simply, You Cannot Find Anything Created By Man That's Honestly Secular... and, believe you me - for quite some time now - I've Been Earnestly Trying!

Consider All Of That So-Called Secular Music

Rock & Roll is all about Prophecy!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' In Order To Truly Understand Something You Must First Possess All Of The Keys '... and, regardless of how ignorant that the majority might honestly be, The True Nature Of Music Has Always Been Spiritual!

Alas, however, " She's Got A Ticket To Ride And She Don't Care " - describes a very real spiritual condition... because, " I've Got Two Tickets To Paradise "; but " While I'm Running Down The Dream ", and " Providing Her The Free Ride "; we might just as well face it, " She's Still Far Too Busy Buying Her Own Stairway To Heaven "....

But, The Sun is eclipsed by The Moon!
Why not, simply take the time to, Open Your Own Spiritual Eyes? After all, ' There May Be Thousands Of Pieces In A Puzzle, But There Is Only One Cohesive Picture On The Box '....

America In Prophecy

Heaven, Let Your Light Shine Down ( 1994 ) by: Collective Soul.

And, remember what The Prophet Zechariah has already warned you:
" Ask The Mighty One for rain, in The Time Of The Latter Rain. Yahweh shall provide flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain; and ( indeed ) grass in the field for everyone! " - Zechariah 10:1.
So, hopefully, ' You'll Be Ready For That Upcoming Storm '... because, whether you know it or not, we are: " Those Riders On The Storm " and ( no matter, how bad it honestly gets ) " We'll Soon Be Riding That Storm Out "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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