Monday, August 11, 2014

Everyone on earth has a Destiny, the real question is: " What's Yours "?

Destiny ( 2014 ).
In The 2014 Video Game of: " Destiny " - developed by Bungie Games [ which means: " Utilizing Your Own Entertainment To Provide You A Spring Board " ] and produced by Activision [ that means: " Bringing Your Own Dreams To Life " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' There Is A Fateful Battle Coming For The Destiny Of Our World '... and, the ones who follow the light are Those New Guardians Of The Galaxy!

Bungie - " Providing You A Springboard ".
But, of course, you probably don't believe me. So, why not watch The Following Video Game Trailer for: " Destiny " - because, in the much greater scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Destiny [ 2014 ] - by: Bungie Games.

Destiny: Is A Prophetical Game

What is the meaning of: " Elysium "?
What all of you are failing to realize is that ' Those Biblical Scriptures Have Always Been Telling You The Truth '... while, those shepherds who've been teaching you haven't. After all, despite what you might believe otherwise, It Is Only The Word Of God That Is Totally Infallible!

In fact, the scripture very specifically says: " Let Every Man Be Proven A Liar, That The Words Of The Mighty One May Be Firmly Established "... and, that is exactly what it meant.

So, Where Is That Destiny Mentioned In The Scriptures?

Well, Psalm 82:6-8 says:
" I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] said, ' You [ the people of earth ] Are Gods [ my mighty ones ], And all of you [ the people of earth ] are children [ less mature and subservient versions ] of The Most High [ Me ].
But [ because you judge wrongly ] you shall die like men [ mortal human creations ], and fall [ be cast downward into the pit ] like one of the princes [ Lucifer and his fallen angels ].
Arise, O God [ Yahweh ], judge the earth [ and all who are in it ]; For You [ The Mighty One ] shall inherit all nations [ shall rule over them with a rod of iron ]. " - Psalm 82:6-8.

And, according to John 10:34-36:
" Jesus answered them, ‘ Is it not written in your Law, " I have said you are gods ’? If he called them ‘ gods, ’ To Whom The Word Of Yahweh Came [ All Of The Human Beings, Living Upon The Earth ] - and the Scripture cannot be broken - what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world? Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, " I Am God's Son "? ’ " - John 10:34-36

You see, unlike the rest of you, I'm Not Just Sitting Around And Playing Games!

After all, I am The True Storyteller....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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