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Who, or what, is the end time nation of Babylon... and, how can we honestly be certain?

The Ancient Empire Of Babylon.
Believe it or not, ' It Isn't Really That Hard To Understand Biblical Prophecy '... since, any true student of classical history - who will honestly follow the facts, rather than just listening to those self described scholars - can readily observe The Continual Migrations Of Humanity.

In fact, the accumulated evidences are staggering when considering: The Actual Ethnic Makeup Of These Nations, The Character Traits Of Their People, The Evolutionary Aspect Of All Our Languages, and Their Subliminally Inherent Cultural Identities.

Take, for instance, The Ancient Empire Of Babylon - which actually consisted of Three Primary Nations:
  1. The Chaldeans - described as being: An Olive Complected, Usually Bearded, and Semitic Race - that was slender in frame and moderate in physical stature.
  2. The Assyrians - described as being: Very Fair Skinned, Blue Eyed, Generally Clean Shaven, and Semitic Race - that was much larger in frame, noted for an exceptionally tall stature, and possessing an almost religious affinity for horses.
  3. The Phoenecians - described as being: A Normally Bearded and Semitic Race Of Seafarers - that possessed exceptional skills in: development of language, scientific application, ship building or design, open water navigation, and international trade. The chief nations among these being: Sidon [ with it's own massive mercantile fleets ] and Tyre [ the historical builders of the very fastest and most maneuverable ships in the world ].

The Europeans know who they are....
In fact, whether you realize it or not, these have always been The Three Structural Pillars Of Babylon... because, while The Chaldeans are the true chess masters at the top, The Assyrians fight in all of their carefully crafted wars, and The Phoenecians are there to protect them from sea!

 Is any of this beginning to sink in? Because, it truthfully isn't rocket science....

The Final Countdown - for what, exactly?
So now, we should be honestly asking ourselves: " Upon What Continent May We Find The True Empire Of Babylon "? And, remember folks, it absolutely has to be:
  • A City State That Controls All Of The Others...
  • Surrounded By Numerous Other Assyrian Nations...
  • Protected By The Most Powerful Navies On Earth.... 

I don't know about you, but to my own widely open eyes: " Every Road Upon Earth Does Indeed Lead To Rome "! But, What Do You Think?

America In Prophecy

Know Your Enemy [ European Symbols ].

And, as for The United States Of America - her own carefully constructed False Prophet Nation - which has been, up until now, the creation of Those Assyrian Nations Within Europe - it has been equally written:
" Behold [ This Is Very Important ]The Land Of The Chaldeans [ That Land Created By Papal Decree ], This People which was not [ Until Others Brought Them Together ]Assyria [ The Aryan People ] founded it for Wild Beasts Of The Desert The Five Nations Of Canaan ], They [ The Aryan People ] set up Its Towers [ Founded Its Cities ], They [ The Aryan People ] raised up Its Palaces [ Controlled All Of Its Governments ], And They [ The Aryan People ] Brought It To Ruin Just As Babylon Commanded Them To ].
Wail [ Cry Out Mightily ], you ships of Tarshish [ You Great Merchants Of The Ocean ]! For your strength [ That Great Nation Of Consumers ] is laid waste [ By Those Very Same Aryans ]. " - Isaiah 23:13-14.

I do believe that this song - so thoughtfully provided by Yahweh Tunes Inc. - truthfully, says it all....

America In Prophecy

Bye Bye America Pie [ 1972 ] - by: Don McLean.

And, remember what Hank Williams Jr. - himself - has already told you:
" The Preacher Man Says It's The End Of Time... And, The Mississippi River, She Is A Going Dry "!

Isn't that, What He Honestly Said?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you! 

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