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What is really so special about South Carolina... and, why is it found ( time and time again ) At The True Center Of Historical Events?

The South Carolina State Flag ( 1775 ).
While, The Entire Bible Belt has been settled by The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel; and each of these States has a much stronger connection towards God; there is just something quite different about South Carolina.

In fact, if you're actually a follower of American History, then you already know that: ' South Carolina Is Somehow Almost Always Connected To Our Own Current Events '... because, it is ( both ): The Geo-Political Center and ( indeed ) The Spiritual Heart Of The Bible Belt!

You see, dear brothers and sisters: " There Has Always Been More Than Meets The Eye To Those People Of South Carolina " - since, whether you know it or not, ' God Has Always Been Found At The Very Heart Of All These Unfolding And Historical Events '.

Let's Just Consider: That Most Interesting Flag....

Yahshua - how He, really, would have looked!
While, most of those other State Flags From Within America enjoy a much larger palette of colors; The South Carolina Flag honestly consists of only two. In fact, the flag is ( actually ): Pure White and Royal Blue - which, if you study The Old Testament, are The True National Colors Of Israel.

The next thing that you'll notice, is that directly centered and highly prominent: " Palmetto Tree " - which, in the Spanish of those who first settled the region, means: " The Little ( Or, Stunted ) Palm Tree ".
{ ***NOTE: Contrary to popular belief The Star Of David is ( actually ) just A Symbol Of Judah! }

Why do they call it: " Palm Sunday " - anyway?
Meanwhile, of course, ' The True Significance Of This Fact Should Truthfully Be Obvious To Anyone That Has Been Firmly Grounded In The Biblical Scriptures '... since, yet once again, we find that The Palm Tree Is Just Another Symbol For The True Nation Of Israel!

And, finally, we come to: " The Crescent ( Or, Harvest ) Moon " - which is ( actually ) The Symbol Of The Archangel Michael... of, whom it is written, in Daniel Chapter 12:
" At that time, Michael shall stand up - The Great Prince Who Stands Watch Over The Sons Of Your People and, there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even unto that time.
But you, Daniel: Shut Up The Words and Seal The Book Until The Time Of The End - for, many shall run to and fro and then knowledge shall greatly increase. " - Daniel 12:1-4.

Now, Let's Just Consider: The Truly Hard-Headed Nature Of Her Own Stubborn People....

South Carolina was ( actually ) The First In Secession.
And while, the term " Red Neck " may be ( quite honestly ) applied to a very large segment of the overall population that is now living within The Southern United States; the people of South Carolina have always been much redder than most!

In fact, whether you know it or not: ' The First Meeting Of Secession And The Very First Shots Fired In The Civil War, All Occurred Within South Carolina '... just, As It Was So Long Before Prophesied To Actually Occur.

Just as, This Prophecy was also ( equally ) written for Their Own Physical Descendants:
" Furthermore, The Word Of The Lord came to me, saying: ' Son of man, Set Your Face Toward The South; Preach Against The South and Prophesy Against The Forest Land - The South and, say to The Forest Of The South
" Hear The Word Of The Lord! Thus says, The Lord God: ' Behold, I will kindle a fire in you, and It Shall Devour Every Green Tree and Every Dry Tree Within You; the blazing flame shall not be quenched, and all faces from the south to the north shall be scorched by it.
All flesh shall see that I, The Lord, have kindled it; and it shall not be quenched. ' " '
Then, I said: ' Ah, Lord God! They say, of Me: " Does He Not Speak In Parables? " ' " - Ezekiel 20:45-49.

Who are ( all of those ): " Tomorrow People "?
You Had Better Finally Wake Up, folks... because, whether you now comprehend it or not, The Eye Of God Shall Soon, Yet Again, Be Looking Down Upon You!

In fact, I'm Just Saying....

The last time a solar eclipse crossed The United States alone, was in 1776 - just before, Our Own Nation Was Founded.

A Solar Eclipse also displays: " The Harvest Moon ".
And, whether you now comprehend it or not: " There Is, Indeed, A Bad Moon On The Rise ".

It's ( really ) quite sad, That They're Still Not Studying Those Scriptures!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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