Friday, November 11, 2016

Is this: " The Beginning Of The End For America "... and, how can we be sure, if it is?

It appears, that: " America Is Now Coming Unglued ".
Now, as most of my readers should already know, ' I Have Long Ago Predicted That Barack Hussein Obama Is The Last American President ' - based, squarely, upon Several Prophetical Scriptures.

And, while The 2016 Presidential Election didn't completely derail as I ( quite honestly ) fully expected that it would, it appears that The Events Leading Up To An Eventual Martial Law  By President Barack Hussein Obama - just prior to The January 20th Inauguration Of Donald James Trump - are, now, right upon schedule as I ( so verifiably ) predicted.

In fact, Who Would've Ever Guessed That One?
You see, folks, ' The Real Problem In Making These Biblically Based Predictions Is That There Just Isn't Enough Available Information To Know Precisely How One Gets From Here To There '; and I can logically pick only one; since, you will always ( either ): Expect A Level Of Specificity That God Has Never Provided To Anyone or ( equally ) Reject Anything That Cannot Explain The Precise Sequential Causation.

Meanwhile, there are Numerous Ways in which this all could have played out; that would have ( quite honestly ) resulted with The Very Same End Result!

Indeed, I can ( now ): " Speak Up For Some Of Us "!
For instance, had America finally woken up to the fact that: Barack H. Obama, Hillary R. Clinton, and ( indeed ) Donald J. Trump are all working for The Exact Same Satanic Individuals, the national rioting and eventual political crackdown would have still been largely the same.

Or, had The American People simply rejected Both Of These Intentionally Incendiary Political Candidates - in favor of, holding yet another political runoff - then, even, Those Political Demonstrations would have been readily utilized as An Eventual Justification For A Nationwide Martial Law.

Thus, In One Way At Least, My Own Hands Are Honestly Tied; While Their Own Hands Are Not....

However, That Exact Prediction - no matter how it will inevitably occur - is, that: " Barack Hussein Obama Is The Last President Of The United States Of America "; and, whether you like it or not, I'm Not Going To Back Down!
{ ***NOTE: And, when it invariably happens, remember ( exactly, who it was ) The Only One That Warned You! }

JFK - knew ( exactly ) What He Was Talking About!
In fact, one might honestly say, that: " When The True Enemy Is Within Your Own Political Government There Is Virtually Nothing That A Nation Can Successfully Do To Eradicate That Self-Same Evil "!

Meanwhile, of course, all I can say now is ( truthfully ): " Just Keep Watching It All Very Closely " - because, if you're being honest with yourselves, The Actual Swearing In Of A New United States President On January 20th 2017 Is ( Still ) Quite A Long Ways Away....

America In Prophecy

Not My President Protests ( 2016 ) by: CBSN.
" It Appears, That I'm Now: ' Stuck In The Middle With You '! "

Why not, Open Your Own Spiritual Eyes... does it, really, look like: " God Is Still Blessing America "?

Because, from where I'm sitting, I Honestly Don't See It!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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