Monday, February 1, 2016

Sometimes, ' Taking The Long Way Home ' is the only real option... if, you're going to learn something from The Necessary Experience!

Super Tramp - Breakfast In America ( 1979 ).
In The Popular 1979 Song entitled: " Take The Long Way Home " - written by: Richard Davies [ that means: " The Strong And Powerful Ruler Is My Own Beloved Son " ] and Charles Roger Pomfret Hodgson [ that means: " The Free Man Is The Wielder Of My Own Spear Who Stands Guard At The Broken Down Bridge; And ( Indeed ) The Son Of The Only Spear Holder "  ]; for the album Breakfast In America [ which refers to: " Precisely Where A Certain Prodigal Son Has Always Been Destined To Finally Wake Up " ] - we have been provided An Important & Spiritually Discerned Message.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, the scripture ( actually ) does state: " You Study The World All Around You; And Yet Everything Around You Now Testifies Of These My Own Truths "... and yet, ' So Many Of You Are None The Wiser For All Of These Very Sure Testimonies '!

A&M - " The Bright And Famous One At The River ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just listen to The Following Musical Video for: " Take The Long Way Home " - because, in the much larger scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Take The Long Way Home ( 1979 ) - by: Roger Hodgson.

Take The Long Way Home: Is An Important Message That Simply Points Out Some Very Real End Time Events....

So, you think You're A Romeo;
Playing A Part, In A Picture-Show.
Take, The Long Way Home....
Take, The Long Way Home....

Because, You're The Joke Of The Neighborhood;
Why should you care, if you're feeling good?

Take, The Long Way Home....
Take, The Long Way Home....

But, there are times that you feel you're part of the scenery;
All The Greenery Is Coming Down, Boy!
And, then your wife seems to think you're part of the furniture.
Oh, it's peculiar, she used to be so nice.

When lonely days turn to lonely nights;
You take a trip to the city lights.
And, Take The Long Way Home...
Take, The Long Way Home....

You Never See, What You Want To See;
Forever Playing To The Gallery!
You Take The Long Way Home...
Take, The Long Way Home....

And, when you're up on the stage, it's so unbelievable;
Oh, unforgettable, how they adore you...
But, Then, Your Wife Seems To Think You're Losing Your Sanity;
Oh, calamity, is there no way out?

Does it feel that your life's become a catastrophe?
Oh, it has to be for you to grow, boy.
When you look through the years;

And see what you could have been;
Oh, what you might have been...
If you'd had more time.

So, When The Day Comes To Settle Down;
Who's To Blame If You're Not Around?
You, Took The Long Way Home....
You, Took The Long Way Home....

Vaccines are something that Satanists Fully Understand!
But, then again, ' By Educating An Entire Planet Into The Knowledge Of Both Good And Evil, Allowing That Diseased Mixture To Develop And Spread Throughout The Entire Population, And Then Inoculating Them All With The Truth Once And For All ' - we can ( more properly ) strengthen Their Own Spiritually Derived Immunity Against It Ever Need Happening Again.

After all, when dealing with Certain Horrific And Unmanageable Diseases we may either: Vaccine Everyone At One Time Against It or ( quite simply ) Learn To Live With Its Numerous Ongoing Outbreaks Forever... and yet, in this particular case, God Himself Has Long Ago Made That All-Important Spiritual Decision - for the overall and long term benefit of everyone!

Are you ready for some: " Recall "?
And now, " Having Finally Taken The Long Way Home "The Strongest Among Us Shall Now Most-Certainly Live With The Long Term Effects Of It....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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