Monday, November 23, 2015

What are The True Purposes Of Human Vaccination... and, what does Population Control ( honestly ) have to do with it?

To Vaccinate Or Not, that's A Very Big Question?
In a day and age when The World's Most Powerful Chemical Companies are honestly designing new compounds which can ( and, indeed, do ) ' Selectively Attack One Organism While Simultaneously Benefiting Another ' - based upon their own unique DNA structures - can we honestly trust All Of Their Own Modern Vaccines?

And, while most of us should ( truthfully ) say yes... There Is An Ever Increasing Amount Of Evidence To Actually Believe Otherwise!

Where have I seen That Hand Sign before?
For instance, why not just watch The Following Internet Video simply entitled: " Bill Gates Admits That Vaccines Are Being Used For Human Depopulation " - because, who really knows, In The Much Larger Scheme Of Things You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Bill Gates On Human Depopulation by: Phillip Jonkers.

According To Bill Gates: CO2 = The Number Of People x The Number Of Services x The Energy Required x Carbon Dioxide Per Unit Of Energy....

Consequently, therefore, it is only logical that our own world leaders would need to effect some actual combination of the following...

I.     Directly Reduce The Overall Population.
  • Sterilize As Many As Possible Before Reproduction Can Occur.
  • Actively Promote Lifestyles That Prevent Human Reproduction.
  • Provide Contraception To Everyone Who'll Happily Use It.
  • Encourage Abortion As The Socially Responsible Option.

II.     Curtail The Number Of Services Available To Their Citizens.
- in order, to achieve Their Own Political Agenda. Gee, that's sounds somewhat familiar... now, doesn't it?

Who is that: " Now Running, Yet Again "?
But, then again, I Might Just Be Wrong When It Comes To Some Of Those Vaccines... since, they've only ( so recently ) Mapped The Entire Human Genome.

Remember, Bill Gates ( actually ) did  say: " Now, If We Do A Really Great Job Upon: New Vaccines [ The Ones That Are Currently Under Development ]Healthcare [ Regarding To Whom We Determine To Honestly Provide It ], and Reproductive Health Services [ Contraception, Sterilization, And Abortion Among The World's Considerably Large New Underclass ] - We Could Lower That By Perhaps Another 10 Or 15 Percent.... "

You see: " It's Already The Final Countdown "!
Thus, we can ( most likely ) assume that: ' All Of Their Own Previous Attempts At Developing A True Human Weed And Feed Formula Have Been Relatively Ineffective So Far '... dependent, as they previously were, upon the simple trial and error use of mere Chemical Additives [ such as: Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury - in which certain human tolerances truthfully do vary; based upon race and/or ethnicity ]!

Once again, Bill Gates himself ( very clearly ) states:
" So This Is A Wish [ A Desire Upon Our Own Part ]... It's A Very Concrete Wish [ One That We Ourselves Strongly Believe In ]... That We Invent This Technology [ Utilizing All That We Now Know About The Human Genome ].
If You Gave Me Only One Wish For The Next 50 Years... I Can Pick Who's President... I Can Pick A Vaccine... Which Is, Something I Love [ Since, Those Proverbial Cockroaches Will Be Voluntarily Exterminating Themselves Without Even Knowing It ] ... Or, I Could Pick This Thing That's Half The Cost In Which No CO2 Is Invented [ Thus, Rendering All Of These Deaths To Be Factually Unnecessary ]... This Is The Wish, That I Would Pick... This Is The One With The Greatest Impact! 
If We Don't Get This Wish, Then The Division Between: The People Who Think Short Term [ God's Own Ignorant People ] And Long Term [ All Of Us Open Eyed Satanists ] Will Be Terrible... Between: The United States [ Europe's Own Political & Military Champion ] And China [ The Only Real Threat In This Particular Game ]... Between: The Poor Countries [ Where Most Of These Undesirables Now Live ] And The Rich [ The Ones Actually Belonging To Babylon Herself ]...  And, Most Of All, The Lives Of Those 2 Billion [ Whom We Have Chosen To Live Along With Us; At This Particular Stage In The Game ] Will Be Far Worse. "

What are they ( honestly ): " Testifying " - about?
Of course, just so that you know, ' Our Own Military Stays Approximately 50 Years Ahead Of The Rest Of Us In Every New Field Of Advanced Technology '... since, everything that humans can honestly develop always has It's Own Counterpart And Highly-Useful Military Application

Because, when it comes to True Total Warfare" Even Our Own Words Are The Most Valuable Of Weapons ".

And, indeed, whether you want to believe it or not: " The Devil Has Always Been Found In Those Nitpicking Details That Are So Honestly Being Presented "!

{ ***Note: Do the math, folks.... Which nations are now currently experiencing Negative Population Growth rates; and ( indeed ) which ones are not? In fact, where Vaccines are readily available their own health has improved quite dramatically; but ( by the very same token ) all of those birthrates are now decidedly way down! Get it now, folks, " It Already Is ( Both ): A Weed And Feed - Type Of Solution ". } 

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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