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1984 - George Orwell & Michael Radford

George Orwell's 1984 ( 1956 ).
In The Popular 1956 Film entitled: " 1984 " - based on the novel by: George Orwell [ that means: " The Worker Upon Earth Is He Who Stands At The Other Fork In Your River " ]; and directed by: Michael Radford [ which means: " Who Is Like Unto God? The Red One Who Waits For The River Crossing! " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Interesting & Spiritual Allegory.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, it isn't actually a coincidence that Eric Arthur Blair [ which means: " The Eternal Ruler Is That Noble One Who Wages His Own War In The Midst Of Your Battlefield " ] provided all of you this highly interesting story.

After all, whether you now comprehend it or not, You Are Now Living In The Era That It Factually Foreshadowed!

20th Century Fox - " Films From The Crafty One ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " 1984 " - because, in the much grander scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

( 1956by: Michael Radford.
" Who Is Like Unto God? The Red One Who Waits For The River Crossing! "

1984: Is An Allegory That Is Now Far Closer To The Truth, Than Most Of Us ( Quite Honestly ) Realize....

War Is Peace and Freedom Is Slavery?
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' While An Allegory Is Written In Such A Way As To Make The Issues Ostensibly Clear To Everyone Watching It, In Real Life Those Manipulative Strings Are A Little More Cleverly Concealed By Those Who Have A Great Deal To Lose '... and, indeed, anyone who openly claims otherwise is derogatorily being labelled as: " An Obvious Lunatic ", " A Bible Thumping Gun Toter ", or " Just Another Conspiracy Theorist "....

In fact, since October 26th 2001, they now might even be considered as: " Un-Patriotic " - in the very same nation, Where A Countless Number Of People Truthfully Died To Ensure Every Man Those Very Same Freedoms!

And, in fact, every single department that is represented in Orwell's Oceania is found within our own nation as well.

For instance, we can very clearly see ( each of the following ):
And, indeed, all of: " The Doublespeak " - being now spread, by our own public media, out into the world - can't effectively disguise What Is Actually Going On.

So, What Is The True Message That Is Found In This Movie....

Well, let's just now carefully examine it.

The Characters Of 1984 [ include ]:
Winston Smith [ " The Victorious Stone Is The Forger In The Fire " ]
O'Brien [ " The Exalted One " ]
Julia [ " The Down Bearded Youth " ]

Mr. Charrington [ " The Honorable One In The Village Founded Solidly Upon The Rock " ]
Parsons [ " The Son Of Your Priest " ]
Syme [ " The One Who Listens ( Or, Pays Attention ) To All That He Hears " ]
Tillotson [ " The Son Who Shall Rally All Of Those Others To My Own Upcoming Battle " ]

The Cast In 1984 [ includes ]:
Sir John Vincent Hurt [ " The Lord Whom God Has Provided Is The Victorious One Who Has Personally Experienced The Suffering Of All Those Others " ]
Richard Burton [ " The Strong And Powerful One; And The Bulwark Of Protection To My City " ]
Suzanna Hamilton [ " That Most Precious Flower From My Own City On The Mountain " ]
Cyril James Cusack [ " The One True Lord, Master Of All, And Rightful Landowner - Is The Crowned Prince Who May Appear To Be Somewhat Overconfident At Present " ]
Gregor Fisher [ " The: Ever Watchful And Vigilant One - Has Always Been My Own Fisherman " ]
James Walker [ " The Crowned Prince Is: The One Who Goes Wherever I Tell Him And Does Whatever Is Required " ]
Andrew Wilde [ " The Truly Masculine One And A Totally Unstoppable Barbarian " ]

That V is for: " The Victorious One "!
And, Based Upon That Combined Information ( of, characters and cast ) we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Truthfully Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:

" The Victorious Stone [ ***SEE: The Prophet Daniel's explanation of King Nebudchadnezzar's Own Personal Vision ] is The Forger In The Fire... because, ' The Lord Whom God Has Provided Is The Victorious One Who Has Personally Experienced The Suffering Of All Those Others '.

The Exalted One is ( both): The Strong And Powerful One and The Bulwark Of Protection To My Very Own City. After all, this down bearded youth is that most precious flower from My Very Own City On The Mountain.

In fact, ' He Is The Honorable One In The Village Founded Solidly Upon The Rock '... since, He ( in fact ) is: The One True Lord, The Master Of All, and The Rightful Landowner - even if, The Rightful Crowned Prince may seem ( by many of you ) to be somewhat overconfident at present!

After all, The Son Of Your Priest has always been: The Ever Watchful and Vigilant One - and, indeed, My Very Own Fisherman.

You see, dear children, ' He Is The One Who Listens ( Or Pays Attention ) To All That He Hears; And ( Indeed ) The Crowned Prince Is: The One Who Goes Wherever I Tell Him And Actually Does Whatever Is Required '

Consequently, therefore, The Son who shall rally all of those others to My Own Upcoming Battle is ( both ): The Truly Masculine One and A Totally Unstoppable Barbarian. "

Are you too: " Just Another Brick In The Wall "?
You see, according to that announcer: " The Visionary was George Orwell. And, He turned His Own Nightmare into The Biggest Selling Futuristic Novel Of Our Time! " - and, indeed, had the rest of you studied All Of Those Scriptures, then you might actually have understood The One Who Provided That Nightmare To Him.

After all, I'm Just Saying....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continually upon you!

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