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The Flight Of The Silvers - Daniel Price

Daniel Price ( 2014 ).
In The Popular 2014 Book entitled: " The Flight Of The Silvers " - written by: Daniel Price [ that means: " The One Whom God Alone May Judge Is The True Cost Of Doing Business With Him " ]; and published by: Random House Publishing [ which refers to the fact that: " Without A Proper Spiritual Foundation, You May Never Really Know Which Side They Are Working For " ] -
we have been provided Yet Another Important & Spiritual Allegory.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' There Are Only Two Givens That Can Be Found In The Life Of Theo Maranan [ that means: " The Most High God Is That One Who Is Descended From Our Lord Who Is Now Very Soon To Be Coming " ] '... and, whether you already know it or not, they are ( in fact ): Hanna [ which means: " The One Who Will Receive Both Grace and Mercy " ] and Amanda [ which means: " The One Who Shall Now Finally Be Worthy " ]!

Penguin - " The Symbol Of Inner Understanding ".
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. And, while I would most certainly love to provide you a link to The Book Trailer, like most of the books that are still being published; There Still Isn't One Of Them To Show You.

{ ***NOTE: Perhaps, one of you readers would ( actually ) step up to the challenge? Because, even a fan made trailer is quite often better than nothing.... }

The Flight Of The Silvers: Is All About The Process Of 7 Individuals Now Reaching Inward To Finally Take Control Over Their Own External Environment....

In the very beginning of this Spiritual Allegory, you will notice that ' There Are Three Seemingly Secondary Characters Who Have Long Watched Over Our 7 Main Characters In The Story '... in fact, their names are: Semerjean [ that means: " The Worker Upon Earth Whom God Has Faithfully Provided " ], Esis [ that means: " The One In The Process Of Becoming " ], and Azral [ which means: " The Helper That Has Always Been Provided By God " ].

And, even after witnessing their own salvation a goodly number of times, Our Own Main Characters Are Still Surprisingly Fearful And Wary! After all, in their own philosophical defense: ' There Must Be A Reason For Such Actions, And In A World Now Filled With Countless Other Enemies, No-One Has Ever Quite Honestly Explained It To Them '....

Meanwhile, however, The Answer Shall Eventually Become Obvious As Their Own Story Then Slowly Begins To Unfold.

So, Who Are Those Seven Main Characters?

Well, let's just start by carefully examining The Names Of Those 7 Primary Characters:
Theo Maranan [ " The Most High God Is That One Who Is Descended From The Lord Who Shall Now Very Soon Be Coming " ]
Hanna Given [ " The One Who Shall Receive ( Both ): Grace And Mercy - Is The One Whom I Have Always Provided " ]
Amanda Given [ " The One Who Is Worthy Of Love; Is The One Whom I Have Always Provided " ]
Zach Trillinger [ " The One Who Is Remembered By God Is That One Who Possesses Three Distinct Positions And Forms " ]
Mia Farisi [ " That Child Whom I Have Wished For Is The One Who Is: Able, Competent, And Capable " ]
David Dormer [ " My Own Beloved One Is The One That Was Sleeping " ]
Jury Curado [ " Your Own Judge Has Always Been: The Administrator, Chief Executive, And Overseer " ]

Now, let's just consider The Very Real Meaning Of Those Names - in light of The Following Book Passages....
" What's happening to Me?
You're An Augur, Theo. Did you think you'd spend the rest of your life suffering random glimpses? No. You're generations ahead of your peers, The So-Called Prophets Of This Age. Their talent is a crude cudgel. Yours is A Violin. This is where The Futures Sing At Your Bow, my friend. This is Your True Gift. " - page 529.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
" Boy, look around you. What do you see?
Theo took another wide-eyed glance around the office. The fat water droplet still dangled in the air. The clock on the wall remained rooted at 11:56 and 48 seconds, with no signs of letting go.
So, it's not just here, Theo said. Time stopped everywhere.
Azral emitted a soft chuckle, snugly perched between fondness and ridicule.
You can't stop time any more than you can stop a desert or a forest. Time is a landscape that stretches across all things. We're the ones who move across it.
Theo shook his head in helpless perplexity. I don't---
If it helps, think of all the people of the world as passengers on a train. You travel through time at the same speed and direction, perceiving events through your own narrow windows. The concepts of past and future are entirely human constructs. We formulated them as navigational markers, like east and west. Only now---
I got off the train. 
Azral smiled again. You're not the first of your kind to achieve this state, though My Ancestors only seem to come here by accident. They romantically refer to this realm as The God's Eye. You'd do just as well to call it The Gray. " - page 530.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
" The Futures, Azral said, with a sweeping hand gesture. They reveal themselves in this place. They sing to us from every corner. Have you not wondered about all of those lights in the mist?
Theo looked at the northern wall, at the tiny beads that twinkled within the fog. He'd glimpsed them everywhere he turned in this dreary gray world. He didn't know why they scared him.
What are they?
I said your talent was A Violin, Theo. These...
Azral moved behind him, plunging his fingers deep into the augur's skull.
These are The Strings.
Hot white strands of light converged on Theo from every direction. His consciousness erupted in a screaming torrent of images -- a million parallel futures, all as different as siblings but knotted at the ends with the same painful traumas. Every string ended with his own cold death. Every string started with Mia's.
Azral leaned in close, his imperious voice cutting through the chaos. You see them now. All of the branching possibilities. All of the endless permutations and patterns. We've been so blind, Theo. Our species has lived for so long like moles in a tunnel. You Are Among The First To Step Into The Light And To See Time As It Was Meant To Be Seen. This is humanity's greatest evolution. A Whole New Dimension Of Perception. It's beautiful, is it not? " - page 536.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' The Character Of Theo In This Book Is Actually That Future Prince Of God's Covenant '... while, the rest of those characters are ( actually ) The Family That God Has Now Given Him To Lead!

After all, Isaiah Chapter 8 speaks to the heart of The Spiritually Discerning, when it says:
" Here am I and The Children Whom The Lord Has Given MeWe are for Signs and Wonders in Israel from The Lord Of Hosts, who dwells in Mount Zion. " - Isaiah 8:18.

Ahava and Shalom. 

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you! 

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