Monday, December 21, 2015

Are Unicorns ( actually ) referenced in The Bible... and, if so, then why should we truthfully believe in it?

A Modern Day depiction of The Unicorn.
Among all of those other mocking statements, we have frequently heard the following simple assertion: " If You're Going To Believe In The Bible, Then You Might As Well Start Chasing After Unicorns; Since They Are Also Scriptural As Well "... and, indeed, those scriptures do indeed make several references to An Apparently Not-So-Mythological Unicorn.   

And, even more importantly than that, ' Those Highly Disingenuous Ones Know Exactly To What That Those Scriptures Are Referencing '. After all, they haven't been called: " The People Of The Lie " - without, a very good reason!

Rhinoceros Unicornis - has exactly one horn.
But, of course, you probably still don't believe me. So, why not just watch The Following Educational Video that answers the question: " Why Does The Bible Mention Unicorns " - because, just like everything else that I've shown you, The Truth Has Never Actually Been In Question By Those Who Both Earnestly And Honestly Study The World All Around Them....

America In Prophecy

Why Does The Bible Mention Unicorns - by: NathanH83.

The Simple Fact Is That Those Scriptures Have Never Been Wrong....

In fact, if any of those scientists had seriously studied them, then ' They Would Have Known All Of The Following ' an extremely long time ago:

- and yet, that is merely assuming that all of their own statements to the contrary are just due to: A Simple Lack Of Knowledge, Their Own Ongoing Academic Negligence, or ( even ) A Spiritually Justifiable Ignorance - with regards to their own analytical study of All Those Biblical Passages.

If that's not A Giant, then tell me, what is it?
But, I'm not entirely sure that is actually a very logical assumption... since, ' They Claim To Be Such Diligent, Objective, And Methodical Authorities When Studying Everything Else '... and, indeed, no one can just shut off their own natural curiosity; once they get started looking into things of Such Tantamount Spiritual Importance!

Meanwhile, of course, those very same scriptures have already long ago warned you that: " At The Time Of The End Our People Shall Be Travelling To And Fro And Our Own Knowledge Shall Be Greatly Increasing "....

Question: Who are they all truthfully working for?
Now, what do you think The Angel Speaking To Daniel ( honestly ) meant by That One Simple Statement?

In point of fact, we can now travel anywhere on earth in less than two days... and, indeed, you can no longer hide anything thanks to: Our Own Personal Cell Phones, Nearly Instantaneous Global Communications, An Unrestrained Social Media, and The Worldwide Internet.

And, remember, it has ( also ) been written: " And They Shall Know The Truth; And The Truth Shall Set Them All Free "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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