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Man Of Two Worlds - Frank & Brian Herbert

Man Of Two Worlds ( 1986 ).
In The Popular 1986 Science Fiction Classic entitled: " Man Of Two Worlds " - written by co-authors: Frank & Brian Herbert [ that means: " The Free Man And Exalted One From My Own Holy Hill - Is The Army Commander " ] - we have been provided Yet Another Interesting & Prophetical Allegory.

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' Everything Ever Written Was Provided For An Important & Spiritual Purpose '... and, the sooner you wake up to that fact, The Better That You Will Do In The Very Near Future!

Putnam - " Of The Commander's Estate ".
And, while I would most certainly love to provide you a link to The Book Trailer, like most of the books that were being published prior to 2010; sadly, There Still Isn't One Of Them To Show You.
{ ***NOTE: Perhaps, one of you readers would ( actually ) step up to the challenge? Because, even a fan made trailer is quite often better than nothing.... }
Perhaps, you might just enjoy The Following 1982 NBC Interview instead... since, He Indeed Covers A Whole Host Of Interesting & Spiritual Subjects....

America In Prophecy

Frank Herbert Interview
( 1982by: NBC News.
" The Free Man Is My Own Army Commander! "

Man Of Two Worlds: Is A Book That Broaches The Subject Of A Life Saving Spirit Who Can Honestly Dwell In Only One Man....

In fact, They All Most Certainly Do!
But, hey, you don't have to take my own word for it... just read, A Synopsis Of The Book!

In fact, here's the one from
" On the distant planet Dreenor lives The Most Powerful Species In The Galaxy. All of the Universe is The Creation Of The Dreens, who possess the power of " imaging "; or turning their thoughts into reality. They can create whole worlds, of which the wild, ungovernable Planet Earth is merely one of many.
But suddenly Earth is A Threat, because its people are upon the verge of discovering Interstellar Travel, and with it, of gaining access to Dreenor itself - a paradox within a paradox, that is not to be permitted.
While The Elder Dreens plan for Earth's Eventual Destruction, a youngster, Ryll, embarks upon an unauthorized jaunt across space. Forced for survival to merge bodies with an “ Earther ” - whose mind is as strong as his own; and he must battle for control.
And the future of all earthly life lies in the hand of A Composite Being: Half Wily & Aggressive Human and Half Naive Adolescent Alien That Is Confused And Far From Home. "

Are you beginning to understand What's Going On, yet?

Well, whether you know it or not, You Most Certainly Now Should....

America In Prophecy

Doctor Who - Is This World Protected?
( 2011by: BBC.
Michael quite literally means: " Who Is Like Unto God! "

And, in Isaiah Chapter 42, we can ( quite honestly ) read:
" Hear, You Deaf; and look, You Blind, that You May See.
Who Is Blind like My Servant; or Deaf as My Messenger whom I have now sent? Who Is As Blind as He Who Is Perfect; and Blind like The Lord’s Own Servant?
 Seeing Many Things [ that are now all around you ], but You Do Not Observe; Opening The Ears [ to all of your own arguments ], but He Does Not Hear. " - Isaiah 42:18-20.

Ahava and Shalom. 

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you! 

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