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Why is Magic superior to Technology? Magic empowers the wisest of all individuals... while, Technology is built upon the ongoing ignorance of millions!

The Noble Stone and Free Man - is Speaker For The Church.
When a person finally opens their own spiritual eyes, to carefully examine the world all around them, ' It Becomes Increasingly Obvious That A Very Large Number Of Individuals Have Expended A Great Deal Of Effort In Order To Systematically Alter Our Own Mental Perceptions Of Ongoing Reality '.

In fact, by the age of adulthood, the average human being has been so fundamentally manipulated through our own ( so called ): Mandatory Public EducationBipolar Political Machinery, The Mainstream Media, and ( even ) Our Very Own Religious Institutions - as to believe that, regardless of whether they succeed or they fail, The People Currently In Charge Possess All Of The Right Answers.

How did, Moses: " Part The Red Sea "?
Sadly, however, The Exact Opposite Is Most Often True!

For instance, let's just consider ' That Long Settled Debate Between Magic And Technology '... after all, even your own spiritual leaders can tell you that: " Science Is All Good; While Magic Is The Purest Form Of Evil ".  And yet, throughout all of those scriptures, I cannot honestly recall even one simple example of God's Own People utilizing Any Real Form Of Rudimentary Scientific Technology....

In Fact, Let's Begin This Debate By Simply Considering The Very Real Terms That We're ( So Honestly ) Attempting To Discuss....

According to The Free Dictionary.com, we can actually define Magic ( as follows ):
" The Art Or Practice of utilizing: Charms [ Magically Imbued Items ], Spells [ Specified Requests Being Made Of A Diety ], and/or Rituals [ A Religious ( Or Solemn ) Ceremony Performed Exactly As Prescribed By A Deity To Accomplish A Certain Stated Objective ] - to produce Supernatural Effects; or To Control The Events Found In Nature. "
- or something, for which, The Bible Provides Us: Highly Numerous And Glaringly Obvious Examples.

Perhaps, the greatest example of which is found in The Story Of Elijah himself....

America In Prophecy

Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal - by: Jacob Michalski.

Whereas Technology is currently defined by Merriam Webster.com as:
  1. 1a :  The practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area. For instance: <medical technology>b :  A capability given by the practical application of knowledge. For instance: <a car's fuel-saving technology>
  2. 2A manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge. For instance: <new technologies for information storage>
  3. 3The specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor. For instance: <educational technology>
- and, literally refers to The Greek words of τέχνη [ techne ]: " The Art Of Craft "; and λογία, [ logia ]: " And: The Words, Understanding, And/Or Knowledge - That Bring It About "

Meanwhile, The Story Of The Second Beast In Revelation Chapter 12 is ( actually ) a more typical example of this one....

America In Prophecy

Hiroshima: Dropping The Bomb - by: BBC Worldwide.

Elijah held A Spiritual Relationship with God!
Now, bear in mind that both of these methods have been utilized: " To Make Fire Come Down From Heaven "; and ( even ): " To Settle An Ongoing Sociological Argument " - one, by utilizing What Can Only Be Described As Magic; and, the other by utilizing Our Own Modern Technology.

And, depending upon which historical age you are honestly more familiar with, They Can Truthfully Seem Just As Preposterous!

While millions toiled together at The Art Of Craft.
After all, everyone back then knew ( just as equally ) that: Men Cannot Fly, Iron Can Never Become Hotter Than The Sun, and, even more importantly, God Alone Could Destroy A Whole City By Fire!

In fact, in those days, ' It Was The Art Of Such Craft That Had Been ( So Clearly ) Forbidden By God ' - since, it had been quite truthfully written: " Judgment Belongs Exclusively To The Lord ".

Now, Let Me Ask It Again: " Why Is Magic Superior To Technology "?

Why not: " Stop Denying The Power Thereof "?
Well, for one thing, ' Magic Is Founded Upon An Ongoing And Spiritual Relationship '... and, whether you believe it or not, There Is No Other Entity More Powerful Than The Only True God In This Universe!

After all, Who Truthfully Is It that has continually provided to us All Of Our Own: Visions and Dreams? Like, for instance, this one in 1977 by Ralph Bakshi [ that means: " My Own Wise Councilor Is The Wolf; That Is Both: Your Own Human Judge And ( Indeed ) The One Who Renders Payment " ]....

America In Prophecy

Wizards ( 1977 ) - by: Ralph Bakshi.

Earnest Bud Johnson says: " Who's Running Again "?
Meanwhile, in a world strictly governed over by: Massively Accumulated Wealth, Systematically Extorted Materials, and Carefully Guarded Technology - like the one that we are ( currently ) now living in - ' All Of The Power Is Held In The Hands Of Those Who Care The Least About Any Of Us Others '!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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