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What, exactly, is A Religious System... what purpose, do all of them serve... and, why does the world ( actually ) have seven of them?

All of those: Temples, Mosques, and Synagogues....
There are Three Primary Questions that many people have with respect towards organized religion.

In fact, before anyone gets caught up within any of those mental and perceptual systems, they should be able to ( quite truthfully ) answer All Of The Following:

  1. What, Precisely, Is A Religious System?
  2. What Underlying Purpose Does It Serve?
  3. And, Why Does The World Have Seven?
However, in order to answer any of Those Most Highly Important Questions, we must first begin by examining some of these terms. For instance, what truthfully is: " A System " anyway?

Well, A System may be simply defined as:
  • " A Structured Methodology, which when consistently followed, will yield a specified and consistent result. "
  • " A Method Of Perception, that may be taught through The Utilization Of Symbols, which allows others to evaluate things in a commonly specified way.
  • " A Commonly Adhered To Set Of: Principles, Instructions And Rules - that individual members of a much larger body must honestly adhere to, in order to effectively participate.
As you will notice, all of these definitions for: " A System " - share the very same requirements with respect to the need for The Rigidity Of Structure... as do, All Other Forms Of Human Science.

They are ( merely ) Two Differing Methodologies.
In fact, whether you comprehend it or not, that is the only true difference between: " The Magic Of Alchemy " [ that yielded inconsistent results all throughout our own ancient times ] and indeed: " The Science Of Chemistry " [ which, today, now yields the exact same results every single time ].

After all, they were in their own essence Two Different And Competing Systems, to accomplish the very same physical objectives, with respect towards The Altering Of Physical Matter... and, indeed, as Chemistry was ultimately far more successful, its own current number of adherents has now blossomed accordingly.

There Are, Now, Seven Competing Systems Of Religion....

Why isn't Jack surprised, by That Window?
Meanwhile, of course, in much the very same way: ' There Are Now Seven Competing Religious Systems Throughout The World '... and, each of them has their own: Structured Methodology, Method Of Perception, and Commonly Adhered To Set Of Principles, Instructions, And Rules.

This not to say, that you cannot find numerous variations of those seven competing systems out there... but, rather, that these are now The Primary Spiritual Pathways - whereby the majority of us have been ( quite honestly ) traveling - in our own haphazard attempts at reaching out to God!   
All Seven Lamps share One Common Base.
And while, The Structures Of These Seven Great Religions are ( by now ) fairly well known to most of us, ' Their Own Methods Of Perception Are Most Certainly Not '... since, in order to more fully experience them, we must either: Empty Our Own Vessel And Quite Truthfully Start Over [ thus, losing our own basis to form a valid comparison ] or ( even ) Dig Very Deeply Beneath Them And Transcend The Overall Knowledge That Has Been Provided Through All Of Them [ thus, in essence, creating something new ].

More importantly, however, ' The Human Organizations That Currently Embody Them Have Long Ago Been Hijacked By Others '... whose Own Personal Agenda has nothing to do with Spiritual Enlightenment! And, thus we can read from The Book Of Ephesians:
" For we do not wrestle against Flesh And Blood [ those everyday people now all around us ], but against Principalities [ the rulers of the earth ], against Powers [ and other more secretive organizations ], against The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This Age [ those who would keep us blinded from the truth ], and against Spiritual Hosts Of Wickedness In Those Heavenly Places [ from the very ones who lead us in these pathways themselves ].
Therefore, Take Up The Whole Armor Of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. " - Ephesians 6:12-13.

Now, let's just start considering All Of Those Symbols. After all, those symbols are already far too deeply embedded for anyone to tamper with... and, indeed, nobody has ever even bothered with doing so; since even many of those satanists have never ( quite honestly ) understood them.

Remember, The Second Definition said:
  • A Method Of Perception, that may be taught through The Utilization Of Symbols, which allows others to evaluate things in a commonly specified way.

Yin and Yang - are: The Sun and The Moon.
For instance, no matter which of These Seven Systems that we honestly may study: ' The Sun Is The Symbol Of Humanity's Own Luminous Deceiver; While The Moon Is The Symbol Of The Truthful One Who Will Always Restore Order '... in fact, The Ba-el to be found in The Old Testament is ( actually ): " The Sun God " [ in, Aramaic ]; and The Luci-fer of The New Testament is ( equally ): " The Sun That Is Worshiped " [ in, Latin ].

In fact, whether we may truthfully refer to them as: Lucifer And Michael, Kali And Kalki, Loki And Thor, Yin And Yang, or Hyperion And Theseus, etc... their own: Celestial Symbols and Personal Characteristics - are always, upon open display. For, whether you know it or not, ' These Are The Two Great Lights Of Heaven '... who wage their own war constantly, over your hearts and minds!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

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