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The only real problem with: " End Time Biblical Prophecy " - is found, in recognizing all of those key players involved!

Who are The Key Players in End Time Prophecy?
One of the most difficult problems, with respect towards gaining A True Understanding Into End Times Biblical Prophecy, is the fact that all of those nations largely involved are being referenced by those names for which they were known at the time that these prophecies were recorded.

For instance, ' There Are No Biblical References To: The United States Of America, The United Kingdom, The European Union, Or Even Russia '... but rather, it speaks of so many others ( like ): Tyre [ The World's Greatest Shipbuilders And Sailors ], Sidon [ That Nation Of: Mercantilists, Bankers, And Colonial Administrators ] , Babylon [ The Keeper And Concealer Of Great Hidden Knowledge ], and Persia [ That Great Nation Of Warriors Who Maul Others Like The Bear ].

Even, The Ocean is really no barrier!
Nor, have These Various Nomadic Peoples stayed in just one place; remained static in all of their own customs and cultures; or even kept themselves apart from intermixing with others.

After all, dear brothers and sisters, The World We Inhabit Is Both Fluid And Dynamic - with disasters and disease, wars lost and won, and various opportunities for better geographical positioning.

In Fact, Those Phoenecians - Like: Tyre, Sidon, Phillistia, And The Main Tribes Of Greater Assyria - Understood, The Relevant Power Of Strategic Colonialism....

Is ( even ) Rocket Science found in The Bible?
For instance, an island is readily defensible, by those with a navy. But, an entire continent - in the very midst of two vast oceans - offers the opportunity to build a great empire without any real encroachment by others. And, consequently therefore, ' All Of Those Industrious Americans Left All To Their Lonesome Were Able To Do What Others Could Not Over The Course Of Just A Few Centuries '.

While the distances were quite troubling, and those passages were often very hard, the promise of true freedom made each of them far easier to bear... and, besides, The Greatest Shipbuilders And Sailors Upon Earth Were Providing Their Own Best In Support Of It! Meanwhile, of course, an entire nation of: Mercantilists, Bankers, and Colonial Administrators - were making an obscene amount of wealth in catering to the needs of this nation building project now going on to the west.

And, where - you may ask - does, that nation of: " Babylon " - come in?

Many Languages, but Only One Voice?
Right smack in the center of it... since, ' They Needed Some Way To Peacefully And Quietly Get Rid Of: The Religiously Dangerous, Those Freedom Loving Troublemakers, And ( Indeed ) Millions Of Impoverished Political Dissenters '... which, were primarily descended from those: Slaves, Serfs, Vassals, and Servants - whom, their own Assyrian ancestors had abducted, approximately 3000 years before, from The Holy Land.

Face it, folks: " They Don't Work For Us "!
And indeed, thanks to Our Own Readily Corruptible Politicians, they could always secretly and quietly control it from afar. After all, that is whole point in: Advocating, Pushing For, and Promoting Social Democracy... with those: " Carrots " on the left; and those: " Sticks " on the right! [ aka: The Carrot And The Stick, The Red And Blue Pill, Heads We Win And Tails You Lose, or The Left And Right Paradigm ]

In fact, you can now read it for yourself in Those Pages Of The Bible....

Because, believe it or not, Isaiah Chapter 23 actually speaks of its physical creation by Those Forces Of Babylon:
" Behold [ This Is Very Important ]The Land Of The Chaldeans [ The United States of America - Created By The Decree Of Rome ], This People which was not [ Until Others Brought Them Together ]Assyria [ The Aryan People ] founded it for Wild Beasts Of The Desert Those Five Nations Of Canaan ], They [ The Aryan People ] set up Its Towers [ Founded Its Cities ], They [ The Aryan People ] raised up Its Palaces [ Controlled All Of Its Governments ], And They [ The Aryan People ] Brought It To Ruin Just As Babylon Commanded Them To ].
Wail [ Cry Out Mightily ], you ships of Tarshish [ You Great Merchants Of The Ocean ]! For your strength [ That Great Nation Of Consumers ] is laid waste [ By Those Very Same Aryans ]. " - Isaiah 23:13-14.

While, Ezekiel Chapter 20, tells us ( precisely ) who was, quite truthfully, behind it:
" As I live, says Yahweh The Mighty One, surely with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out, I will rule over you [ O, You Ten Tribes Of Israel ].
I Will Bring You Out From The Peoples [ The Aryans With Whom I Have Scattered You ] and gather you out of the countries [ All Over Europe ] where you are scattered, with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out [ The Protestant Reformation ].
And, I Will Bring You Into The Wilderness Of The Peoples [ A Place Where It Is Very Lightly Settled ], and there [ In This New World ] I Will Plead My Case With You Face To Face [ When You Are Spiritually Ready For Me To Do So ].
Just as, I Pleaded My Case With Your Fathers In The Wilderness Of The Land Of Egypt [ That Sinai Peninsula ], So I Will Plead My Case With You [ In The Wilderness Of North America ], says Yahweh The Mighty One. 
[ In The Day That I Do This ] I Will Make You Pass Under The Rod [ Separating My Sheep From The Goats Of Ba'al ] and I Will Bring You Into The Bond Of The Covenant Since You Can't Do It For Yourselves ]
I Will Purge The Rebels [ The Rebellious Ones ] from among you, and Those Who Transgress Against Me [ I Shall Utterly Destroy Them ]; I will bring them out of the country [ The Nation Where They Are Then Living ], but They [ These Double-Minded Ones ] Shall Not Enter The Land Of Israel For They Shall Be Weeded Out In That Wilderness ].
Then, You [ O Israel ] will know [ Beyond All Possibility Of Doubt ] that I Am The Mighty One [ Who Also Brought You Out Of Egypt ]. " - Ezekiel 20:33-38.

You see: " God, Himself, Is An Extremely Good Gamer "!
Oh yes, dear brothers and sisters, ' Yahweh Is Unafraid Of Utilizing His Own Enemies, Since He Pulls Their Own Strings Just As Easily As Any Of Those Others '... after all, He Knows What They're Thinking, Since He Is The One Who Put Those Thoughts In Their Head!

After all, Isaiah Chapter 10 ( very clearly ) tells us about This Proper Relationship Between God Our Creator And Man:
" Shall The Ax boast itself against Him Who Chops With It
Or, shall The Saw exalt itself against Him Who Saws With It
As if, A Rod could wield itself against Those Who Lift It Upor as if A Staff could lift up, As If It Were Not Wood!
Therefore, The Lord - The Lord Of Hosts - will send leanness among his fat ones; and under his glory He will kindle a burning like the burning of a fire.
So, The Light Of Israel Will Be For A Fire [ Turning Everything Before It To Ashes ]and His Holy One For A Flame [ Igniting All Of That Kindling Which He Now Actively Looks Upon ]; and it will burn and devour His Thorns and His Briers in one day [ Thus, Cleansing His Own Fields; For The Very Next Planting ]
And, it will consume the glory of his forest and of his fruitful field, both soul and body; and they will be as when a sick man wastes away. Then, the rest of the trees of his forest will be so few in number that a child may write them. " - Isaiah 10:15-19.

And yet, Those With Wisdom And Understanding Shall Factually Remain....
" And, it shall come to pass in that day that The Remnant Of Israeland such as have escaped from The House Of Jacobwill never again depend upon Him Who Defeated Them [ That Ruler Set Over The Assyrian ]but will depend on The Lord - The Holy One Of Israel - In Truth [ Rather, Than Just Words ].
The Remnant Will Return, That Remnant Of Jacob, To The Mighty God [ In Then Doing All That He Says ].
For though your people, O Israel, be as the sand of the sea, A Remnant Of Them Will Return; since The Destruction Decreed Shall Overflow With Righteousness [ And, Leaving The Wicked No Foundation At All To Stand Upon ].
For, The Lord God Of Hosts Will Make A Determined End In The Midst Of All The Land. " - Isaiah 10 20-23.

Egghead Junior knows What He's Saying!
In fact, folks, That's The God Which I Know!

Perhaps, you too should ( quite honestly ) Now Think About It....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continually upon you!

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